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Tears dropping upon roses


“This day was gloomy, 

gray clouds drifting, 

then scurrying, across the sky.

Her sobs were not to be stopped,

her fate not to be transported

far away to other lands across

the ocean. Travel rough but 

not as fearful as her 

destiny of one day 

after another of 

hurts given 

out for no 



thoughts by Robin,

photograph also by her.

~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~
My friend, Merril, writes

unique haibuns, poems,

weekly musings, and 

something called a quadrille. 

Her recent post is called, 

“Echoes from the Before Time.”

She mentions a rose garden “refuge,”

an “artificial oasis.” Please read 

more of what lies beyond 

the perimeter of a world

she created on her blog:

~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~

The singular buttercream

rosebud capture seemed

to represent innocence;

while tears showed

in rain; pouring 

vinegar upon


Thursday’s Doors ~ “details,” 4


Different roofing since original,

I am imagining and daydreaming.

Different grassy space overgrown

and covering instead of showing

stones or dirt path around barn.

The stone blocks and

wooden lathing look like the

original barn where  

the two double door sets,

as well as two single doors,

(other full length barn photo) 

look like they were made to serve 

utilitarian purpose in milling and

farming community located in

Delaware, Ohio. 

~ Stratford on the Whetstone ~

Thanks for sticking by me,

as I tried to march through the

dense grass where I feared ticks

or other bugs would burrow 

above my sock lines.

I could smell a marshy, loamy

peaty or earthy aroma, some mud

clumped onto the grid of the

soles of my tennis shoes.

This end of the barn especially

seemed to display its age, 

along with the owner’s

respect for its history.

Whitewashed barn siding

and newer styled green roof.

I liked green paint around 

windows and over boards.

Please check out a

wide collection of

Thursday’s Doors

on Norm Frampton’s blog:

Come on down here, y’all and visit

a fine and true piece of history!

Thursday’s Doors ~ outbuilding, 3


For me, the weather vane 

reminds me of the 

“barn on fire” post.

We weren’t quite sure 

but now, after taking a few

dusty, winding country roads

I think we can agree of its purpose.

The outbuilding could house pots,

farming tools, tractor or these days,

a riding lawn mower. . .

The stone work and different

identifying features confirm

1800’s period where it was

both a serene setting but

a rugged, “feast or famine”

time in history.

Our Thursday’s Doors host,

may present sumptuous or simple

(or something in between) at:

Thursday’s Doors ~ Stratford on the Whetstone, part 2


The grass so green evokes imaginary

memories of  farming,  milling, 

with families living in close-knit 

industrious community. 

Sacred ground, when people were 

“the salt of the earth.”

As I had noticed Dutch symbols

upon the barn, the total setting 

leaves purposeful, productive

lasting impressions 

upon my mind.

# # # # #

Photo taken by Robin,

simple story of monthly

passage by this beautiful

pastoral setting by her, too.

Although not a door on this post,

I would like to remind visitors

to check out other doors,

Norm Frampton, cordial 

host’s blog located at:

Hope y’all enjoyed a little history

and could smell the clover, grass

and rich soil of Delaware, OH land!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Stratford on the Whetstone, part 1


The doors are up high for unloading 

onto the farming wagons. This is  

part of a milling community.

There are a few too many pictures,

no need to respond on all, but it

will show you the historic

landmark sign, both ends

of the barn building.

Thanks for viewing

and here’s my 

favorite host,

who has many

links to a wide

array of Doors,

Norm Frampton at:

Have a wonderful, safe trip through

all doors around the community

of Thursday’s Doors.

Raindrops on roses


This is a recent photograph 

taken after a rainy afternoon as 

I took my trash out, passing 

a heavenly scent of roses.

“The Sound of Music” song’s
~ “My Favorite Things” ~  lyrics
were playing in my mind. They

include “raindrops on roses. . .”

(“whiskers on kittens. . .”)

My friend Deborah on her

blog Circadian Reflections, has

two posts which will send your

emotions soaring with, “Gears”  

or new technology. Using her

Lens Baby Composer Pro,

she captured roses, 

bird of paradise flower, 

“Arizona sunflowers
and More” post.

Here’s Deborah’s link:

Trust me, you’ll enjoy the walk

through her artistic, blurred

 edged, 3-D captures taken in 

her neighborhood with

blooms on flowers.

Enjoy the “walk!”

Birch beer and it’s year ~ 1891


~ 1891 ~

Creamy red

birch beer, mild,

light and refreshing,

a very interesting year.

Sad occurrences:

Jewish people are “expelled”

from Moscow, Russia.

British ship, “Utopia,”

sinks with 574 lives lost.

3000 died in West Sudan 

during French invasion.

109 coal miners killed in

Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

200 people and 6000 animals

died in the Blizzard of 1891.

Happy and artsy events include

Oscar Wilde’s theatre debut

of “Duchess of Padua.” 

Henrik Ibsen’s premiere 

of “Hedda Gabler” in Oslo.

Artist painter Gauguin leaves

Marseille to live in Tahiti.

Natural wonders of firsts:

Asparagus transported to

San Francisco from Sacramento.

First Buffalo purchased for the

Golden Gate Park.

Governmental changes:

Nebraska adopts concept 

of an 8 hour workday.

U.S. Congress creates both

Treasury Department and

the Courts of Appeals.

Last Hawaiian monarch,

Queen Liliuokalani crowned.

Sports news:

Oscar Grunden makes

World record in ice skating,

500 meters in 50.8 seconds.

The “Penalty Spot Kick” comes

into consideration, but is put

into effect the following 

football season.

First worldwide heavyweight

championship held.

Connections in telephone

between Britain and Europe +

Paris, France to England.

The Wrigley Company is

founded in Chicago, Illinois.

If you’d like to read more about 

the Toronto W.M.Wrigley Jr. building

which now has business offices

within a fascinating industrial

setting which kept original

features, please check out 

Joanne Sisco’s post,

“More To Chew On,” at:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My Dad’s favorite fair beverage,

Birch Beer, a delicious natural 

soda which was invented by a

New Jersey pharmacist,

William Boylan. His

creation of “elixir” selling 

from wagon carried a big barrel.

Boylan Bottling Company

still uses the recipe, restoring 

this fascinating year in history.

Hope you enjoyed the 

“trip” through 1891.