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On Duty


One of my fantasies is that I am a very cool private investigator,

solving crimes, finding information, and making things “right”

for those that have gone “wrong.”

Reminiscent of the “Maltese Falcon” where I will be “Sam Spade”

and I would need a friend to play the character “Gladys.”

Yes, it would be exciting to have a “Moonlighting” life!

I have a short post in mind today. No problem for those who

may wish to have a quick read and refresh themselves. Maybe

you will enjoy escaping from your own life for a moment!

What needs to be brought on your stake out?

List 3 necessary items, using the 3 categories:  Foods, Tools, or ???


1.  I love sweets to keep my energy up so Hot Tamales, donuts, or

candy bars (Fast Break or Mounds).

2.  I need to choose some salty balance, like potato chips, corn

chips, Sun Chips (cheddar or sun dried tomato flavors) or

crunchy Cheetos.

3.  Beverages like iced tea, iced coffee or hot coffee (depending on

the season.) Hence, the number one “tool!”


1.  I would need to have a phone and a local map that would help

me locate the closest bathroom facilities! (Maybe Depends?)

2.  I would need paper and pen to write details, mileage, and “just

the facts” down. No drama here, ha ha!

3.  I need to have a camera for collecting any evidence of “proof.”

Watch out cheaters, I will be collecting some photographs! Watch

out, criminally connected Ohio mobsters/gangsters, I will be in a

lot of dark alleys! Oh, forget about any secrets you have hidden, I

will be on them like ‘bees on honey!’


1.  A partner would help in so many ways! To keep me awake and

focused. To help throw ideas around and play out the possibilities.

Someone to provide “back up” when needed or talk me out of doing

something wild or crazy, too.

2.  A friend at home “base” to call and check in with about new

prospects or “leads” on the case load (receptionist, computer ‘geek’

or someone to run and bring stuff to me/us.)

3.  An office space where the filing cabinet, answering machine

and receptionist or secretary or all around ‘jack of all trades’ would

be located.

Escapism is the perfect way to get out of my “rut” and what better

time to start a new career than when I have NOTHING TO LOSE!!

Plus, I could start my new blog, “reocochran,”