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Sending a Little Sunshine to You


Here is a collection of things that produce happy thoughts,

along with a few quotes that hopefully will brighten your


Drew Barrymore is so funny, sometimes in a quirky awkward

way but also in a beautiful and soulful way. Here is a book

she has written having taken photographs of hearts and

including them for all to see in, “Find It in Everything.”

Her words are well worth putting on your refrigerator:

“Hearts are my beacons. . .

Whenever and wherever I

see the heart shape, a smile

spreads across my face.

The heart has an unbeatable

romance when you discover

one where you least expect it.”


This made me think of the movie, “Titanic,” with Celine Deon’s song,

“My Heart Will Go On.”


“Keep your face always toward the sunshine- –

and shadows will fall behind you.”

~ Walt Whitman ~


Winter brings a change in moods and outlook, so here are a few more

ways to enjoy your days and find brighter moments.

1. Listen to upbeat music. Move with the music and dancing will give

you some extra energy and motivation. Also, it is FUN!


2. Walks with dogs or friends, a partner or spouse, with hand held,

warm scarf, mittens or gloves and a big parka, crunching through

old leaves or new snow… Just petting an animal or hugging a pal,

can be extra special to include. I have had friends who say they

need 4 hugs a day!


3. Add a potted plant to your office space. This has been found to

make people more productive and less stressed. The reason is

scientific: The plant reduces airborne dust, adds moisture and O2

to small spaces. It is also known to filter out harmful pollutants.


4. Placing vacation photos in strategic spots, can open your mind

to the times when you were happy and relaxed. “Gazing at a happy

moment from the past, can improve your present outlook.” In

other photos, choose ones of family and great memories together.


5. Staying hydrated with a slice of lemon or infusing your water with

berries, can certainly add a twist to your taste buds and improve

you in more than one way. Our daily ‘slump’ in the afternoon, is not

just due to wanting a nap or aging! We need to remember to add H2O

to our daily habits.


6. Fruit flavor sorbets and other refreshing choices can help be your

saving graces, helping ‘save the day.’ Chocolate and coffee have those

anti-cancer elements along with giving you some extra ‘pep in your



7. Just as a potted plant in your office or bathroom can improve a

location in your house or workplace, a bouquet of those grocery

store flowers can make your dining room a pleasant place to be.

I am sure there are many gardeners that can attest to their bringing

a bouquet of their garden’s flowers has brightened many people’s

days. A shut-in or elderly person will respond with such a big smile,

it will be a day-brightener to you, as well.


8. Sunrooms, atriums, public places that have sunny places are so

wonderful to help you feel better. I enjoy the Columbus, Ohio

Franklin Conservatory, at least two times in the winter. My Mom’s

senior living apartments has a greenhouse with three cozy chairs

in there. You can often see a couple of people sitting in this room

that is attached to the art room. Also, it is a nice place to snip and

weed, feeling useful. There are sometimes people sitting in the

art room, putting together a puzzle, with the greenhouse room’s

double doors open so they may benefit from the sunshine and

plant’s energy given.

There are also other places at no cost to visit. Let me know if you have

a few that I may include…


9. Herbs and spices can enliven your life, bringing some vigor into

your appetite and their scents can exhilarate you, too. I love the

scent of tangy patchouli or Italian herbs like basil and oregano.

The scent of peppermint is a great one that can invigorate too.

It is also great to calm and create better muscle relaxing in your

stomach, not only soothing it, but enhancing its function.


10. Colorful fabric will change your room and change your own

perspective while wearing brighter hues. It is a simple way of

sprucing up,’ along with being a fairly reasonable way of changing

your décor or wardrobe. Add a dash of color, while the skies are

gloomy and gray, your mood lightens without too much fuss or

bother. I enjoy looking at decorating magazines, paint and fabric

swatches, merely ‘dreaming’ about a change, makes me happy.


Here are a few musical ‘suggestions.’

1. I just discovered a man named Andrew McMahon, who sings in a real earthy voice,

gravelly and reminiscent of some of my old rocker favorites, along with Neil Diamond.

His song that mesmerized me was, “Canyon Moon,” which begins with lyrics about

a dissatisfied woman, “Somewhere on a cold October.” His debut solo album, having

been in bands but not on his own… is titled, “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.”


2. If you are wishing a little sunshine, here is one of my favorites, “Little Darlin’s!”

The Beatles’  in “Here Comes the Sun.”

Always a big wow, when I hear the tinkling beginning guitar strands and only one

man, from Kentucky, ever called me, “little darlin’.” (Alas!)



What little sunny things make your mood cheerier?






Happy Sweetest Day!


I am grateful for a very nice gentleman and friend for my Sweetest

Day gift of a big bag of chocolates! I love Lindor chocolates and this

super gift had peanut butter, white chocolate, dark chocolate, extra

dark chocolate and milk chocolate balls of deliciousness! What a great

surprise and a special treat as well! I am sure that most of you may not

even celebrate this “made up” Hallmark, florists and other gift related

businesses’ dream holiday!

I am going to tell you that a funny, bawdy and maybe not the best movie

I ever saw is titled, “The Sweetest Thing!” Warning, it is not for kids! But

it has some “truths” that apply to my current life and maybe some of

the rest of yours, too. This 2002 movie includes a fine comedic team of

Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Justin Bateman, Selma Blair and

Thomas Jane. (I like Cameron Diaz’s most serious and well acted role in

“In Her Shoes” please check this out while she works with elderly in a

nursing facility, in repentance for a life formely ill spent! I like Thomas

Jane in the current t.v. show, “The Mentalist.”) The others are in movies

that show range to their skills, too.

This movie is about two friends who are rather jaded and not sure there

are “soul mates” out there. I am totally on board with this feeling, at

times, too! I express optimism and positivity most of the time, but I get

discouraged from time to time, also. Anyway, these club hopping women

have friends and there is a mixed bag of situations, funny and serious.

I like that there is a happy ending which makes you believe and hope for

love, after all!

Another “sweet” thing to talk about are songs that have those wonderful

to be cherished lyrics. I am going to quote, “Maria,” from the musical

“West Side Story” which many people have seen and know it comes from

a remake of Shakespeare’s romantic and tragic love story, “Romeo and


Maria lyrics that I love:


The most beautiful sound I ever heard…

Say it loud and there’s music playing

Say it soft and it’s almost like praying.”

This is after Tony meets Maria, which is a star crossed love with a sad


I think when you first meet someone, you usually “know” if you want

to go beyond friends. I am saddened to say, I have become more careful

when I meet someone and want to immediately place them in the “friends”

category. I admit I am a little “gun shy” but I have two male friends

who I can never picture as lovers and more. I feel bad because they

both off and on discuss, the huge and heavy ‘elephant in the room:’

Why don’t you love me?

Here are two other songs that have “sweetest” in them to check out;

Juice Newton’s country song, “The Sweetest Thing” and I am going to

quote the second one’s (David Ryan Harris) the other “Sweetest Thing:”

“So just what kind of man is that.

Who gives you words, then takes them


Sometimes I wonder why I can’t articulate

On bated breath

We sit quiet and wait

But how much silent treatment

Can my lady take?

When the words I give

Are the words that break.

For lack of a language that’s half as complex

As all of my emotion but when I find the words

I’ll say the sweetest thing she’s ever heard.”

I have to say the meaning behind these words strikes a chord with

me. I am not sure how to explain the language of love, how our

heart meets with another’s heart and it feels like it is meant to be.

I am, as always, hoping for the Sweetest Thing to happen to Me!


Happy Sweetest Day to my friends who listen, care and sympathize.

Nothing earth shattering but still Love is a topic all have contemplated

from time to time…