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I am wondering is it serendipity?

Is it fate? or is it astrology?

I am interested beyond what a normal grown up should be in this recent

encounter with a man.

I was raised by two city people who were not the kind to take time to

fish or camp. I did join Girl Scouts and my brothers did join Boy Scouts.

We lived on Lake Erie in Sandusky and Bay Village, Ohio.

We grew up and mostly like city activities. By age 12, I was allowed to climb

a bus in Bay and ride to the Cleveland International Airport with a friend and

there catch a Rapid Transit (like an electric train) to the big city of Cleveland.

We would go to the Terminal Tower, we rode up the elevator to a comic book

store or go to May Company or Sterling Linder.  At age 12, my Buckeye Valley

friend (current friend) was allowed to ride her bike to the end of the lane of her

farm in Delaware County.

Well, this city girl joined Mariners and loved sailing, canoeing, and row boating

and probably would need Dramamine to ride a cruise ship or maybe even a

ferry these days but is it chance? is it serendipity? or is it the fact he is a

Scorpio and I am a Scorpio that we are attracted to each other. That fisherman

is still catching me once in awhile!