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Cliff Notes


All day in the area I was working, I would bump into

a member of the Cycle Count department. His name is

Cliff and we have been friendly coworkers. We have

our lockers nearby and he is approximately ten years

younger than I. He is a ‘good family man’ who I have

admired the way he interacts with his boys.

When Cliff took his family on a trip out West, their

goal was to see all the states from here to the Grand

Canyon trip last summer. Cliff had chosen to take both

his weeks in a row which included the four weekend days.

This meant a rather long and extended time in the car,

but I was sure they would have an awesome time.

When Cliff came back, he was reluctant to brag. He knew

that I had been up at Mom’s, not any real vacation plans.

But I certainly reassured him, asked to see any travel

photos he may have had on his cell phone, at break time.

I was happy for his three boys and wife, too.

One neat family traveling activity, that brought some

memories back and nostalgia flowing, was Cliff’s family

played ‘car games.’

He told me they still like to play an alphabet game

and a license plate game in the car. When the boys

have participated in these for about an hour a day,

Cliff says he asks if they want to play their own

games, with headphones on. He says, it makes him

feel good that they don’t beg to do this all the

time. You can tell, he enjoys ‘together time’ with

his wife and sons.

When I was talking to him recently, Cliff and I were

discussing the movie, “Brave,” and how at first, even

at age four and a half, Micah (my youngest grandson)

was unsure how ‘cool’ it would be. He even said,

“That movie’s for girls, Nana!”

Cliff noted that it all depends on how he, as the father

of boys, approaches things. He shared that any time the

boys tend to make a comment, hesitate or indicate they

are prejudging something, he will bend over backwards,

saying, “We have to try this!” and I just knows it

will be good!”

We discussed in short snippets, as we were working,

about how society has transformed young people into

being overly conscious of ‘what people will think.’

I did say that this probably isn’t as “new” as we

like to think!

Cliff shared his positive attitude adding that,

“It is all how you approach things!”

He got his two boys who are in middle school and

one who is a high schooler to watch the movie,

“Brave.” Cliff said that his wife and he had really

wanted to see it at the movie theater. He said,

that by admitting he wanted to see it, the boys

when asked wanted to join them.

At Christmas, one of the gifts he purchased was

the Wii game for “Brave.” He says it is ‘great


I like Cliff, think he is a great father and

husband. I asked him what he was going to do to

celebrate Valentine’s Day, in barely two days?

He was so enthusiastic, glad I even asked such a

question. He is taking the family to Cincinnati,

where they have reservations for two nights

consisting of two rooms, side by side. The plan is

to leave straight after work, on Friday. They have

their bags packed and are raring to go!

“The boys will stay next door,” he winked, “if you

know what I mean.” They were going to the perfect

place for people who are ‘sick’ of the snow!

They were heading off to the Newport Aquarium

on Saturday morning. They plan to stop on their

way south through Columbus at either a Bob Evans

or the Cracker Barrel south of ‘C-town.’

I was also applauding his idea of what to do on

Sunday morning. He has reservations at a nice

restaurant for their ‘brunch.’ It will be an

overall special occasion, with some privacy

and alone time, included. He also has plans

to stop on their way home at one of the big

Outlet Malls. Each member of the family will

use their own extra money or allowance, he

let me in on this fact.

What really pushed me into writing this post,

was not just to let guys know that it is very

thoughtful to think ahead about holidays.

Another reason was because I found out more about him

in the few hours he was ‘in my way,’ counting products.

He wanted me to tell you that his wife is named, “Joan.”

But for “forever and a day,” his parents and he have

called her, “Joanie.” Not her parents though!

When I asked him why?

Cliff answered, “Ever since Cliff Clayban was a character

on the hit television series, ‘Cheers,’ I have been kidded.

Sometimes, it has been about delivering mail, sometimes

about drinking every night at a bar, (which he assured me

he doesn’t do this, thinks it is ‘wrong’ and ‘not good for

building a strong marriage.’)

He loves to hunt with his boys, sometimes go on long walks

with one of them, with their family dog. Cliff also enjoys

the way he gets to know his boys, individually, on separate

hiking trips. This he does, sometimes, with his wife and

sometimes, not.

So, what happened to cause him to change the name “Joan”

into “Joanie?”

Oh, wait, I thought I had it!

Cliff saw my ‘light bulb come on’ and asked,

“Come on, Robin, why do we call her ‘Joanie?'”

I got excited and said, “Joanie Loves Chachi!”

And I continued,

“Then, the both of you have to live the life

of a television character!”

That show, by the way, was a spin-off from the long

lasting, “Happy Days.” It lasted with Erin Moran and

Scott Baio playing the leading roles, only from 1982

until ’83.

Didn’t make too much of an impression on many

people. Small viewing audiences didn’t choose to

watch and help make it last.

That show came out the year that Cliff graduated

from high school and met his wife, Joan, at the

local bowling alley in Marion, Ohio. They had fun

roller skating, bowling, hiking and swimming. they

liked going to Delaware to the Drive-In movies on

Cheshire Road.

Cliff says they got married at age 20 and smilingly


“And we didn’t look back!”

The last part of my Cliff story is about the curious

habit that he has had since very young. He is passing

this habit on to his trio of boys.

He loves cartoons!

He rents or borrows cartoons from the past, including

Bugs Bunny, Coyote and the Roadrunner, and Mr. Magoo.

His favorite one that he spent two summers ago was

watching with his boys, every evening for one hour of

together time, excluding weekends was, “Johnny Quest.”

Cliff stopped from going any farther and his whole

demeanor changed. He gave me an exaggerated sad face.

I asked, “Oh no! What happened? Did your computer stop

projecting the Youtube copies of ‘Johnny Quest’ onto

your big screen television?”

Cliff shook his head.

I cannot help myself, when someone is silent, I have

to guess the reason!

“Is it too immature for the boys’ age now?”

Cliff looked at me like I was crazy!

“No! For some reason, I cannot find it on Youtube

anymore! So, no more ‘Johnny Quest!'”

“What happens now?” I wondered.

I got quiet, as if in mourning the passage of time

or the loss of a loved one.

I kept on picking my auto parts and putting them

into the five hampers I was pushing on the rails.

Finally, as if he knew my impatience or curiosity

was getting to me, (I have a face which doesn’t

hide my emotions.)

Cliff announced his proud decision:

“We watch ‘Scooby Doo!'”

I can just visualize those ‘men:’ two in middle

school, one in high school and one who is

supposedly the ‘adult’ in the group.

The father who wants to make his boys laugh.

A rather wonderful gift, indeed!

Evil Is in the Eye of the Beholder!


Let’s just eliminate all fun and use of imagination! I am giving an

unapologetic rant, today! I was astonished to read of the newest

“victim” of right wing Christians: pumpkins that are carved into

Jack-O-Lanterns! They are on a newly extended “hit list” that is just

taking this a little too far.

I fully understand why they consider Halloween a “pagan ritual” but

do think almost all children would not realize the implications of evil

in wearing costumes and gathering large amounts of candy into bags.

I have “held my tongue” and cooperated with the schools (and preschools)

that have decided to turn their Halloween costume parties into Harvest

Fests. I have never complained to my grandchildren or let on to the

fact that 4 of 6 grandchildren will not be having Halloween parties. They

will have cider and donuts, or possibly even cupcakes with pumpkins

and leaves being the decorations instead of witches, goblins, vampires

and zombies! (Side comment: both the 4 year olds like those “scary”

images and don’t have nightmares with them involved.)

Being scared is part of being a child. Remember being afraid of the dark,

clowns, dolls, what was in your closets or under your beds? If you teach

your child fear, this can be good! Don’t want them going off with strangers

nor accepting food, candy or other things without adult or parental

permission! I am fine with those very important lessons learned in these

“stranger danger” possibilities. I would prefer some fear in their lives…

I loved scary stories, yet did have a few bad dreams or nightmares, while

a child, though. I liked “ghost stories” due to the way the goosebumps

made me feel scared but alive!

Here is a new list of things that are being taken out of the New York

City schools’ tests, due to recent NYC Dept. of Education mandates:

1. “Dinosaurs” (due to people who don’t believe in evolution)

2. “Birthdays” (Jehovah’s Witness have a problem with them. So, can we

still celebrate the LIVES of famous people around their birthdays?

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, others come to mind…)

3. “Creatures from Outer Space,” so Aliens cannot conform to Bible

teachings but how about imagination and silly monsters?

4. “Homes with pools” really, I could not make this up! Not sure but

am trying to reason that some people would be underprivileged

enough not to recognize them and would not “test well” using these.

5. “Computers,” really again trying hard to rationalize why?

6. “Vermin.” Enough said.

7. “Junk food.” How about lessons on not eating them?

8. “Abuse.” Well, we don’t want to teach them about it, but how about


9. “Terrorism,” always a very touchy subject.

10. “Divorce.” Not sure why testing would be skewed with this but okay.

11. “Holidays.” Enough said, again.

When you were little you probably loved those holidays with candy and

fun, like passing Valentines out and getting dressed up and collecting

door to door candy. If you are from somewhere you weren’t exposed to

these “customs” and let’s not call them “holidays,” maybe you had another

one or two that included fun, games and treats. In Mexico, a piñata would

be great filled with candy! Name some in your country, include any times

you were allowed to wear a costume, please, too!

Here are some areas that are now being added to concerns of people

when considering costumes and celebrating Halloween:

In Sandy, Utah a conservative citizens’ group don’t want children to

wear any “cross-dressing costumes” or “masks,” either.

I had a wonderful read today in the Cleveland papers of a woman

who wrote an editorial reply to this, paraphrased as”

“If you think my son wearing a ‘Daphne’ character’s costume from

“Scooby Doo” cartoons will make him (or turn him) into a gay, I

need to worry about your son turning into an axe murderer or

a ninja!”

Another group, from an area down by my “neck of the woods,” is

telling members of the Maryland Elementary in Bexley, Ohio that

some children may not have enough money for costumes so that

is a good reason to not have a Halloween costume party. Hey!

What about the ghosts made out of sheets, the cats with all black

leotards with black eyeliner whiskers, the hobo costumes, the

farmer or scarecrow costumes where you use overalls and plaid

shirts, or the 70’s hippies or 50’s bobby sox outfits? Aren’t these

fun and inventive ways for parents to dig up stuff out of their

closets? And, yes, my son did dress up as a woman with a wig,

dress and high heels: he is married and has two children and

two stepkids, too!

How about a ban on scary costumes? How about just friendly

ones like Casper the Friendly Ghost or Scooby Doo? I like the

princess ones that the little girls wear year round to the grocery

store and the little black cape and Batman half mask that my

oldest grandson wore everywhere he went. I liked the cowboy

boots passed down from my brother to my oldest daughter,

who wore them, even in Christmas pictures with Santa Claus.

Two more Evangelists who are complaining about Halloween:

Pat Robertson says, “Halloween is Satan’s Night.”

Kimberly Daniels says, Most of the candy sold during this season,

has been dedicated and prayed upon by witches.” (Jacksonville, FL)

I don’t think innocent children have “devilish” intentions and I am

not sure that the majority of their parents do either!

Hope I did not step on too many toes here! You are allowed freedom

of speech, I agree to disagree with some of the opinions expressed

by my opposition. I will be polite, your turn to rant…