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Boys and Girls love this “new” fad!


I think many of you have already been introduced to this new “fad”

that is being consumed, exhibited and created by those elementary

and older children out there! It is called around our town, “silly

bands” or “Silly Bandz!” I was excited to discover who is the one

given credit for this new hot trend:

“The trend seems to have hit the area in the summer and quickly picked

up when kids went back to school. Credit Michigan father and inventor,

Cheong-Choon Ng for the hundreds of little bands clogging your vacuum

cleaner.” (Laura DeMarco, Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter.)

This father, Mr. Ng, made his first loom about three years ago, (2010),

using pushpins and encouraging creativity and crafts at home. The

family project, thanks to YouTube videos, became “viral” among the

younger generation. Interest has exploded!

I was going crazy last Fall looking for these colorful bands in different

stores around Delaware, finding them in Walgreens. The kits can be

found in different places, like Michael’s, an arts and crafts store, and

learning stores along with Big Box stores, such as Walmart and K Mart.

Cheong-Choon Ng, has sold over one million kits marked as Rainbow

Loom bracelets.

Boys like to wear these, too. I was surprised to see my grandsons

sporting them last summer on their wrists. I thought about the day that

I had painted my only son’s toenails a bright blue when he was about 4

years old, due to his complaining about my spending time with both

his oldest and youngest sister doing same thing. I think he liked the ‘feel’

of the polish going on, the way I recited the “Little Piggy Goes to Market”

sing-song rhyme. He also liked that individual attention that we, as

parents, sometimes forget how every child likes that, no matter how

small the action is.

Looking back I remember, how horrified my ex-husband was to see those

bright blue toes sticking out of his sandals! I really “went off on him,”

sorry to say!

“Do you really have a homophobic fear that your son will like blue toenail

polish forever? And what if he does decide he likes to fix himself up in a

different way than you expect: what would you really feel?”

I proceeded to give him a serious reminder of how much he loves his son,

no matter how he would turn out!

I am liking this fad, due to its whimsical and non-gender specific nature.

I am also, secretly, (“Shhh! Don’t pass this on to you know who!) since my

grandsons are going to my ex’s over ‘break’ in December. Maybe, possibly,

with some co-conspirator action on my oldest daughter’s part, I may just

send them off to his house with nail polish AND rainbow silly bands on

their wrists AND ankles!!

Long live the Rainbow Connection (Kermit loves to sing this)!

Let’s support gay pride and their rights!

After all, a MAN and FATHER created these. He is laughing his way all

the way to the bank! Ha!