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Not So Innocent!


Britney Spears went through a big upheaval when she became an

adult and no longer was “Mickey Mouse Club¬†material.” I have several

random thoughts on this, also other major and famous actresses,

movie stars and musicians becoming adults and the public’s high

expectations of them. I would like to also mention how I feel about

the different approaches the media have to covering stories of famed

young women’s personal activities versus young men’s choices. I

feel there is some sexism in the way the stories are sensationalized

and reported.

I was once “innocent,” too. I would go to theatre or Thespians’

after theatre parties, where marijuana joints were passed over my

head. I was also known, according to a nice young man who told

me at my fifth high school reunion, as a “Virgin who would not go

past second base.” Thanks for that, Jack! (I still love you, anyway!)

I went to Science Club parties, where I am sure the popular kids

and the “jocks,”¬†cheerleaders and the “stoners” thought we were

solely playing chess and behaving ourselves! Heck no! There were

cans of beer to be bagged up and also those silly, sickeningly sweet

Boone’s Farm wine bottles, too!

I laugh at the avid papparazzi, entertainment reporters and the social

media going crazy over poor Miley Cyrus’ reaching “maturity.” She is

just deciding to go the way of say, Madonna, (please tell me you don’t

forget her sacrilegious acts with a cross and other religious symbols!),

Cher (hey, there are a lot of you who knew about her wild days), and

Bette Midler, attired in solely a bustier and flimsy underwear going

onstage to burst into great songs with acccompanying raunchy and raw


Let’s look at how Cher became a serious actress in “Silkwood.”

Let’s look at how much we respect Madonna for her work in say,”Evita”

along with her charity causes and major donations, too.

Let’s look at how Bette Midler became a sweet crooner in “The Wind

Beneath My Wings” and her Disney movies with Danny DeVito.

We allowed them to be “grown ups” and then, we still scorn their past

behaviors? Let’s get real! I think that there have been several insightful

entertainment reporters that say that if these women had been men,

like Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, along

with numerous men who have crossed over from druggies, jailbirds

and other dangerous behaviors to respected “artists.” Men can get

away with bawdy and “bad” behavior, just a little bit easier, I agree!

Robert Downey, Jr. is now popular with his “Ironman” movie series,

not that long ago, he was a major drug addict and lawbreaker.

I love Tim Allen’s sense of humor, he was an excellent “father role

model” in “Home Improvement” for my children growing up. He

was not afraid to be goofy and made us laugh! He is also funny in

his newer comedy, “Last Man Standing.” I enjoy his take on parenting

with Nancy Allen, teenager and young adult girls! He still wants to put

a “bag over their heads” and protect them! But, you know he was a

drug dealer and served time in jail, right?

Just going to say, I am “not so innocent!” I still get away with a little

bit more, with my wide eyed freshly cleaned face that looks like the

girl next door. I think the shame is that the media takes the ball and

runs with the escapades of the young women, especially, and they are

not going to see it this way, are actually exploiting them!

As far as Britney Spears goes, her song, “Baby One More Time” was

recorded when she was 18 years old, in 1999. She also that year won

a Grammy Award and Best Female Pop Vocal performance of the year.

She sang the words, “I’m not that innocent” in the song, “Oops, I Did It

Again,” (2000), broke international records.

That is my “take” on the recent situations with Miley Cyrus and the

past ones that I admire their body of work, overlook their mishaps,

and am so glad that my mistakes are not covering magazines and

news shows!