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A Dose of Reality


On occasion, I have a few “loose ends” to let you in on.

Some people may want to know about the people I write about!

Cheryl is happy with Scott but had some recent drama with who

I call the Queen Bee at work.  This QB came up to me when she

started and told me that her daughter was a child model and she

also, had been one.  But on other occasions she had ‘shunned’

some of my fellow coworkers by not inviting them to join her and

some of our “team” out for a drink after work. I had “called” her on

it and she then proceeded to tear into me, saying I always acted like

I was too good for her! (Not me that started the crazy comments!)

I ignored her, but Cheryl was raised with her back against the wall,

she does feel the company and coworkers are not really supportive

of her race. Well QB ran her cart with 4 hampers on it directly into

Cheryl’s recently. Cheryl yelled, saying “Hey! Cut it out!” I laughed

in my head because QB is not nice and even back in heavy bulk she

has an “uppity” reputation.

The battery changer (maintenance dept.) one day said,

“You have to watch your back with that one! (glancing at the QB

riding by on her PE riding equipment.)

Another time, a man in shipping said as she was pulling away with

her forklift, (she sometimes covers other areas than just bin order

filling), “She acts like she’s got a stick up her butt!”

Later in the day, QB cut Cheryl off by going around her in the bins

area which is a tight space and Cheryl having been in front of her

should have had “right of way.” Cheryl yelled louder and said, “I

am going to tell (boss’ name) right now!”

It turns out that the boss came and told both women to “be nice”

and not to talk about the problem just work together and get the

work done.

Cheryl later told me that every time QB passed her, with a big grin on

her face (“like she won or something,” Cheryl complained to me.) But

she bit her tongue during that day.

When I turned in my timesheet where we record indirect time, like we

had a problem with the bluetooth scanner or a box fell and we had to

pick up all kinds of stuff, etc. I asked (boss’ name) if I could talk to him.

He said, “Pull up a chair and close the door.”

So, I told him how one time when QB was going around inviting people

to meet up after work at B W 3’s (a restaurant that serves chicken wings,

shows sports on t.v.’s…if you are from outside U.S.) that I had mentioned

several people who would have liked to go, but she had not invited. I know

that this sounded petty to him, but then I told him how she proceeded to

lay into me, saying several hurtful things, the gist being, I was the one who

thought I was “too good to hang out with all of them!”

He asked if I had gone and I told him, “No, due to my filipino friends and

Cheryl not being invited. They are my friends and I felt that if they felt

‘shunned’ then I could not go either.”

I wanted him to see that QB didn’t just cause a ruckus on one occasion but

frequently did such sophomoric stuff.

But, here goes the back fire!

My boss told me that I would have to write up a summary of the past occasion

and also, would have to write up that Cheryl had talked to me about QB. That

had “broken the rules that he had set that day.” So, I ended up writing a negative

report out on QB and then, had to write that Cheryl, although she had not said

a direct word to QB had come to me to complain. Otherwise, he assumed, I would

never have been in his office sharing my unfortunate trials with her.

Queen Bee won in this case but I carefully worded the situation with Cheryl, saying

that I had approached her, told her that QB had caused me trouble more than once

and that then she had shared her bad fortune that day.

But, I will tell you this! If Cheryl weren’t black and QB had run into someone else and

they had complained I feel my boss would have said write the complaint up against

the Queen Bee but would not have had the second report drawn up and put in the

victim’s  file. Cheryl’s culture is a little louder and when she gets pushed she responds

vocally, but I totally understood, if QB had run her cart into mine, I would have been

vocal, too!

Cheryl is okay and no points or reprimand were carried out. Just my pitifully forced

written report in her file.

Scott, the young father who had a cheating wife, who found love on the internet,

still runs every other weekend down to Kentucky to see Kelly, the teacher. And

they also have gone to Pittsburgh to see her friends and family, too. Kelly comes up

every other weekend and hangs with Scott’s children and things are proceeding very


Bill, my dear and special friend, may have found love in the Starbucks’ coffee shop!

Not a worker there but someone who noticed him coming in to see the worker,

came up and joined the conversation. Then, one thing led to another and he found

out he has a few common interests, she loves her third shift job, too. So, Bill has been

inviting her over and he has been picking her up, we will see if this new woman captures

that sweet heart of his!

I needed a ball joint replaced in my car which was discovered by Delaware’s Goodyear

store, while putting two new tires on my car. They showed me how much “play” the ball

joint had by grabbing the tire and moving it back and forth. I ended up calling my old

fisherman friend, Joe, asking if his brother Jimmy could look at my car and if I bought

the Advance Auto part could he put it in for me? Joe checked and Jimmy who races his

1967 Camaro in drag races said, “Yes, come on over on (last) Sat.”

While there, Jimmy’s wife talked to me about Joe some more. Each of his family members

like me but are very skeptical that we can be “just friends.” I talked about my Gary, Steve

and Bill who are also friends that I have not been seeing Roger so much. Roger and I had

jumped the gun by thinking we could start back where we had been awhile back. I think

the Mighty Mumford or possibly Marty, my blogging male friends warned me not to get

too attached too quickly.

Anyway, I like to hear about Joe’s adventures and the family photo albums all came out.

There was Joe with his most recent wife, who had been what they joke around saying, “A

40 year old virgin” while Joe was about 51. There was the only wedding that Joe had of

4 weddings that his mother was able to attend. The smiles and photograph show the

love between Joe and his mother along with his new wife. I felt bad looking at the photos,

somehow, as if watching a sad love story where it doesn’t end well. Joe ended up having

an affair with a client and the new wife had a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas thinking he

was just running out to check on a house while the client was out of town.

Joe’s sister in laws, one who likes to invite me along to play “Texas Hold ‘Em” and Jimmy’s

wife who has invited me a few times for picnics both think the ex-wife was sweet and kind,

they stay in touch. But Jimmy’s wife was blunt and said an awful thing that as Joe’s friend,

I didn’t need to know any of this really, but she said that Joe gave her “diseases.”

I asked, “Do you mean STD’s? Ewww!”

Well, that just about does it with two negative updates on Cheryl with her run in with the

Queen Bee and Joe with his horrible, bad boy behavior.

But, the positive reviews for Bill and his new love and Scott and Kelly might brighten the

dingy side of life. We have to take the good with the bad, I guess. And, I got my new ball

joint replaced all for about half the cost that Goodyear would have charged!