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What does your wings’ sauce say about you?


Today, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were on their CBS

morning show called, “Kelly and Mike.” They were discussing

chicken wings, which got me thinking about re-blogging the

post I wrote about last year, one which focused on chicken


Their “new statistics” included our country will be consuming

around 2.8 million chicken wings, while watching the Super Bowl!


The two television gracious and funny hosts were also able

to discuss a survey which had the results of what our favorite

chicken wing sauce to dip them in (after they are baked with

any of the slathered on flavors.) No source was cited on their

show, so here goes the ‘facts:’

1. Ranch dressing

2. Barbecue sauce

3. Blue cheese dressing and hot sauce were tied in this third

place contest.


Kelly mentioned her son likes ranch, so she assumed it would

be ‘most popular,’ while laughingly saying, she would choose

blue cheese dressing but skip the wings! It was also funny

that this thin person who really works out a lot was concerned

about the unhealthy aspect of blue cheese dressing. She went

on to say she savors a ‘lettuce wedge salad with blue cheese

dressing but would just eat the dressing since she likes it so

much. I liked her candor in this expression of her taste

preferences, as I am one some of my loved ones say,

“Mom orders dressing with a side of salad!”


Here is an article about hot sauce wings and how it reflects

your character. Later, you will find some history about where

in the United States, chicken wings came from. It is a widely

contested fact and at least two locations contend it is ‘their

place,’ which made the first hot wings. If there is another

country or location you have heard of or ‘know any facts

about,’ please add to the comments section of this post!



Drew Cerza, the founder of Buffalo, New York’s “Annual

Wings Festival,” describes the types of people who

choose certain sauces for chicken wings.


Here are four popular variations of wings’ sauces and

a personality analysis, short synopsis of the type of

person you may or may not be:


1. Garlic Parmesan Sauce.

“The person who likes this is creative, fearless,

and yet in control.”


2. Mild Hot Sauce.

“This person doesn’t take many risks. He or she

accepts life as it is. This person is rather



3. Hot Sauce.

“This is a bold person. He or she throws on the first

down, (if a football player) goes for the touchdown on

the fourth, (metaphorically,) and wild and crazy.”


4. Atomic hot sauce.

“This person is aggressive, doesn’t need napkins and

doesn’t like to lose.”


I enjoy mild hot sauce, enjoy the garlic parmesan if not

on a date, and really enjoy the sticky, sweet sauce that

is derived from using terikaki sauce in the recipe. My brothers

like the Jack Daniels’ barbecue sauce baked on their chicken

wings. So delicious!


No, these are not definitive descriptions of people, just one

man’s (Drew Cerza’s) opinion!


I thought I would throw in a short history lesson of Red Hot

Sauce which originated as a recipe made by the Frank Tea and

Spice Company, in 1896! This company was in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Much later, the bottled Frank Red Hot Sauce came out in 1969.


The family who is credited by Frank’s Red Hot, for creating

the combination of chicken wings, deep fried and then dipped

in their sauce is the Belissimo Family. Although an article in

1969 written on their restaurant, does not cite this dish.


In 1980, Teressa and Frank Belissimo’s son, Donald, started

circulating that the story goes like this. Due to having a storm

in Buffalo, New York they were having a ‘run’ on food orders.


Their bar/restaurant had run out of most of their food at one

point in the midst of this storm. People had come to seek

comfort, shelter and something warm to eat at their little bar.


Teressa prepared the chicken wings, serving it with hot sauce

mixed with a buttery sauce. Hungry customers devoured them,

thus they claim the “origin of buffalo chicken wings.”


Frank’s Red Hot Company supports this Italian family’s ingenuity.


There is one other contender for the original “buffalo chicken

wings” and that is a man named John Young who used the name,

“mambo sauce,” in the mid-1960’s for his chicken wings covered

with sauce. His Buffalo, New York restaurant registered their

change of name in 1970, to John Young’s Wings ‘n Things.


Just a little bit of fun ‘trivia’ and I always like to hear about

where things came from! Even if there is a question about

this. The first Public citing of “Buffalo chicken wings” was

on NBC Today in 1980.


Last fact for the day, credit for this football snack’s surge in

popularity was during the four consecutive years that the

Buffalo Bills were contenders in the Super Bowl, from 1991

through 1994.


Now, please share your favorite dipping sauce and also,

if you like Buffalo chicken wings? How HOT?!


Tell me, will you be rooting for a football team this Sunday?

Which team do you want to win at the Super Bowl, 2015?

Hey, don’t get upset but I am going to get off the neutral

“fence” I thought I would sit on, and say:

“Go New England Patriots!”

Hearts Among the Treasures Found in February


February has so much to enjoy and appreciate, despite some of us

who have to endure such cold weather.  I have fun thinking about

what will good ole’ Punxsutauney Phil do on Groundhog’s Day,

how will we celebrate each of the Presidents, along with will any

of my grandchildren make me handmade Valentine’s Day cards

or will they give me a Sponge Bob Square Pants, Batman, Frozen

or Angry Bird valentines?

February is “Wise Health Care Consumer Month.”

There are choices in your reducing health care costs

and making good ones in your physicians, too.  Learn

more about over-the-counter and the prescription

medicines you take, asking what dosage is the least

you need to be the most healthy. Although it is not

always suggested, I like to take nutritional supplements

to ‘back up’ the fresh vegetables, fruits, fiber and protein

sources I choose to consume.

I take out a few decorations for this festive month, including a

couple of American flags which I put two on my door, along with

Cupid, a heart and a laminated Snoopy giving his pal Woodstock

a Valentine. This about covers most of the main ‘holiday rituals.’

I have had the cupid and “Peanuts” laminated pictures, ever

since my years of teaching middle school in the 80’s.

Amy Poehler, comic, actress and “SNL” show alumni

gives us good, comforting advice for February:

“I think sleep can be really magical

because sometimes Balance is only

a day away.”


Birthstone: Amethyst

Flower: Violets

Purple is a beautiful color echoed in both the gem

and the flower of the month.

Feb. 1-

“National Freedom Day”

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in

the world and that is an idea whose time has come.”

~* Victor Hugo.

It is Super Bowl Sunday!

Are you rooting for the New England Patriots or

the Seattle Sea Hawks?

What snacks will you serve? If you wish to read

about the history of hot sauce on chicken wings,

you can push your clicker on the side panel of

my topics to read about. Recipes included from

past posts, too.

Feb. 2-


“If Candlemas be dark

with clouds and rain,

Winter is gone and

won’t come again.”

(“The Old Farmer’s Almanac,” 2015 edition.)

Groundhog Day.

You know the results, don’t you? If he sees his shadow,

he will run and hide, means a longer time until Spring.

If it is a gloomy day, and he doesn’t see his shadow, we

are that much closer to warmer weather.

Another special occasion is “The 14th Annual AARP

Movies for Grownups Awards.” Kevin Costner will

be honored to receive the career achievement award.

I would like to see his newest family movie that deals

with his character raising his bi-racial grandchild.

Viola Davis plays the other side of the family’s

grandmother, scenes look funny and uplifting.

It is called, “Black or White.” (Nothing ever is. . .)

Feb. 3-

Full Snow Moon.

On February 3, 1913 the U.S. Congress was

authorized to impose a federal income tax

under the 16th Amendment of the U. S.

Constitution. The beginning of our tax ‘woes.’

Feb. 5-

Personal special day, will go to see my Mom if the

weather is good the weekend after this day. It is

the 60th anniversary since my Mom and Dad got

married. In only 9 months and a week, I will be 60.

So many family members of my parents counted

back to make sure I was “legitimate!”

Feb. 9-

Family Day in British Columbia.

This is the beginning of a great week titled,

“Random Acts of Kindness Week.”

Feb. 11- Last Quarter Moon.

Feb. 12-

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.

The way he read books by the fire and the “Honest

Abe” nickname, made this President special to me,

as a child. Later, when his assassination was more

emphasized in Social Studies, I felt sad to have lost

this fine hero.

The military services always wish for U.S. citizens

to fly their flags for past presidents.

Feb. 13-

This is Friday the 13th… ooh! Some people

believe you may wish to be more careful.

Are you superstitious?

Feb. 14-

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Flowers or candy? Special jewelry or friendly

exchange of Valentine’s Day cards, however

you celebrate, hope it is a fun day for you.

I happen to like heart cookies with vanilla

frosting, what is your favorite ‘treat?’

Flavia quote:

“Love lives forever and belies the passage of time.

It is what we take with us wherever we go.”

The shiny ‘heart shaped’ flowers of the tropical

anthurium are perfect fir a romantic bouquet,

suggested by “Old Farmer’s Almanac,”

2015 edition.

I happen to like peach roses or pink-tipped

carnations. The scent of the roses is sweet

while the carnations smell ‘spicy’ to me.

Last but certainly not least, this is also our

“National Have-A-Heart Day” where the aim

is to raise awareness of healthy eating and

taking care of our hearts.

Feb. 15-

National Flag of Canada Day.

Susan B. Anthony’s birthday.

In 1808, on this date in history, the U.S.S. Maine sank.

Remembering veterans and servicemen.

Feb. 16-

Presidents’ Day observed, United States.

The American Veterans request you proudly

fly your flag.

President George Washington’s birthday is on

February 22nd, but most calendars say we

“observe” his and all other presidents’ today.

Celebrate the tale of young, honest George,

who said, “I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down

the cherry tree,” by having a piece of cherry pie

with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Yummy! I suppose if you were dieting you

could simply eat some fresh cherries or

have cherry yogurt.

A book recommendation from “AARP Magazine” is

of Robert Middlekauff’s “Washington’s Revolution:

The Making of America’s First Leader.”

Celebrate “Family Day” (Alta., Ontario, and Sask.)

The mid-month “Old Farmer’s Almanac,” 2015 suggests

planting winter beets. They are hardy, which surprised me

that they can be planted in the winter time. (Should your

ground not be frozen solid.) They suggest harvesting beet

greens when they are a couple of inches tall.

Did you know the ‘new green sprouts’ can be added to a

salad and are considered delicious?  I learn something

new every time I open and read the almanac. They are

most tender before they reach 6″. This will not disturb

the growth of those red or purple beets, which provide

sorts of healing powers, through their nutritiousness.

Feb. 17-

“Fat Tuesday”

or “Mardi Gras.”

Celebrating the last day before you go on a ‘fast’

for Lent. This seems early and I re-checked this

fact. We have forty days of Lenten Season, before

Easter, should you be Catholic or another church

which celebrates the ‘walk’ of Jesus’ last days by

not indulging in what you crave.

I like the idea which my friends and coworkers do,

eating pancakes with sausage, bacon and eggs. The

Filipino coworkers have a traditional feast full of

a variety of savory and spicy foods.

What I remember from my childhood was receiving

those Lenten “fish” cardboard boxes where we would

put our leftover lunch or allowance money into. On

the last Sunday before Easter, (Palm Sunday) we could

turn them in and they would go to a needy cause.

These days the church I am affiliated with uses the

money for preparing and serving twice a month free

meals for those who wish to come. We also collect

products once a month for local humane shelters,

the battered women’s shelter in Marion (“Choices”)

and  P.I.N. which stands for a food pantry that is

called, “People in Need.” If you wish to do something

extra this month and the next, check out local centers.

You may make a big difference, “in the spirit of Lent.”

Feb. 18-

“Ash Wednesday” is the first day of Lent. Some

Catholic and other churches use ashes to form a

cross on a person’s forehead denoting the start

of the Lenten Season. Mass or communion is

usually served on this day at churches.

New Moon.

“The February sunshine steeps your boughs

and tints the buds and smells the leaves within.”

~*Written by William C. Bryant

(American Poet,  1794-1878.)

Feb. 19-


This calls for my going to our local Chinese

restaurant and ordering Sweet and Sour Chicken or

Shrimp, or if I am in a spicy mood, General Tso’s

Chicken or Pork. I will ask for a fortune cookie

should they forget to throw one in. I will let you

know my fortune, hope you will let me know yours.

Feb. 20-

Heritage Day, (Y.T.)

Feb. 22-

If you still have some leftover cherry pie, you may

wish to celebrate George Washington’s ‘real’

birthday today!

This is the Academy Awards or Oscar’s night.

If you are one who likes the Red Carpet, the

guests and singers who will perform the “Best

Song” nominations, or just like to have a fun

time watching all the famous people, this is

one of my favorite nights of the year! I get

some snacks, popcorn or chips and dip, some

nuts and a piece of fruit, sometimes if there is

any leftover wine, or if I need to stay awake,

(more likely) I drink some flavored coffee.

Feb. 23-

The infamous photograph represents this real

event in history today, 70 years ago today:

The flag was raised on Iwo Jima in 1945.

Feb. 25- First 1/4 Moon.

Feb. 27-

Battle of Java Sea, 1942.

Here is a pray or words to consider for February:

“Extra Things

We thank thee, God (or Higher Being) for extra things

You send along our way,

Both when our days are sunny bright

And when our skies are gray.

The little planned surprises dropped

From Thy great, loving hand,

Like unexpected showers on

A parched and desert land.

The meeting of an old-time friend,

The lifting of a care,

And sunlight breaking through the clouds,

To tell us You are there.

Just why You do these extra things

Our finite minds don’t know;

It must be you delight in them

Because you love us so.”

~*Written by Alice Hanche Mortenson.

The above prayer could be just pleasant thoughts sent your

way, as if someone sneezed and you say automatically,

“Bless you!”

What special things do you do to celebrate the month of February?

Soup-er Sunday


A great idea a friend of mine suggested for a new family

or friends’ gathering tradition would be to have a cook-off!

This could be, she suggested, with soups in crock pots or

chili! What a fun way to celebrate a football or other chilly

sporting event!

I was reading one of my Mom’s little craft ideas for using

herbs, at the end of your gardening season, to make a spice or

herb wreath. I thought what better idea than to add such a wreath

to a bubbling pot of broth to fill the soup with flavor and your

home with a savory aroma!

Here are the directions to these circlets that were being sold

at Autumn craft sales, but perhaps, you have indoor pots of herbs

to make these desirable gifts and additions to soups or stews.

1. You begin with stems of long, pliable herbs. You may start with

rosemary, which is structurally substantial. Form into a circle or

wreath, some of the ends tucking inside each other.

2. After a circle is shaped, you can weave fresh thyme, lovage,

chives, oregano and savory. I am only aware of the three that are

recognizable. Perhaps, someone has grown lovage or savory, and will

let me know what these plants are like? Or I will pursue this on a

separate trip to library for ‘research.’

3. You should only add a little bit of the herb, sage. This herb can

overpower or dominate the soup, stew or a roast with vegetables.

4. Cooks may toss the dried wreaths into a Crock Pot, that is boiling

hot, filled with a broth and the vegetables that have been softening.

It is good to let it sink, mixing or transplanting some of the heavy

food items in your pot to weigh it down. This will allow the spices

to permeate the soup.

Long simmering dishes can also utilize these homemade wreaths in a

pot on the stove.

In January, 2014’s edition of the Prevention Magazine, they have an

article titled, “Simple Soups.” There are five of them, I will post

one that sounds delicious and vegetarian. I also have one from my

personal collection to give you two choices of soups to prepare in

your friendly rivalry and competition. You could have medals bought

at the dollar stores, small and fun little gifts for each of the

entrants, like a gift of a new ladle! (After all, this contest will

help whoever are the hosts and hostesses, not having to come up

with so many dishes to prepare!)


(Preparation time: 20 minutes and Cooking may last betw. 45- 60 mins.)


4 cups of reduced sodium chicken or beef broth or stock.

3 cups of low sodium tomato juice

4 carrots sliced

3 thin skinned boiling potatoes, scrubbed and chopped

2 medium parsnips, peeled and sliced

1 onion, cut in 1/8ths (I would chop it up!)

1 rib celery, thinly sliced

(If you have not any seasoning wreaths to add to this

soup, here are the spices in the magazine’s recipe.)

1 clove garlic, smashed

1/4 cup chopped, fresh parsley

1/4 teaspoon of cumin


1. Combine broth and tomato juice in large sauce pan and

bring to a boil over medium high heat. Add carrots, potatoes,

and parsnips, onion, celery and garlic. Reduce the heat to

medium low and simmer until vegetables are tender.

2. Stir in parsley, cumin and 1/4 teaspoon each of salt and

pepper, to taste. Heat through.

This makes 11 cups of soup.


(This serves six small bowls of soup.)


2 T. of olive oil

1 c. chopped onion

1/4 c. chopped celery

1 leek, white and light green parts only,

3 cups of reduced sodium chicken broth (I like
Swanson’s brand.)

1/2 c. sundried tomatoes, chopped

3 (14 oz.) cans diced tomatoes, undrained

1 (8 oz.) can tomato sauce

2 sprigs fresh thyme, I use about 3-4 tsp. of
dried thyme (or I ‘switch it up’ by using fresh
or dried basil).

1 c. 2 % reduced fat milk

2 T. balsamic vinegar

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste.


1. Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium low heat.

Add onion, celery, leek and sauté until soft, about 8 minutes.

Add chicken broth, and all forms of tomatoes along with thyme.

Bring to a simmer and cook 20 minutes.

2. Remove thyme stems, if you used fresh, and discard. Puree soup in

a blender until smooth, (these are the directions that I ignore! I

like this recipe made in a crock pot, you will start 6-8 hours on “low,”

before serving. The tomatoes ‘melt’ and don’t need pureed. You can start

this by grilling the raw veggies and then throwing them into the Crock Pot,

then dumping all the tomatoes into it, letting the thyme be added in the

last hour, too. You may revise this, upon eating, because you may wish to

add a different spice or maybe chili pepper, too.)

When you have finished the soup, by pureeing it (or cooking it until

it is mushy in the crock pot), return soup to pan or leave in crock,

and stir in milk, vinegar and pepper. Cook until thoroughly heated.

You do not need to change the temperature on the crock pot, but if it

doesn’t mix well, then raise your crock pot to “high.”

Some family members like this with a teaspoon or two of honey, I sometimes

will add a teaspoon or two of brown sugar. I have a ‘sweet tooth!’

Super Bowl XLVIII Menu


The Next Great Excuse to Party On! February 2, 2014

I have made a fairly comprehensive list of all the

delicious choices to have at a smorgasbord or potluck

event! I hope you will consider hiring a teenager to

supervise the younger children, purchasing juices in

non-staining colors like white grape juice or apple

juice, other finger foods that are not on the following

list to serve, if you allow children to tag along with

their adult parents.

I also encourage to plan ahead and have two areas, if

possible, to have the Super Bowl football game playing.

One, of course, will be for the diehard fans that don’t

like too much commentary, chatting or just aimless

conversation! I am a big fan of the commercials, the

sometimes great but always entertaining Half Time Show.

I am not so much of a follower of the blow by blow football

plays, so I would hang out with the aimless conversers,

and don’t lecture me, but usually the women who are in this


You can make a menu and divide these choices up or you can

contemplate the audience of guests, check your budget and

figure what is best for all out of these scrumptious choices!

1. Guacamole dip and tortilla chips. I love black bean tortilla

chips! I also like hummus… there are many dips that are natural

and have elements of healthy ingredients to include. Veggies to

dip in these could also be set out.

2. Jalapeno poppers. I love the smell of these, for some reason

these spicy little things get my mouth salivating, when I smell

them baking in the oven.

3. A huge submarine sandwich, cut into 3-4″ slices. This can

include all sorts of deli meats, cheeses, vegetables and a

sprinkle of Italian dressing. Mmmmm…!

4. Pizzas! Endless choices here.

5. A crock pot of chili can be served with side toppings,

such as sour cream, grated cheeses, chives or onions, and

tortilla or Frito chips. I also think an inexpensive side

can be a pan of hot dogs and hot dog buns.

6. Baked Potato Skins. Again, some of the side toppings

used in the chili suggestions can be used, along with

bacon bits and peppers.

7. Meatballs in tomato sauce or barbecue sauce

or Small wieners in a chili/grape jelly mix prepared

ahead in a crock pot. Another hamburger possibility,

but is kind of messy, is sloppy joes.

8. Deviled Eggs. This is sometime, in some areas,

a tradition for any and all family/friends’ gatherings.

9. Bacon Wrapped jalapeno poppers or bacon wrapped

water chestnuts with a maple syrup glaze. Yummy!

10. Quesadillas and the different side ingredients.

11. Cheese dips or cheese balls. Crackers or bread

sticks are good, along with those tortilla chips.

12. Chicken Wings! With sauces on or on the side.

I like mild Frank’s Hot Sauce prepared in a pan with

a tablespoon or so of butter, then each piece dipped

and baked. Once out of the oven, a good blue cheese

dressing with celery sticks to “cool” off your mouth

served on the side.

What’s your favorite dish to eat?

What’s your favorite dish to bring?

Here are some All Star Football Players’/Broadcasters’

Favorites that are recommendations from an article I saved

from January, 2012.

1. Steve Young recommends Bean Dip.

2. Terry Bradshaw recommends his family’s Ribs and Beans.

3. Roger Staubach’s choice is Chili.

4. Vince Young recommends a Short Rib Chili.

5. Dan Marino’s Pasta Bolognese.

6. Barry Saunders suggests Chocolate Cookies.
(Hey, in my list above, I forgot desserts!)

7. Brett Favre serves Jambalaya at football


8. Mike Ditka recommends having Pork Chops.

9. Jerry Rice suggests Sticky Honey Wings.

Mainly, enjoy and have fun! Hope you have a little

friendly rivalry. I hope that you will drink and

imbide responsibly. If you have to work the next

day, take care and be prepared to get up for work,

maybe with protein and/or your needed ‘after drinking


Please have a designated driver, if you intend

to get carried away!