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March into Spring


This is the fastest, it seems, that time has passed to

get to my next monthly post! I found out that this month

is considered National Kidneys Month. If you are over 50,

they suggest to get from now on, an annual urine screening.

A Poem for those worms that will soon be lying around on

sidewalks and parking lots, due to March’s heavy rain:

“Hurt No Living Thing”

by Christina G. Rosetti

“Hurt no living thing.

Ladybird nor butterfly,

Nor moth with dusty wing,

Nor cricket chirping cheerily,

Nor grasshopper so light of leap.

Nor dancing gnat, nor beetle fat,

Nor harmless worms that creep.”

In that second line, I have always wondered, did

Christina mean a ladybug or a bird that was female?

Certainly, she would be proud of St. Patrick, who

led the snakes out of Ireland, in legendary form,

by playing his pipe.


1- New Moon.

Just a sliver…

I am afraid I may have misled you, no one pointed this

next error out in my February post…

2- Texas Independence Day

and… the 86th Academy Awards Show, with Ellen G. as host.

4- Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras time, celebrate since some

will be fasting soon for Lenten Season.

5- Ash Wednesday.

I have, from childhood on, liked the simple act of

receiving ashes on my forehead. Having been raised an

Episcopalian, we still followed the Roman Catholic Lent

period. We ‘gave up meat on Fridays’ and decide which

certain food, chocolate, pizza, fries, donuts or ice

cream… to give up. This was usually whichever was the

biggest ‘sacrifice’ for the days leading up to Easter.

9- Daylight Savings Time begins by setting our clocks

ahead, thus losing one hour of sleep, at midnight.

Also, on this date, fifty years ago, the first Mustang

car rolled off the assembly lines in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Ford Motor Company the debuted Mustang car at the

World’s Fair, 1964. It was forecasted to be only 100,000

needed but in a mere 18 months, they had sold and reached

the 1,000,000 mark! I have to admit, my Mom became a

rather ‘cool’ person in our eyes and her high school

students’ eyes, too. She purchased one of these Mustangs

in what we called “pea green color.” All 3 of us learned

how to drive that car in the mid-seventies, making us

rather ‘groovy!’

15- Andrew Jackson Day, Tennessee.

16- Watch out for Full Worm Moon!

Also, the Jewish faith celebrate Purim after


17- St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t forget to wear Green so you won’t get pinched!

Celebrate by eating corned beef and cabbage, have a hot

coffee laced with Irish Crème, or have a frosty mug of

green ‘brew!’ If you are on the ‘rich side of life,’

purchase some Jameson’s Irish Whiskey!

20- Although we have been hoping this could come

earlier, after our long, extended weather, this

is the First Day of Spring!

When I saw recently a photograph of a windmill and

tulips, it made me think how Holland is represented

in their Springtime with this image. I happen to

also enjoy the cherry blossoms that are photographed

in Washington D.C. Hope all the countries are able

to enjoy a wonderful season, whatever it is in your

area of the world!

I also think about poor elderly Don Quixote, confused

and tilting at windmills… All for the sake of his

deep, abiding love of Dulcinea! I have always liked

that music from “Man of La Mancha.” Miguel de Cervantes

is an author I should have included in my ABC list!

The lesson I learn from Don Q. is that no matter how

old we get, we need to remember, there is no age limits

set for discoveries, learning and facing challenges.

Two more quotations to add to our month of March.

Taken from the book, “Lightposts for Living, The Art of

Choosing a Joyful Life” (2001), by Thomas Kinkade:

“Blocking off space for the important concerns of your

life, will do wonders for your sense of peace and harmony.”

This could have easily joined the suggested renewal of

Spring (and Green post) quotes.

Dorothy L. Sayers,

“We have come to that still centre

Where the spinning world

Sleeps on its axis,

To the heart of rest.”

Final thoughts and interpretations of the messages

shared this month:

“Be calm.

Find your focus.

Follow your heart.

Make time to be refreshed.

In the ‘River of Life,’ which may become high and

full of water,

With our melted snow and continued Spring rain,

Get rested up for soon…

Life will be rushing along into

its most active time of year!”

reocochran 3/1/14

Double Honored: Liebster Award



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have mostly English and Scottish on my Dad’s side and on my

Mom’s side, Swedish and German.

I was told by my Father, while rather young, “the English were

tough on the Irish, so ‘Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day!'”


Anyway….. the real reason I am back

writing a post is:   Ta- Dah!

I was nominated for a Liebster award!!  It came yesterday from a

wonderful traveller who shares his road with his wife. They met on

a singles’ cruise. Right up my alley, a story of love and romance with

an adventure included!

You may find out since globalexplorer1 told me already! Mike did not ask

me to keep it a secret either!

Here is the blogger who recently became a follower of mine and likes

my stories! (He hasn’t read the really embarrassing ones yet! Haha!)

His Blog is named Applecore, they are living in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

He is a native of the Pacific Northwest, there may be some cool stories

about growing up there, too! (someday?)

He accompanies his travels with beautiful, breath-taking photographs!

They have written about Taxco and travelled to other very interesting

places in Mexico recently. You should check out this blog and be amazed!

Mike answered his own questions that really were funny and he listed

me on a well rounded list including vegan food experts, transplanted

bloggers from California to Spain and one who lives in Seattle. There is

a blog listed with kid friendly recipes. Great post, so go see his nominees

and add them to your list!

I hope if you don’t mind I will stay with my own list I made the beginning

of this past week. I appreciated the whatsinthebox nomination and now,

the globalexplorer1 nomination, also. Please check out my list of fellow

bloggers that I nominated! I love more than those on the list so I hope if you

continue to stay with my blog, that you will see the wonderful followers who

comment very thoughtfully, teach me things and  also “straighten me out” if I

need to be!

I answered some sexual questions given me when the first nomination came

in and I hope that is enough exposure for quite awhile! Thanks again!

Smile and have a great beginning of the week!

Oh, and WEAR GREEN!! Don’t want to get pinched (or do you?)

Late Sunday call from Ray


The call came rather late on Sunday so I had all kinds

of time to think about Ray. I wondered how his nephew’s

birthday party went along with his job as a sheriff. I imagine

that there will be lots of stories to tell, the names withheld to

“protect the innocent.” (Do you remember that line? If so,

what old 60’s black and white show am I quoting from?)

Anyway, we started our conversation with the common phone

pleasantries. “How are you, how has your past 2 weeks been?”

Also, “I still think about how nice it was to eat together at the

Cheesecake Factory and Bon Vie. Both times it was nice relaxing

and walking after our meals together. Thank you!”

We then somehow were talking about March and I mentioned I

had decorated my apt. door with St. Patrick’s day decorations

and I would have to quickly change midway through the month

to Easter. Ray surprised me by calling St. Patrick’s day a “pagan

holiday.” I then said that I had dated a man named Bill who felt

that the word “holiday” consisted of two words “holy” and “day.”

Did he mean it was not a holy day?

Ray said, “No actually if he is Jehovah’s Witness, then Easter would

be also not considered a holiday.”  He went on to explain that his

church is pentecostal and does celebrate Easter and Christmas. But it

does not celebrate the “Catholic holidays” like St. Valentine’s Day and

St. Patrick’s Day nor does it celebrate or even think that Lent exists.

I was a little worried. Trying not to say too much since we were clearly

on two different faith levels. (I am going to risk saying this, but my beliefs

are inclusive and his seemed exclusive.)

I try to stay away from any kind of religious or political discussions on this

blog. I have been known to spout my preferences on other’s blogs which

are discussing controversial subjects and anticipating debate.

Ray got quiet, too. I then told him that my mother was back to following

my grandma’s faith which had been German Catholic. I also told him

that she had been a Methodist while in college. My Dad had been an

Episcopalian, we three kids had gone with both parents who joined that

Episcopalian church in Huron where my parents got involved in their

trip to Washington D.C. They had marched with Reverend Brownlee for

Civil Rights.

I had raised my children in the Presbyterian church in Lancaster, also

taken them to the Presbyterian church here in Delaware. My children

asked to go to youth group at the Asbury Methodist Church in middle

school so we all decided to go there for about 4 years. Later, my ex-

husband, youngest daughter and I rejoined First Presby.

This was all met with more silence. I was hoping sometime soon, I would

shut my mouth!

I came back with, “What is the name of the church that you and your mother


Ray said, it is pentecostal and it is probably not a name you would know.

I asked, “Do decorations for holidays bother him?”

He answered, “Sort of.”

I told him as a teacher and mother plus a child care provider in my home, I

had still 4 seasons of tubs here in my apartment. That I had literally 12 tubs

at my old house, in the basement and had to “downsize!”

I asked if passing Valentine’s day cards out bother him? He said that his family

did not celebrate “pagan” holidays.

I asked how his weekend looked, I had some openings that I could meet him

somewhere midpoint…

Ray said, “This is clearly not working out. It was a mistake that your friends

did not investigate my preferences in women better.”

I said, “Oh, I am sorry about that and also, I hope you did not feel it was a

total waste of time. We did have fun part of the time, didn’t we?”

Ray closed with an abrupt, “Gotta go. Take care and God bless you.”

I definitely need some prayers but not sure if his God would even listen

to them! I am clearly a “sinner” in his belief system.

Let’s say, “Back to the drawing board, AGAIN!”

P.S. I did give a call to my couple who played matchmaker. All is fine with

us, at least! They were as surprised as I was to hear of his faith that was

probably a wonderful and caring choice but I am so different. I even celebrated

Hannukkah and Kwanzaa in my classrooms in the past.

Early St. Patrick’s Day Message


I have been on a roll lately, just cranking these out!

I am not all about quantity but quality would be best.

Just have had some muse on my shoulder.

We had the St. Valentine holiday that so many people

love to celebrate with candy, flowers, and poetry.

Now we have the down to earth holiday, where we drink

ale (or beer), eat corned beef and cabbage, and act a little

crazy! That’s St. Patrick’s day!

I have more Scotch’blood’ than Irish but my father told me

something that was surprising. He sympathized with the Irish,

so please wear green! His forbears are equally divided into Scotch

and English.  On the ancestral tree we are so many steps to King

Phillip and equally many steps to King Bruce. If we were being a

pain in the Irish’s arse we would wear orange (because we are

Episcopalian, not Catholic!)

Anyway, my favorite Irish saying is the one my Mom

has on a plate by the kitchen sink:

_________________An Old Irish Blessing___________________

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


I hope you not only dance a jig, kiss someone, pinch someone (for not wearing

green) that you will feel totally blessed this whole month of March!

Here is a short verse:

These things I warmly wish for you~~someone to love, some work to do,

a bit o’ sun, a bit o’ cheer, and a Guardian Angel always near. (author unknown)