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December Wonders


Making your spirits bright and your home fires warm,

makes me think of our Winter’s blustery cold and the

upcoming holidays. There are several directions your

faiths and belief systems may go- Kwanzaa, Chanukah,

Christmas or other ways. You may not be living in a cold

climate, you may be in the exact opposite of my location,

being greeted daily with warm sunshine, gentle breezes.

Wherever you are, I try to write a monthly newsletter to

keep up with various customs, cultures and faiths.

Please feel free to add in the comments section, a special

family tradition to make this interactive and meaningful.


Thomas Kinkade’s ‘healthy habits’ message for December is:

“Take care of your body, keeping your

body running the way it is supposed to

can be effective in lifting your spirits.”


In a December issue of Prevention Magazine,

there was a list of “7 Foods to Keep You Healthy.”

I took the list and added a few personal favorite

ways to use these in the Season of Peace:

1. Eating almonds over the holidays will add some

much needed Vitamin E.

2. Serving different peas or beans, not only add

extra fiber to our diets, fill you up more, but also

give you a great source of Zinc.

3. The special addition to carrots, sweetens your

salads or grated can be added to various casseroles

(even mac and cheese), along with Vitamin A.

4. Mushrooms, cooked or raw give you Selenium.

They can be used in dips, stuffed caps or in gravies.

5. Drinking tea, either black or green, boosts your

antioxidants. Over a warming cup of tea, sprinkle a

dash of cinnamon or nutmeg to create some festive


6. Tomatoes give you Vitamin C, which can be so great

at fighting off colds. I like to have them in salads, but

also enjoy the way you can stuff them with crushed

croutons and Italian flavorings. Nutritionists advise

heating tomatoes releases more of its healing power.

7. Yogurt, which you can include in desserts, sauces and

dips gives you those probiotics that we all need, especially

as we get older.



Birthstone:  Turquoise or blue peridot gemstone

Flower: Narcissus

I think of Poinsettias, when I think of December.


There are so many new and old books of Christmas,

along with other December holidays. This is a book

which can bridge any personal choices: “Rabbit’s Gift,”

by George Shannon and Laura Dronzek

(Harcourt Children’s Books) Snowfall, blue skies with

the beautiful effect of snowflakes and a message of hope.


December 6-

Full Cold Moon.

Full Night’s Moon.


December 7-

Pearl Harbor Day


Remembrance Day:

Wherever you live, take some moments to

honor your heroes. Those who serve and

protect us and our freedoms deserve our

meditation and gratitude.


“Believe in a Higher Being.

Believe in others and yourself.

Believe in miracles and wonders.”

(Author Unknown)


December 14- Quarter Moon.


15- Bill of Rights Day.


December 16th (sundown)- 24th:

Happy Hanukkah!



This is the 50th anniversary of the Pink Panther

theatrical short featuring Pink Panther harassing

his foil/enemy. These characters are the creations

of Fritz Freleng. This won the 64th Academy Award

presentations in the department of “Animated Shorts.”


Definitely, this is a reminder that December is the time

to enjoy, laugh and be playful. Pink Panther was so silly

and fun.


22- New Moon.


December 25th- Christmas Day.

Many religions celebrate Christ’s Birth,

Rejoice and Follow the Stars wherever your faith

takes you.

“December is a time

of celebration and joy.

A time of promises kept

and Love reborn.”

~ Flavia, 2003.


26th- First Day of Kwanzaa.

This is a festive celebration of African American

community, culture and faith. This continues

until January first.

Boxing Day- Canada, U.K., Australia and NZ.


Many people shop for the following holiday

season (2015), finding bargains and gifts for

the coming year.


28- First Quarter Moon.


December 31st-

New Year’s Eve.

“Another fresh new year is here. . .

Another year to live.

To banish worry, doubt and fear,

To love, laugh and give.”

~ William Arthur Ward

(American Writer, 1921-1994)


May you and your family enjoy many experiences of

happiness. This final month of the year arrived far

too quickly! I hope you find ways to make December

stretch, savoring these special moments. Include some

meditation to help you to relax and not get too stressed.

For me, nostalgia arrives as I take out the ornaments

and decorations of Christmas past.

May this lovely time of year fill your senses with joy and

wonder in the simple things.

Most of all, wishing all of you to experience feelings of

Hope and Peace.




The Closing of the “Season of Peace”


In the Presbyterian Church, the celebration of the “Season of Peace”

started this year on Sept. 8th and ended on Oct. 6th. Churches and

other organizations (including schools and businesses) participated

in the Annual Crop Walk. Its slogan is “ending hunger one step at a


Our church joined in the Crop Walk on Oct. 6th to culminate the varied

ways our church passes “peace” around.  This non-denominational

walk for Hunger was formed by the World Church Services. I have taken

my children for years to this while young, they would gather “pledges”

and in the end, there would be a service with all walks of life, varied

organizations gathered together to try to fight a strong battle against


I am not a big attendee of church on most of the Sundays in the year.

I read and meditate, I think and celebrate joy by praising our God for

the many gifts in this world. I enjoy being with someone in church,

knowing that I can join others, still liked it when my youngest girl

was a big “hold out” and attended church the longest, sitting beside

me. She moved in August, so is attending a church closer to her,

even has been an usher already.

I would like to share the way our church began our Season of Peace,

with World Communion Sunday and also, what we consider a Peace-

making offering when we pass the plate around.

Listen, reflect or pray upon, the following words found in Psalm 72,

Verse 7:

May…”righteousness flourish and peace abound until the moon is no more.”

Then in Verse 8:

We hope that peace will “reign from sea to sea, and from the River to

the ends of the earth.”

Lastly,  we pray that the God of Peace hear our prayers and bless our

efforts to bring peace to a world fragmented by war and violence of

every kind.

Here is what I mentioned in another post, to pray for each area of the

world, on a different day:

Monday:  Australia and Pacific Islands

Tuesday:  Africa

Wednesday:  Asia

Thursday:  Europe

Friday:  North America

Saturday:  Latin America

Sunday: Middle East

You could end your prayers or reflections, if you wish, with these


“Loving God, lead all nations into the paths of Peace.”

And if you have any interest in reading more about Crop Hunger Walks,

please keep this in mind next Fall. Sorry to be a little late but it always

is helpful to me, to have something to focus in on while praying and

meditating about our World full of strife.

Hope this brings you the Peace that passeth all understanding…