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Punishment Must Meet the Crime


It seems the news is following my blog. This refers to a recent post

explaining how I stuck my ‘foot’ in my mouth in February. I may have

rubbed someone at work the ‘wrong way.’ I think time will help heal

this situation and I am cheerfully talking to the persons involved

while ignoring their one or two syllable responses. (“Yes” and “No,”

are ones most being expressed.)


**My ‘punishment’ may or may not ‘fit’ my crime of being passionate

about equal rights.**


Now, I see on the news, that college students are really in deep trouble.

They ‘should have known better.’ The Columbus students at Ohio State

University piled many people into their apartment, plugging multiple

technological devices, television, stereo and probably phones charging.

Fifteen students were all standing outside a large and old house, where

the place had caught on fire early this morning. Fortunately, only the

one sleeping on the mattress pushed up to the plugs got minor burns.


The fire department member who spoke to Channel 10 news let all the

listeners know there was a mattress pushed up against this messy and

dangerous conglomeration of plugs into an outlet. They are now,

what the newscaster ominously stated, “homeless.”


**Their punishment should be to have spend time in a beginner’s

course called, “Electricity for Dummies.” They should have to show

a ‘graduation’ certificate before any other landlords allow them to

rent again. This was a mistake they will never make again. **


The second group of college students you may have seen their hateful

video, come from Oklahoma University. They are making national news

for spouting derogatory comments and racial slurs in their thoughtless,

drunken filmed tape. These men from the SAE fraternity, should be

‘ashamed of themselves.’


The fraternity boys ‘know better,’ too. If I were their parents, I would

never spend a dime on them again. They would have to find their own

way home from college, the car keys taken away. I could not believe

this insulting SAE group of men.


My Dad, brother and first ex-husband all belonged to a different type of

fraternity men. They may have ‘partied’ hardy, but there was definitely a

higher level of integrity. They participated in philanthropic projects and

during Christmas, collected toys, food and clothing for needy children.

My brother and my ex-husband also were participating in the seventies

movement of wanting diversity in their membership.


My friend, Melvin when the lunchtime noon break came around and

he saw the news story about the fraternity, stopped to ask me what I

thought of them.


Melvin and the guys were watching television in a different direction

from our table. Their t.v. was on the Sports Channel. I assume more

“March Madness” going on. He said he could not believe the college

boys had actually filmed their mean-spirited rant or rap.


My friend, Melvin exclaimed,

“What were they thinking, Robin? Are they stupid or what? Now,

you know you need to blog about this one. Preach it, Robin! Tell

them what kind of penalty or punishment they need to serve.

I don’t think picking up trash on the side of the road matches the

hate leveled in their words.”


Just in case you don’t wish to search for what is called, “Racist film

by college fraternity men,” I will tell you the content.  It said they

would not want to have any  “N-word”  joining their fraternity. It

goes on saying more nasty stuff. It is posted on many sources of

social media, just look it up.


With Melvin’s encouragement a few of us brainstormed, (women

who are mothers.) We came up with the following service to keep

the men ‘on parole’ rolls. This would have to be closely supervised,

parole officers checking in on the guys at ‘work sites.’


**We think the young men from the Oklahoma U. SAE fraternity

should participate in both an elderly and youth oriented program.

The programs should serve a diverse community of people and help

the boys to ‘see the light.’ (Melvin, I preached it!)**


The places we came up with were for them to volunteer for 100 hours

of community service at an inner city soup kitchen, homeless shelter

or an impoverished area’s nursing home facility. They need to meet

the elderly face to face, help them with more than just surface



We added an extra 100 hours of working at an inner city daycare

facility. We would like them to look at the faces of a wide range of

children representing ethnic groups at a center for children. We

would like them to think about the hateful words they said in their

‘chant.’ Another punishment would be to change dirty diapers.

Well supervised by the daycare center’s staff. Careful use of wipes

and special lotion, so the babies and the toddlers will not experience

any discomfort.


The discomfort should be for those young men who felt they could

express themselves in such a disrespectful way towards many

who may never have wanted to join them anyway.


The amazing and positive result of this film coming out in the media,

was college students and other people gathered on campus. Many

joining hands, some putting their hands upon each other’s shoulders.

There were a few past SAE fraternity men who came forward, were

vocal and expressed displeasure at the film. The group consisted of

more than one race in their unified peaceful demonstration.


The result of their protest was at least two young men were expelled.

I hope their punishment will be to do some of our suggested activities

mentioned above. This would help clear their conscience and hopefully

‘clean the slate’ they muddied.


Going from the sloppy electrical mess some college students

resulting in their now smoky and damage apartments in Ohio

to the Oklahoma University debacle, you can see a very huge

downward slope in behaviors.


The news moved on to this sick subject.


The last headline story, you may just wish to skip.


It is always a tragedy.


One that seems to happen at least once a week.


I wish I knew the statistics on boyfriends, family members

or caretakers who harm

young children.


The most recent story horrified me. I worked for a couple of years

at a battered women’s shelter, where usually the woman were the

ones who were hurt. There were also children’s stories which made

me sob at night. This ‘hardened’ woman will share the fact that

yet another person, in the U.S. raped and killed a little baby. The

most recent case was in Arkansas. The little baby girl was only

8 days old.


By the way, you don’t want to search this subject. There are

many stories, one after another on this subject. Steven Smith

in Ohio, on Death Row, asking for parole, a man who raped a

6 month old baby girl, Autumn. A woman who raped her

10 month old son.His name was Ashley, like the character

in the movie, “Gone with the Wind.”


I quickly closed the pages of articles on this subject.


**Everyone was thinking the death penalty for these persons.

Another table beside us, with some young men from Heavy

Bulk pitched in, agreeing with many in consensus.

I feel the person who does anything to a defenseless person,

child or elderly, should have their sexual organs taken away.

(Since women do this crime, sadly, I could not just use the

word, “castrated.”) The person should not get to just take

the drugs that ‘kill’ their deviant sexual appetites. This is

too dangerous, the consequences too extreme. I would not

want to trust them to take the drugs. Surgery is all I could

think of. . . I don’t advocate the Death Penalty. **


I am not sure how the justice system will handle any of

the above cases.


What I sometimes hear as a defense, but am in disbelief of, is the

thought of “freedom of speech.” (As in the SAE fraternity case,

Oklahoma University.)


Anyone venturing a ‘judgment’ or opinion?




“You do the crime, you pay the time.”



Some Humor among the Sarcasm


I laughed at a real life news story, where a mother of four children

came out from shopping with her kids, of one of those ‘box stores,’

having a cart load of groceries and necessities. She walked over to

where her car was supposed to be, and it was gone!


She managed to catch a person who allowed her to use their phone.

She called “9-1-1” and then turned to the sympathetic man, who had

been asking, “What else he could do?”


The single mother, smiled, as she asked him,

“One more favor, may I use your cell  phone just one more time?

It’s local!”


She then asked her kids and the man to move away.

Go back on the sidewalk and get far away.”

Again, she promised to make it quick!


This true story was told on the news on Monday, so there may even be a

video of the next part of the story. . . You know how Youtube catches the



The woman called her own cell phone, knowing she had left it in the cup

holder. Like idiots, the thieves opened her phone and asked, “Hello?”

She blurted out a blazing trail of swear words, saying that she was a

single mother with four kids and “Why in the world would you choose

my  ‘piece of junk’ car to steal, anyway?”


She then added to the unfortunate robbers of her van, “You morons,

I know that my phone has some kind of a chip in it for locating where

you are at. Get back here NOW!”


Supposedly, the van was returned, before the police had arrived, and

they even handed her the keys before they took off, through the busy

shopping plaza, on foot.

I was smiling all the way to work on Monday, due to this genius move

by a desperate single Mom!


Another funny part of the news was that supposedly “Mr.T” had to show up

at his local courthouse, since he got an official letter telling him the date to

go and serve  on Jury Duty! He actually  was dismissed. He was very

disappointed that he was not asked to serve on a case. There was a group

of people in the waiting room, having coffee and talking to him. They had

some selfies taken with “Mr. T,” too. The funny thing that someone asked

him, was would he ‘pretend hit him,’ posing for a picture. Now, the radio

announcer for this ‘news flash,’ used a comical voice, imitating “Mr. T.”

in his response,

(Using the unique and amusing way that “Mr. T.” use himself  in the third

person, too.)

“Mr. T.”  cannot look like he is hitting you, because “Mr. T.” don’t want any

trouble with the ‘po-lice.'”

Of course, he did not actually say this but the gist of the situation is true,

that a young man wanted him to pretend fight with him, for his cell phone

but “Mr. T.” politely declined and instead gave him a hug.


Now  this one is from my friend, Melvin, who was on a ‘rant’ so excuse the

angry sarcasm. Our mutual young friend, Cody, who we have both given rides

home, in the heated afternoons and early evenings, after what we consider

‘grueling’ days, got too many ‘points’ and lost his job.

Here is the way the excited tone and words were exchanged in the parking

lot today:

Melvin uses a Martin Lawrence/Chris Tucker shrieking voice that is very

indignant in this rampage:

“So, Robin, we have three situations here. All three are given the exact SAME

Number of Points, am I clear on this?

First, Tina, who is a ‘white girl,’ gets 9 points but has no other points so she

gets to keep her job, after hitting a security guard and leaving.

(And honest to Pete, he did add this ‘racial’ clarification. Sorry, don’t be too

offended because under the rant, there is an element of truth. I am upset, too.)

Second, our good friend, Peggy, turned 60 and we had a grand party for her,

but she gets assigned to using one of those awful heavy bulk riding machines.

(He is really stretching the high pitched tone, which makes me laugh, despite


Poor Peggy, unwittingly trips over her feet getting off the machine, falls and

hits her head on the concrete, and gets the SAME number of points, ‘white

girl’ gets no breaks. 9 points! She had to go to the hospital, get X-rays and

set up for an MRI tomorrow, and she will get Workman’s Comp, which means

she will not have to pay for this accident, EXCEPT Peggy will have to be careful

for the rest of the next 12 months, or she will lose her job for hitting her head.

Do I have this right, Robin?”

I looked at him, expressing disgust with the unfairness of these two very different

situations. Peggy should not have had to be on equipment, without any kind of

re-training. She should not get any points, in my opinion! (And Melvin’s, too.)

Then Melvin concludes his story, with his agitated distorted voice, since you

would think normally he were an “upper crust” New Englander, being raised

by his island parents, going to school in Boston and having served in the Army

in Europe:

“Robin, my man Cody, arrives late to work and has accumulated the one point

for poor attendance, Right? Then, my good boy who is very good in his position

in Heavy Bulk, is parking his equipment, runs the metal fork into a metal rack.

He is done with his work, just parking it. There rings out a metal ‘Clash!” and

someone runs to the Bin Order Filler office, someone who for some Ungodly,

Unholy reason ‘has it out for my black young friend, my ‘brother’ Cody gets

9 points today and is ‘walked out,’ like a common criminal!”

Tammy and I have listened to Melvin’s tirade. We have had sympathy for

Tina (awhile back her hit and run was a subject of a post) and Peggy, just is

devastated, having never received more than 2 points in the 15 years of working


Tammy was the one who stopped laughing over Melvin’s hysterical rendering

of the unfairness of it all, first. I was just shaking my head. I have a feeling that

Peggy’s sister or brother, both having been to college and have attorneys, will

be looking for a settlement. This will all ‘back fire’ on the administration. I just

hope that Peggy will come back since she has not reached 62 nor retirement age.

Melvin’s summary is (again NOT politically correct), “So, if you are a ‘white lady,’

you can hit a security guard, leave the scene of the crime, keep your job and not

serve time. You get 9 points.

You be a ‘white lady,’ you have been getting a little on the ‘old’ side of things,

you trip and fall, hurt your own self, and get 9 points.

Then, you show up late once for work, as a black boy needs his sleep, you get

1 point. You hit a rack, no injuries whatsoever, no one even close by, you make

some noise, someone notices, and you get reported on. You get 9 points, make

it to that darn 10 you lose your job!! Gimme justice!”


Melvin wanted to come up with a better ‘punchline,’ but this was it:

“The inequitable number of ‘9’ must have been pulled out of someone high up in

the organization, to be used three times in three different situations. They must

have pulled it out of their high falutin’ behinds!”

If you had heard his vocal impression of the irritated actors then you may be

laughing. (I think he does a great job of Chris Tucker, from those movies with

Jackie Chan.)

But you know this one is not a laughing matter!

As Melvin got into his car, he raised his arm in the old “Black Power” fist

and said, “I want Justice for my man, Cody!!”


The continuing saga of  work, just glad I have received no points this year!

If you are a minute late from lunch you earn a ‘point’ and are considered,

‘tardy.’ If you miss work on a day that you are supposed to have a doctor’s

excuse, (Mondays and Fridays) you will earn that random number of 9 points.



Apt. Dweller and Co-worker: Beware of the Wrath of Robin!


Lessons will be learned!

Fridays are our ‘get ‘er done’ days at work- usually promised 4-5 hours

but, for some insane reason, our orders from Advance Auto stores have

picked up! Holidays don’t sound like a good time, in my opinion, to work

on cars! But parts are rolling out of our distribution center like crazy!

Last Friday, (Nov. 15th), I went to my dermatologist and took the whole half

day off. I ended up doing errands and had a great lunch out at a place called

“The Horsey Inn” on the way westward towards Marysville. I got a couple

of irregular spots on my left leg “frozen” and my four month check-up of

my ear. Poor ear, no draft took so it has a little notch out of it. The Dr. I go

to locally bemoaned this, sorry that the other Dr. in Westerville, is still

sending me bills to pay up until 2014! I found out from him, you may

remember, that you need to be concerned more about your left side of

your face (and ears) if you drive and forget that the windows won’t

protect you from sun damage. My two spots on leg, notice, were also

on the left side. So, from now on, I will be slathering on the over SPF 30

all over in odd places!

Someone told me this past Monday, Nov. 18th, that a man who lives in

my building was “speculating about my whereabouts and had told a

complete bunch of smokers, out in the ‘butt hut,'” that I “couldn’t have

been sick, since my car was not in the apt. parking lot all day last Friday!”

(Well, someone ‘spilled the beans’ and without saying his name, I have

had fun this week telling people about the appointment that I made in

June, that I had plans for the other few hours that I used my sick time,


Hmmm… “How to approach this person?”

My almost-seething self wondered? I was partly amused as I dropped off

my copies of my “Excuse Back to Work” in triplicate: one to the HR person

for my files, one to my immediate boss and one to my boss’ boss. Also,

told my immediate boss,

“I have an appointment in May, 2014, should I wait till January to let

you know? Oh, and here is my request off for November 26th for my eyes

to get dilated and extensive tests. (You may or may not know I had two

laser procedures for narrow eye glaucoma a couple of years ago…) And,

I wrote this down for needing an hour of sick time on this day to go to

the dentist.”

She responded, “You will still end the year with over 40 hours’ sick time,


And, Melvin took up the humorous approach of sneaking up, all of

a sudden, into my work areas, and springing hilarious and outrageous

assumptions and accusations!

Here are a few and hope to bring you some Saturday chuckles!

1.) “I know what you did last summer!” He whispered, conspiratorily.

2.) “I saw that man from the gas station with you on your living room

carpet.” He whispered and winked!

3.) “I know that you ate a hot dog for breakfast!” He rubbed his chubby

belly and smiled.

4.) “I know that you were out past midnight on Tuesday night!” (Well,

folks, that one was TRUE!)

5.) “I know you take plastic silverware home from McD’s so you don’t

have to wash dishes!” (Ok, Melvin, that one is true, too!)

6.) “I know what you wear to bed! You better close those blinds!” He

smirked and rolled his eyes…

I am not kidding, once Melvin gets it in his head to tease, he will do it

endlessly! These are only a few that I could remember. I was eating with

the girls, and he was over with the guys who face the other direction to

watch the sports network. He snuck up on me, watching the noisy, happy

“The New Price is Right with Drew Carey.”

Melvin put his hand on my shoulder, whispered rather loudly these words,

“I know that you have a crush on someone who works here and lives in

your apartment!” Everyone at my table and the next one started to laugh!

Tammy roared and said, “You are too funny, Melvin!”

Not a chance that I would have a crush on this man, who is above average

looking, but is extremely fastidious and too law-abiding for my tastes!

I blame my liking (or loving) “bad boys” on those two men in the poster

that hung above my bed throughout my older teens and into college

years, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! (My Dad put little strips of

finishing wood to frame that infamous poster up!)

So… What have I done to the ‘guilty party,’ Don? I have been incessantly

telling him my plans. I have been preparing him for my upcoming sick

time days and my personal scheduled activities. Just in case he wants

to report them, just getting the facts straight.

Have I directly told him, “I know you blabbed about my car’s location

and the way you assumed I called in sick?”

Nope, that is not my “mode of operandi!”

By pulling my ‘chain,’ he better watch out for my subtle way of retaliation!

Any suggestions for “revenge” in a tasteful way?

“Twins” Can’t Have the Same 1st Name!


My friend, Melvin, and I were the last ones out in the Mezzanine area

(again!) of the distribution center. As we were walking out, having

chased each other up and down, 72 aisles. Back and forth, sometimes

not having to go down an aisle due to product placement, one or the

other of us would get ahead. Melvyn spotted Robyn and his usual joke

is to say,

“There’s your twin, Robin!”

We laugh sometimes, at the unfortunate differences between the two

of us, my coworker named Robyn and I. But when Melvin jokes, I put

my ‘fake’ frown on and say,

“Hey! That’s not funny! “Twins” can’t have the same first name!”

Our appearances would not make us twins, our ages wouldn’t either.

She is almost ten years older. Robyn had light blonde hair that sticks

up like little feathers in a waif type hair cut. She is “losing it.” Sorry to

say this, but the managers and her coworkers are keeping her on

the payroll in respect for her 40 years of employment with Advance

Auto D.C. #23.  She goes around to our now defunct sign up sheets

for “chores” like sweeping, dusting racks and stacking bin boxes.

She initials these papers that someone posts every Sunday evening

to keep her occupied.

I asked my favorite boss, Jake, one time, “Why doesn’t she switch to

days? You know she may have “Sun Downers” which is often a form

of dementia or Alzheimer’s. As the day winds down, these elderly

people start losing their memory. When we were in the nursing

home, my activity assistant and I tried to engage these particular

patients/clients early in the day while their thoughts seemed to

string together better. Often they were coherent, especially when

remembering their ‘distant’ past memories.

As most of you already know, ‘recent’ memory is harder to pull

out of thin air, but the past is rich in details. Some of you, my age

or older, have been dealing with a parent or relative that has

memory loss.

Jake had no clue (he was in his twenties when I started there and

asked this question) and said he would check with his boss, Mike B.

Never getting back to me, oh well…

Anyway, I want to describe this amusing character while I am not

making fun of her. I am delineating our differences so the chances

of being siblings will seem very slim. Robyn has bleach blonde hair

but either lost her eyebrows or is one of those women who has

plucked their eyebrow hairs all out and then she uses a very heavy

hand with the eyebrow pencil. I mean it is a thick black curved

arch! Her eye makeup has been also given an extra dose of

blue eyeshadow, showing off her blue eyes, we must presume.

She may be losing her sense of smell, also, since she must give

herself an extra ‘dose’ or a big spray of perfume. I cannot

identify it, but it is an older scent that when put on your warm

pressure points in a lighter fashion, can smell misty and sweet.

In the larger doses, Robyn can be identified easily by her trail left

behind or her cloud of scent approaching. She is always dressed

in nice shorts and a nice clean blouse. Robyn has been, sometime

in her past, a careful dresser and she must do her laundry earlier

in the day, because it is fresh smelling amid the odor of the


Robyn always  says “Hi, I think you remind me of a friend I know

named Alice.”

I wish I could tape this, so I could prove this is the very same

“opening line” she gives me, whether we run into each other

as she comes in at 3:30 p.m. or in the bathroom, aisles or like

today, in the Mezzanine.  Melvin heard it for the very first time,

being located in the next aisle over; AHEAD of me again! I try

to cut him off at the pass, but he won’t let me. MEN!!

Anyway, today Melvin snickered and then let off a second

sound, a resounding “Snort!”

Now, I will tell you after we went two rows down, crossing

paths, trying to get the last orders done, after having put in

over 10 and a half hours. Don’t tell Melvin, but I loved that

“Snort!” It made me chuckle and it made me smile.

But, here he was face to face, saying the same “tired” joke,

“Hey there, I just saw your twin! And you cannot say you have

the same name! She clearly identified your true identity by

revealing your secret “twin” name: “Alice!”

Oh, groan!!

I replied with a snarl, “I am going to get you back, Melvin!

Just you wait!”

Now, if you wish, help me to plot my “revenge” on Melvin!