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Spring News


Happy (End of the) First Day of Spring!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, for April, 2014 predicts the

average Central states’ temperature will be 59 degrees!

That is news to celebrate! That is a little higher than the

seasonable average of years past… except two years ago,

in 2012, we had on our first day of Spring’s weather an

incredibly high temperature, in the eighties! This year’s

almanac also predicts the first week will be warm and the

month will be the “typical” April, filled with showers.

As far as flowers are concerned, my friend’s garden has

between 3 and 4 inches of crocuses, hyacinths, tulips

and daffodils showing green ‘sprouts.’ I love seeing the

popping out of flowers! The old adage that, “Winter isn’t

over until the yellow forsythia is in bloom,” means that

we still have a little more winter left. Unfortunately,

I have checked the woodsy area of her yard, where her

forsythia bush is, to verify this fact. I have seen a few

pussy willows showing their furry buds.

In the foothills South of us, leading to the stunning Smoky

Mountains, I wonder has anyone heard if the redbuds are in

bloom yet? I enjoy their fuchsia, purple color that is so

common in the woods and forests of Kentucky and Tennessee.

The contrast of their bright color, among the fresh, bright

green buds on other bushes and trees is quite breathtaking.

Another amazing place to trek to in Ohio, is Cedar Bog

State Nature Preserve. It has unusual plants that are

very exciting since they come from when the ancient

glacier deposited its seeds and remnants of rich soil.

I have seen in their woods: Violets, Spring Beauties,

Jack in the Pulpit and Trillium, which is also known as

Indian Turnip, since they are considered edible. There

is a wide variety of different hued flowers including

the pinkish-lavender of Dame’s Rocket, the yellow Swamp

Buttercup, and the purple Greek Valerian. The hummingbirds

enjoy the nectar in the Red tipped Wild Columbine flowers.

(Compared to the purple and blue Columbine of Colorado.)

This nature preserves has a bog, swampy area and the

prairie areas with their unique plant life. The prairie

area is also known as the “prairie fen complex.” In this

area you can find different trees like the White Cedar

Trees, tall Arbor-Vitae and the Swamp Birch Trees.

The rainbow-colored flowers with the greenery deck out

Mother Nature quite nicely in all her glory!

Cedar Bog is recognized for one of their most unusual

flowers, growing in large quantities, considered the

biggest collection around. This is that of the Showy Lady

Slipper orchids. They are not in bloom until late May or

June, though.

Nature photographers gather there and lean in close to

take those perfect shots that capture the floral beauty

all year ’round.

When I think of the word, “Spring,” I think of the word

buoyancy. Everything if so full of life and new energy.

I think of pastels, like the pink and lavender hyacinths

combined with the yellow and white daffodils with their

orange-red details in their stamens. My Mom’s favorite

tulips are the ones that have ruffled edges, hers with

bright pink tips with white petals. Then, she would plant

beside them, those dark, deep purple tulips. The contrast

was always outstanding.

I liked the scents of lavender, lilacs, lilies of the field

and honeysuckle in the warm sunshine. The bees buzzing did

not phase me in my youth. I would not worry about their

sting, when I leaned in to take deep breaths of flowers.

My grandchildren adore the A.A. Milne character, Tigger.

His ‘springy’ bounce on his coiled tail illustrates the

way I feel about ‘Spring!’ They like to bounce on the bed,

where they wear the ‘springs out!’ I think of a cat, up

high looking down at its prey, a mouse, from a fencepost

or rook. He is poised and ready to spring to catch his

tasty meal!

Wishing you Spring in your step and Light in your Heart!

Fun Plans


Since this weekend, from Good Friday until Easter I will be without

a computer, I thought I would post a summary of my fun plans!

I am going to be working a six hour day on Friday, darn it!

Then, I will be picking up my grandsons, Micah and Skyler with their

Mommy who is turning 33 on Friday! Wow, have the years flown by!

We will be singing and playing a game called, “My father owns a grocery

store and in it he sells… (then you say an initial or two, like “R.K” which

then the others in the car guess questions, like “Is it a cereal?” “Yes!”

“Is it Rice Krispies?” “Yes!”) This can all go awry when my sweet, creative

Art School graduate cannot spell! She one time when she was in elementary

school had us guessing (her little sister, little brother and I) for a fifteen

minute dragged out long time! She had said it started with “G” and guess

what it was? Jello! I am not kidding, poor thing! (We asked have you not

heard the t.v. ads that say and spell out, “J E L L O?”) Another time she

had us for a long time with the letter “P” and we knew it was not an edible

item at the supermarket but guess what that was? “Pansies!” Wow! Guess

it could have been much worse, with “panties!”

Another all time favorite car game is “I Spy.” The object has to be one that

everyone can see and won’t be leaving before it is guessed. This is a challenge

to the little ones because they want to say, “I spy something red…” and the red

barn can be miles behind before it is guessed or the red car can have turned off

at the next exit.

We will be singing a lot of silly songs that Nana used in her preschool

classroom, some more common than others. My boys’ favorite is, “I had

a little turtle…” and my girls’ favorite right now is “Five little monkeys.”

I have one that is a Valentine’s Day one, a watermelon one, holiday food

items one,….the kids will ask for random choices. The time seems to fly

by and they also teach me their own made up songs.

Once we get half way to Cleveland, it is pit stop and snacks time. For the

adults it is “coffee or cappuccino from a machine time!” We cannot seem

to travel down the road too far without those necessary things to consume!

We will  be arriving after my mother’s dinner time at the senior living apt.

and we will take my stuff upstairs. We may stop and drop the three of theirs

over at my brother and sister in law’s house across the street. We will be

hugging them, their big dogs, a Newfoundland and a Golden Retriever,

along with one of my mother’s dogs who did not make the “grade” to stay

at the home. This is a wild dachshund and beagle mix, she is very hyper and

yet, sweet and cute. She gets away with “murder” I tell you! We will be saying

“howdy” to the other great uncle to the kids who lives there as Artist in

Residence! He is about the best artist I have ever met and has done some

major works and sells a lot of sculptures, murals (done on family room or

other room walls, along with the ceiling in Magic Johnson’s theatre in

Harlem and the Luxor Hotel’s hieroglyphics and Egyptian designs…) and

yet, loves being there with family.

Next stop, MOM’s or Great Grammie O’s home at her apartment. If you have

not read my hysterical stories, one about the flies attacking or the one about

Sofia Vergara, please go back in my archives and laugh over these! My Mom

is a hoot and a half! Character and fun is all about our visits.

We will eat lots of sugar, in form of candy, cookies or cakes she squirrels away

from her dining room. She also buys a bags of chocolate candy and makes up

baggies of these to give the servers and workers weekly in the building. She found

out she is not allowed to “tip” so this is her way of giving back. My grandsons

will ask if they can have ice cream or yogurt, too. She is fully stocked and loaded!

We will hope for great weather like at Thanksgiving where we went to the

Cleveland Zoo. Or last year over another holiday we car pooled one town

to our “home town” where there is the Lake Erie to look out at. This is at

Huntington Beach. We have taken the grandchildren to the Nature Center in

Huntington Park, also.

This weekend, we will be going to a wonderful park close by and the dogs will

come, too. Lots of playground equipment and paths to go on. The boys rolled down

somewhat soggy, grassy hills last year and came back to the house with their wet

clothes on.

“Who started this rolling down the hill?” my daughter firmly inquired.

Both boys pointed at my artistic brother who is usually the guilty party when

there is fun going on. Did I ever mention he plays volley ball, wally ball and

a game called “whirly ball?” This is so funny because it is playing volleyball

while in a rented Dodge ‘Em go cart place. I would have to be dodging and

not hitting the balls or they would slam my head from time to time! Crazy

sports loving nut! Yes, he is still single while very handsome and smart, too.

Last part of the weekend will be our family Sunday brunch and then we head

back to my only son’s house with his crew of four children, two that came as

part of a “package deal” with my daughter in law. They will have almost every

food I ever cooked or prepared for the Easter meal. They have outdone themselves

the past four years. I am impressed and gladdened to pass the reins to their much

better expertise. My son, literally, is a chef so everything is better but they don’t try

to make many new items. Just the tried and true feast we look forward to each

holiday. It is all nostalgic and meaningful to make their mother happy. (I still miss

those 2o some years of being the “hostess with the mostest.” In the old days, both

brothers, one with his wife and her 3 children, my father and mother as our guests,

while I was there with my 3 children.

I believe in the special message of Easter but also believe in so much more!

I like to repeat the sayings my grandfather and then, my Dad would say:

“Drive like a Christian!” and “How Big Is Your God?” Those will cover our

feelings of gratitude and love for the gifts and bounty provided for our family.

I like the bubbles blowing around the park, the kites flying through the air,

and the silly children being chased by parents or each other as celebration

of  the beginning of a new season.

Enjoy your holiday or your special family time or simply~ your days off from

work! Play, have fun and be like a little child at this beautiful (hopefully)

Spring time!