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Someone Saved My Life Today


There are times when I feel like I am on the verge of tears, sometimes

I am thinking, “You are too old… for working here, for having been in

love and then, not anymore,” and other little negative tailspins. I was

happy to hear a love story at lunch today.  I also, on the way to work,

had a light easy listening radio station on and heard Elton John’s sweet

song, “Someone Saved My Life Today.”  These two things, the music

and the story helped me (excuse the swear words!) “keep my shit

together” at work today!

Trevinal is a funny and interesting man who works in the receiving

department. He has always shared with me, different things about his

growing up and “bad educational experiences,” ever since I started and

somehow, he had heard I had started as a middle school Language Arts

teacher. His name is unique and his mother tells him it was found in one

of those books. I may look it up, if I have time, but mainly he wanted to

tell me that he did some incredibly special and nice things for his wife’s

and his 17th anniversary.

Trevinal sits at our lunch table but not our break time table. So, we have

more time to hear about his life. He had a whole week off last week, but

his wife only gets one week a year and they had already had a nice trip

down to the southern states. He was excited to tell me that he had

bought a bouquet of  pink roses, got dressed up in nice khaki slacks with

a polo shirt on, drove to his wife’s work place and delivered them with

quite a lot of pomp and circumstance!

Trev was just bubbling because when his wife arrived home, he also had

stopped at the Kroger’s seafood area and purchased a nice lobster, two

baked potatoes, and made a delicious layered salad. She came in, he

told her to go check out the bathroom, he had washed out the tub,

(he admits he falls short usually in the kitchen and bathroom cleaning

chores area) and had placed a set of brand new towels in a pretty

lavendar color he had bought at Sears in the Southland Mall in Marion,


Trev’s wife, Suzie, was esctatic! He said he was given so much loving

attention, hugs, kisses and he raised his eyebrows up and down, with

a kind of Marx brothers, dramatic flaired look on his face, saying these

silly words,

“And you know what other attention I got!”

The reason I want to go back to Trevinal’s mentioning his educational

experiences, is because this is also an area I am proud to know about.

He had almost all D’s and F’s except for a few, rare C’s in school. His

mother and father never yelled, sought help frequently but his situation

sounds like he was considered “slow” but in today’s world would be

considered, “learning disabled.”

Trevinal met his wife in high school, has been married since they were in

their early twenties, and they have one son. He is studying right now,

taking tests, learning at Marion Technical College, how to be a Nursing

Assistant. He would like to proceed to becoming a nurse, RN! He is very

successful in his studies, but has also gone up to each and every professor,

telling them of his horrendous past educational experiences. Each have

accomodated his learning, in one way or another.

Trevinal and Suzie are a success, not only in their personal achievements

such as their longlasting marriage, but both have tough jobs and still

manage to juggle their educational pursuits. This family has come a “long

way” towards making it in this world.

Their love story and the way Trevinal and Suzie are accomplishing more

than they had planned while in high school, are very inspiring! This “saved

my life” in the way it brightened my day!