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More Juggling with Mankind


I have many male coworkers who have joked around with me,

throughout  the past five and a half years at the distribution center.

I have gotten to know the heavy bulk workers during my training in

their area. In many cases, during my average workday, I have to change

areas. I have called myself, jokingly, “The Closer.”

I will usually start out in a ‘pick- to- light’ area where I will pick the

number listed on the light beneath each bin and fill it in the named

hamper. I have been trained to now push and fill five hampers so the

light may “tell” me, “Pick 4 A” and I go to the first hamper and put four

pieces in.

Anyway, I tend to get “my” assigned area completed earlier than some,

which means I am moving to another location. Sometimes, this means

I may be moving from Building One to Building Four. I may have to cross

the shipping floor, I may have to go through the heavy bulk area, or I may

have to pass by the “Receiving Area” which is kind of crazy, with vehicles

called “Crowns” and PE riders moving pallets. There are fork lifts that may

be stacking or unstacking pallets. I will hear my name called out and it is

nice to be recognized by many coworkers. On Fridays, I am usually sent

to the Mezzanine area that is just past shipping and above the receiving

area. This is where I get a cart and put four hampers for four different

stores on them and try to “beat” Melvin to the finish line, our early exit

out of work.  (We do 4 nine hour days and dream of a four hour Friday!)

In any case, I used the term “Juggling Acts” a few posts ago when I had

mentioned that I have two male friends, frequently have been off and

on dating a few other men along the way and feel like I am always

keeping my “balls in the air!” I am hoping for the “right man” to

come along and not the “right now” man, either!

I appreciate very much the couple who introduced me to the chemist,

and although it did not work out, I am hoping they will keep me in

mind, in the future! I also appreciated my oldest daughter with Lenny

and then, Robert, to ‘try on for size!’ First was discussed and put into

a post, the second was more brief and less meaty details to divulge!

For some reason, recently, there have been more than the usual

number of  male workers who have been letting me know they are

“single now” or “looking around now,” etc. I will not at all attempt

to tell you names of married or living with someone’s names. But

I can name the single ones, since there is an extremely low chance

of their ever looking on my wordpress site and there is an even

lower chance that among all the Tom, Dicks and Harry’s; they would

recognize themselves in print.

I have been asked out by a new man, named Scott, who has a lovely

head of hair with a long blondish-brown ponytail and he has nice,

sensitive looking brown eyes. He is my age or older. Unfortunately,

I thought it rather presumptious on his second day to ask me out! I

did tell him politely, “I do not date coworkers. Thank you so much for

asking, though!” He is a smoker and is also kind of laid back to the

point of being lazy. Already can tell he may have been an old “stoner.”

Sorry, I recognize one when I see one or call them like I see them!

Here are a few other ones, who along the way, have either directly or

indirectly asked me out. A few have gone through my friend, Bill, who

usually deflects them by telling them I am not want to date coworkers.

Keith, who has a young 4th grade daughter (and I have a 4th grade

granddaughter) and I have given helpful suggestions with Ashley’s

homeschooling. I just want to step back and see if he can find the

suggested resources and provide some social situations given by you,

my helpful followers in your comments and my extensive notes that

I have passed to him on the subject. Thus, trying to stay a little less

involved in table talk with Keith at break time. And, definitely not

wanting to date him!

There’s Glen, who has a Davy Jones hair cut with beautiful white

hair. It is not a “bowl cut” but similar to the long bangs, shoulder

length hair of any of the Beatles, during their “clean cut” era. He is

a Harley motorcycle rider and smokes cigarettes. I tell men I have

been married to two smokers, kind of like some idiots say they have

a ‘best friend who is gay.’ I say it to make them feel I am not against

them, have “been there, done that.” I am sure it sounds dumb, to say

the least.

Doug directly asked me to dinner one night, as I was walking out

in my dirty, holey clothes. I almost always have metal pieces that

have stuck out of a rack, off a hamper or run into somewhere that

have poked holes in my pants and my shirts. I don’t even bother

to get new clothes anymore. Everyone knows I started out trying

to wear some of my more casual teaching clothing just to regret

that decision totally! I know that Doug is under 45 but I am not sure

where he falls, he doesn’t have any children to help give me an

estimate. He is nice but he has also asked my friend Peggy, when

Tim was misbehaving. Peggy and Doug had fun together. Doug

bought Peggy a Valentine’s Day gift once or twice. I told him, “No,

sorry, but I am dating someone else” was my ‘off the cuff’ answer.

I was asked out by tall, bald “Mr. Clean” Larry. We all like him! Larry

is also a fun guy to talk to and get teased by. He sucks on lollipops

throughout the day. I am not sure if he has dentures or if he just

cleans his teeth well, because his smile is very white and nice! He is a

smoker who wishes to quit. He is also about 6′ 4″ which, in the past,

when I  have tried this disparity in heights, I would like to say,

“It is so strange dating someone who when we slow dance, I am

looking at his belt buckle!” (Oh, and yes, we also call him “Kojak!”)

Rob is a very nice man who has been in shipping since I came to

work here. He is quiet and polite. He is like a ‘Stealth Ninja,’ he is

all of a sudden behind me while I am walking across the shipping

floor between the yellow “safe walking area” lines. He comes up

and tweaks my hair or taps my shoulder. Then, he walks away.

How do I know he “likes” me? Well, it is the way all boys in lower

elementary school get your attention, but also, due to his inquiring

amongst my table mates.

One day, just to pull his leg, though, my good friend, Melvin, told Rob

that I may not want to date him (Rob) but my good friend, the “other

Robin,” over there, would like to date him! Of course, if you have

followed any of my silly stories with Melvin in them, he is always

pullingsomeone’s leg, (or usually MY LEG!)  Anyway, the “other Robin”

is an elderly woman with yellow tufts of hair with white in it. She is

not my twin! Another “running joke” Melvin tells. This Robin’s mind is

(seriously) in a stage of dementia. I “yelled” at Melvin about this,

“That wasn’t nice to say to poor shy, backwards Rob!” and added,

“Quit telling stories about poor other Robin!”

The last man who has asked me out or acted like he “liked” me was

a man named Mark. Yes, another Mark. I actually like him back but

we are at a standstill. I am not going to date a coworker but he is

nice, has his own home in Cardington where his grandnephews

come over after school. He has a ninety-six year old mother living

with him.

Mark likes to read books and watches very little t.v. or movies. I have

asked him these information seeking questions,  just out of curiosity.

I only see this sixty year old Mark once in a “blue moon.” Each time, if

he spies me, he looks up from his work and gives me the biggest,

warmest smile and directly says, “Hi, Robin!”, “Good morning, Robin!”

or as a good conversation starter, “How’s those grandkids, Robin?”

Too bad he works at Advance Auto D.C. #23!