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A harbinger of spring


Happy First Day of Spring!!

This is from your friend Robin, otherwise known as reocochran!

Anyway, most robins don’t fly south!

English robins (in pictures anyway) don’t look like ours!

Cardinals (as you may know from a past post!) are my favorite birds.

I like it that male cardinals are very good fathers to their young.

There are more Easters in my life that had snow with crocuses

and tulips popping out!

I love to watch the colorful birds around Ohio Wesleyan University

that has its own arbor!

I love the eagles by Alum Creek Reservoir.

Next to my apartment, on a creek that has a wall that adjoins OWU,

there have been six ducks that are quacking way past dark, and too

early to know the time!!

These are some fun facts and hopes for you to enjoy in a lighthearted

way for SPRING!!