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A new day with another message


Do you know how great singers can sing “the phone book?”

I would like to someday feel my writings can entertain, using

almost anything for material! By using well chosen words and

telling a simple story, I hope to reach out to people. Make them

sit back, kick off their shoes and say, “Hey, will you tell me a story?”

Today, I am in the “bomb shelter” which is a completely cement

walled two story room. In the bottom level, there are what are

huge containers of  liquids, oils and lubricants. In the top level,

where there are “pick to lights,” I am above the ones who ride in

a big circle below, loading heavy bulk containers onto their pallets.

Only one person is usually upstairs in what is called the “aerosol

room.” It has an open metal grated floor. Last week, during many

thunder storms, my overhead lights went off, but I could still see

the emergency lights in the two exit directions, below me.

I also could hear and see the pallet riders still running around

in their circle. The “pick to lights” were still telling me A – E picks

and I kept on going in the dark.

Today, I was blessed because on the far end of my line, there

is a circular vented fan that opens to the outside. I could see

the beginning light of day and through that opening, I spotted

a cardinal! It was perched on one of the highest branches of a

tree, its beak was opening and it seemed to be singing. The

noise below and the way the fans were blowing, I could not

hear it at all!

The first hour passed and I did see the cardinal take off right

before 8 a.m. Maybe he had to go get breakfast! Anyway, it

brought me back to my story I wrote about a special message

sent by a cardinal on the day my Grandpa Mattson died. I

thought I would ask you if you want to, go to the story,

“Cardinals send special messages” (January 28, 2013).

One negative thing about working on the second level of

the bomb shelter, is it can be either very hot or very cold,

depending on the outside temperature. Another element

that is headache producing, so much so that several of my

coworkers refuse to work in the Aerosol Room. This is due

to below here, each day, someone is assigned to empty the

broken bottles, containers, jugs, etc. of those combustible

and very smelly liquids. This week, a man named Mark, from

Reclamations Dept. offered to do this. He does not wear a

mask, unlike that young man, Scott C., who I told a love

story with his new girlfriend, Kelly. Scott wears not only a

mask, but rubber gloves. Mark (who is no one I have ever

dated, by the way) does not. He says most of the chemicals

will melt his gloves.

The worker dumping these puts them into large drums that

have metal lids that turn and tighten. I am not on the list to

dump flammable liquids nor the washing dirty hampers. I

have told my series of bosses that I cannot risk, even with a

mask and shield damage to my eyes or hands. They don’t

pursue it, just keep me on that list, please!

Today, I am happy that I saw a cardinal. I am blessed I did

not get as many fumes wafting up into the upper level

through the metal grated floor.

When, and if, you visit my January post, I would like you to

suspend all prior beliefs and preconceptions. I believe spirits,

that could be angels in disguise, visit us more often than we

realize. They send us special messages from Heaven and even,

from our ancestors or recently ‘passed on’ family members.

Since birds are winged creatures made by God, why not allow

Native American and other cultures, like ones who believe in

reincarnation, lead us to a place where we are blessed by all

living things?

Today, I was blessed by the view, from an unlikely place, of

a brilliantly red cardinal, singing his unheard song. It was in a

tree outside my work.  It brightened my day considerably!