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Brief Ohio News Item


You may wonder why in the world is Robin writing a brief

Ohio news item? What is so important to break from the

heartwarming posts, stories and special finds to tell us

about a murder?

I wish to warn your family members to be extra cautious

if any should be in the profession of pizza delivery for

extra money. I have had many friends, of many different

ages and backgrounds, needing extra cash, and choosing to

deliver pizzas.

There was a 26 year old woman who may have been abducted

or had someone take her to a woods, there are not a lot of

facts about the reason for killing her, but she died last

night, Thursday December 26th. This was a young, friendly

single mother of two little children, a baby and a toddler.

This occurred in Muskingum County and her body was found in

Dillon State Park. State forensics team was there early this

morning and I am heartbroken, feeling sad for this young

mother who everyone has said, her photographs show a sunny

disposition and pretty girl face.

I hate to say this, but I would never want another woman to

take on this job! I think of endless creepy persons out there

who may choose to do awful things to the person, especially

in more desolate and remote areas.

They arrested her boyfriend as the alleged murderer, he is

“under suspicion.” I know it can happen to anyone, whether or

not they are driving up to stranger persons’ houses, and

like so many people who kill, the suspect is usually someone

you know. But, this story to me emphasized the danger in

this kind of position.

Those two precious children are now without a mother, just

one day after Christmas. It brings all of the other bad

things that happen in your own day, into perspective.

I do have many areas of the United States in my prayers

due to ice storms and other natural disasters. I still

continue to look at the horrible devastation in the

Philippines and keep them, also, in my prayers.

Over Christmas, a group of people in the Philippines, used

odds and ends, found in the rubble, to create a beautiful

Christmas tree. That made me think of how some people will

find the good in almost anything!

Leaving that small nugget to leave you hope…