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The new ‘kids on the block’


No, not those New Kids on the Block! I will explain about the title and

my feelings of giving “new followers and commenters” nominations for

the recognition that they have discovered me, as I have found them “new”

and interesting, too! Every time I have been awarded nominations, I have

accepted them with some variations of ability to post the logo of the award

and giving the blogs that I nominated a choice of awards, ways to accept

them and basically breaking a few rules along the way! I usually like to

pass out award ‘gifts’ of nominations to those who are either faithful and

close friends or the newest ones in the many followers I have. I appreciate

the ones who stick around and comment! This creates a wonderful bond and

dialogue, getting to know each other and feeling like longterm friends, too.

I also appreciate all the ones who push the “like” button, understanding how

I cannot possibly comment on over four hundred blogs that I follow, so why

would I expect all of you to do that?

I received the grandest award nominations of all this past couple of weeks!

I am enthralled with the honor and magnitude of these Blog of the Year 2013

awards! I also am filled with some trepidation and the humble perception

that I should not even accept these awesome awards!

I would like to acknowledge these 2 gifters to me, those who nominated me for

these awards: Here she is “M” who is a Nepali business woman who married a

Nepalese high school sweetheart and you can find her fun, light hearted posts


or you may like to have her specific post that gave me this honored and valuable

nomination at:

“M” gave me the gift of “Best Personal Blog” as a way to group me. She did a

great job of explaining her reasoning for the different people she chose for

“Blog of the Year 2013” nominations.

The second person, on the same date of December 2nd, awarded me with a special

nomination, since she and I have been friends it feels like over a year,

“Be With Us” is always a cheerful presence in many of my comments’ sections:

or the specific post she awards this nomination may be helpful to those who

may “pick this up” there as a gift from me for the holidays is:

I liked her idea of saving the last dance with friends on a cold, winter’s night!

This is going to be the crazy and hopefully, humorous way I going to award my

newest followers and also, give a big nod to my longtime friends who have kept

me company and joined in dialogues with me, over this year and a half of


Here are 10 Newcomers to my blog who I would like to extend a Hearty and

Heartfelt “Welcome to the Neighborhood!” You have stumbled or knowingly

joined a wonderful group of my friends that continue to learn on our

own personal growth journeys, while building relationships and comraderie.

1.Shanna Koenigsdorf Ward’s “Curls and Carrots” blog,

2. hakariconstant who writes poetry and gives wonderful, lengthy comments, too,

3. I love this “byline!” A girl after my own heart! “One gal getting more out of

life by spending less,”

4. A country singer follower and a humorous man with homespun philosophy

thrown into the mix,

5. The lost Kerry man who has a byline of, “On an adventure this side

of Tir Na N’Og,”

6. Andy has been giving me some funny comments and his posts are varied

from deep to young thoughts, too. He is a “wandering poet” who has come

to stay, I think!

7. A wide variety of subjects, including a recent look at a world market

can be found with some philosophy and kindness, like his tribute to

Nelson Mandela can be found at:

8. Ann who writes about “The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally,”

8. A friend who due to our busy lives, has recently rekindled our

friendship by honoring me and including me in her Sisterhood Award

on her blog. You will see her as Kay BeeBee but her blog is,

9. It seems like I should have given Celeste an award somewhere along

the way, but I don’t think I have!

10. You have seen many times Mike Lince’s valued comments on my posts.

If you followed him over to his blog, you would hear of his wife, Florence

Lince, who is his wife and traveling companion. The beautiful photographs

on his posts are almost all Florence’s! There may have been once in awhile

one he posted from a different source to enhance his articles. I would like

to recommend your checking out Florence’s Reflections blog,

I am facing a deadline of publishing and I am going to have to tell all

of the above ten that you deserve these nominations for Blog of the Year,


I sincerely want to “break the rules” and tell you, if you are honest,

if you have posted a comment or I have posted a comment on your blog,

if we have followed each other and I have presented you an award in the]

past, I will not check up on you at all on our history of friendship



For me, this is my gift to all of you. It is the only satisfactory way

I could in all good conscience, accept my two outstanding nominations

for this valued and noteworthy award.

If you get in trouble for accepting my holiday, season of Peace and

Love nomination that could be figuratively placed, wrapped underneath

my Christmas tree, let the blame fall upon my shoulders.

Please let me spread the Joy around, without any troubles brewing!

“Mom’s World”


As we were getting on the elevator, Mom and I met a nice, attractive

elderly resident in the senior apartments. She was wearing a purple

pair of tennis shoes decorated with red flowers on them. She had a

lovely plum colored sweater and hat upon her head. Mom told her

she looked, “quite lovely today.”

The woman responded, “I just came from the Purple Hat Society

meeting down in the Pub.”

Mom smiled and nodded. She really understood that it was a fun

group of women, or seemed to.

Once the woman disembarked from the elevator, Mom turned to me,

in all seriousness,

“Why would someone join a group that only wore purple hats?”

She paused and rethought this question, coming back with another


“Why would I need to belong to a society to wear my purple hat?”

This brought me to the point that I would like to tell you about, my

Mom’s time frame is more aimed towards the past, anything “new”

or more recently happening, is beginning to get lost in her foggy

brain. This was never more evident than after having a delicious and

lively meal with my son, his wife and their kids, my two brothers, my

youngest daughter, Mom and I at the table. We had a wide variety of

pies, thanks to my stopping at Cracker Barrel and purchasing four

delectable pies. I worked there for four years, over eight years ago.

When I could use my 40% discount, I would bring this many and not

even blink an eye at the bill. I have a side comment to the whole Mom

post, these pies had a low “price tag” of $8.49 each!! I ordered an

apple streusel pie, a pumpkin streusel pie, a regular pumpkin and a

pecan pie. All were the same good quality that I had observed being

made in the CB kitchen. (We got spoiled when I had the discount and

I could also, during summer seasons buy the Coca Cola chocolate cake

and the delicious Blackberry or Cherry Cobbler, too.)

Mom ate a slice of the pumpkin and the apple streusel pie, with a big

dollop (served by my son) of vanilla ice cream and a small scoop of

peppermint stick ice cream (served by my brother). She asked for some

whipped cream, too. She told us all,

“I don’t like peppermint stick ice cream but I try it every year, just in

case my taste buds have changed!”

When we got up to leave, shortly after dessert, we had had a lot of

discussions about politics, children (who were a diversion at times),

education (Trista is taking forensic science computer online classes)

and movies recently seen. We had covered a lot of topics, with Mom

putting her “2 cents in,” too.

Mom was able to help carry some leftovers to the car, while holding

her dog’s leash. When we crossed the street, driving in my car, back

to her apartment, only about 45 minutes had elapsed.

Mom, as she was getting out of the car, exclaimed,

“Robin! I am so glad you thought ahead to bringing all those pies to

the dinner, and am especially looking forward to trying some when

we get inside.”

I stopped, looking closely at her face to see if she were ‘pulling my

leg’ but she looked sincere.

I asked her,

“Mom, do you have room for more pie?”

She answered,

“I didn’t have any yet.”

I was saddened by this realization of how her short term memory is

really going fast…

Changing to some funnier things that happened while up at Mom’s.

She had us going to the grocery store, so I checked to see how many

rolls were in her walk-in closet. She had about twenty rolls left, with

her next chance to shop being in five days, with the seniors on the bus,

or with my brother in about 7-8 days.

On her list, she requested me to add ten more packages of four rolls

or the multiple packs with 10 in them, four of those= 40 more rolls

of toilet paper!

She follows me and we both look in the closet and tell her again, there

are 20 rolls left so that should last at least a week.

I give her the straight mathematical solution meaning you could go

through an average of 3 rolls a day!

Mom looks at me askance and says, “Robin, I go through 4 rolls a


I tell her that she has 64 pads that are needed to do the same job

she is talking about. (Thinking she is wadding the toilet paper into

her underwear, creating her own incontinence pads!)

But, “NO!” She replies back, “I will go through all 64 pads and 40

rolls of toilet paper.”

I stop worrying, thinking that someday my kids may have to be

patient with me. I would not want them giving me their own version

of a “reality check” over and over again. I look at her checkbook,

seeing that she and my brother bought a slew of stuff last week.

She gets a lot of the same items (like a little “hoarder!”)

I had written about the Depression and her favorite Christmas

memory earlier, posted it recently. I felt foolish for making my Mom

think about what she needed when, instead, I could easily treat her

like I used to do with my own children.

You can do this subtly, without the adult (or child) noticing. By

changing the subject while shopping, you can sometimes get the child

(or adult) to quit asking for the treat or toy. Or suggesting an alternative,


“Instead of that toy, how about we buy a pack of bubbles to blow?”

or “Instead of that extra candy, why don’t we get some yogurt to eat?”

Which is how we made it out of the grocery store, without too many

“extra purchases!”

Here are the extras we did get:

We compromised and bought a ten pack of toilet paper.

We bought only a three pack of paper towels.

We bought six bags, combined, of Hershey dark chocolate kisses and

Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. (You know that the dark

chocolate allows you to eat unlimited amounts by it “cutting all the

cholesterol, fat and calories in 1/2,” Mom boasted.)

We bought a “special offer” double pack of Peanut butter, 16 oz. each.

We bought one box of Special K cereal.

We bought one package of Fig Newtons.

We bought two bottles of Sangria. (“The bus driver complains when

they have to carry heavy glass bottles!” Mom tells me.)

I remind her that my brother may be taking her next week.

Mom replies, (and this should cover all of the above with this blanket


“You can never have too much wine!”