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True Life Fairy Tale: Love American Style


My next generation story is about a hardworking son of John, the stone mason.

He loved school like his father, he studied books and politics. He became an

engineer and also worked as an insurance agent. He lived in New York City,

there he stood in his spare time passing out Socialistic pamphlets. His Swedish

heritage made him feel that sharing was the way of the future, making us all

brothers and keepers of each other.  He was an agnostic and did not use God

as his reason for being.

On that streetcorner one day, passing pamphlets a humble waitress from the

Waldorf Astoria watched this Swedish tan, tall, blue-eyed man. There was

passion in his eyes and he was so different she could not take her eyes off of

him. He saw her standing there,  sweet, round-faced and warm smiling German

woman that she was. When she listened to his speech twice, he moved towards

her, could he explain it better? Did she need help understanding?  She shook

her head and with every ounce of her young courage she inquired, “Will you

have coffee with me?” (My grandma and grandpa)

True Life Fairy Tale: Love Foreign Style


While visiting mom up here in Cleveland, I like to have her recount the tales of the

beginnings of our fairy tale.

Her grandfather John was a stone mason who was living in Sweden, building a wall

in an aristocrat’s garden. The aristocratic daughter would sit outside and watch him,

reading books and sometimes throwing glances at her proletariat working man.

He shared a dream with her, to go to America and build castles and walls up and

down the Eastern coast. They ran away, married and crossed the ocean to America.

They lived in Massachusetts, he built a lot of stone walls using the granite from the

area, he built a castle in Gloucester, he loved his family. His wife asked him to build

her a wall around a garden. She wanted beautiful roses and fancy flowers. He did make

this garden for her, in the midst of those superb flowers, lo and behold, he also had

some tomato plants. His practical side and her dreamy princess side always meshed

together like a quilt of many patches and beautiful colors.