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A “High Five” to You All!


I am amazed and struck silent with awe! I was within a short

period of time, given five award nominations! Wow! I will call

this my “Lucky Five” and wish to pass a Big “High Five” to all

of you readers of my lengthy essays on life and relationships,

in the areas of work and play.

I was given Four Nominations by a special, new “best friend,”

named Julie! She has a wonderful blog which is full of varied

stories and fun looks at life. Her outlook matches mine, with

humor and positive insights given.

Julie has nominated me to four special awards!

I may take them all and run with them! The Inner Peace Award,

The ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award, the Most Influential

Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award were all nominated to me.

In addition to the above named four nominations, I received

a nomination for another award. That makes a total of Five!

Mark, you tricky man, you are getting me to post about your

blog again! I appreciated the nomination for the Dragon’s

Loyalty Award. In accepting this, you know, I may be a

lawless individual. Out here in the “real world,” I am

a true, trustworthy and law-abiding individual.

I hope you will check out Mark’s blog about sports,

entertainment, walks with Ellie B. and more at:

I would like to announce some worthy bloggers who have,

as far as my memory serves, not received nominations here

before. I know you will enjoy checking out these “new”


I apologize for not wishing to give you any more sordid

details of my life. The others who receive awards, do

such respectable posts accepting their nominations!

You really should read my early posts, where I divulged

and ‘bared all’~ if you want to know more about me! I

hope you will check out Mark’s and Jules’ posts for their

fine examples of how to follow Award Nomination Rules!

1. Linda, you are really wonderful!

2. K, you have awesome photography here!

3. With her kitchen wide open, some lovely children

and special thoughts shared here:

4. Wacky family insights here, a recent sickness

and thoughts about differences in male and female

roles in families…

5. Jill has been catching up with me, a new

friend and although she is younger, many of

our memories are overlapping! She belongs in my

‘sisterhood club’ but have not been recently

nominated for that esteemed award!

6. A man who has a lot of deep essays. I liked

Teddy Lee’s post, “Creating Your Own Fate.”

7. She ‘had me’ when she talked about frontier

women, then there is the “Holler” and her recent post,

“Wilderness Gardens” is a place of renewal and beauty.

8. Heartafire is an honest and outgoing writer

who will get you thinking or smiling! Awhile

back, she wrote about her father’s mother,

it was a true portrait of a spunky woman with

good cooking skills!

9. More lovely photos, from a newcomer to my blog,

Prasun Dutta at:

10. She has photos and fun comments. She gives us

much to think about, too.

11. Alex has some different thoughts to share with

us along our walk in life.

I have a few others who are great and new friends who I

could ‘throw into the mix,’ but what if another award

nomination comes up? Who will I have to put into that

post? Everyone who is following and faithfully reading

my posts, again…

I salute you,

I give you a “High Five!”

I wave my five fingers to you

and say,

“Farewell for now!”

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award, 2014 Post


I have chosen some new and some old friends to share the

nomination for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award! I really feel

blessed and honored to have such a fine collection of

fellow bloggers who have stuck with me, some from the

beginning, plus ones who have joined in and become part

of my ‘family’ of Dragons, too!

Look who has been so patient. He awarded me this Award

way back on January 31, 2014. belsbror has been a great

commenter, we have disagreed and he pleasantly responded,

“I agree to disagree” and we moved forward. Honesty is

always the best policy and you will find this on his blog

(and on mine, too)!

Thank you for the nomination so much! If you are on my

list of bloggers being given The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

nomination, please check out the following blog for the

exact wording of the rules and the way to follow them!

One rule consists of listing 7 things that most readers

won’t know about you… I am not going to do this, sorry!

I do recommend you check out more of my posts, I ‘spill’

almost all of my ‘beans’ on them.

You’ll find the gorgeous Dragon award artwork there, too.

If you have not read his writing and are not, perchance,

on my list of nominees, please check out belsbror’s blog:

I am presenting this Award to recent posts that I

have started to follow, trying to add ones who have

never made my lists before.

Please check out the wide diversity of styles and

international connections in this list.

Here are the nominees I feel deserve to share The Dragon’s

Loyalty Award with me.

I hope you enjoy who I chose to share my “wealth” with:

1. You are always lucky to have this handy man around:

2. This is a zippy read and that will help you remember her!

3. The photographs are brilliant, international and natural

forms of artwork at:

4. I embrace this Mama Bear’s Musings:

5. I get a boost of positive energy and dose of faith here:

6. I enjoy Polly’s witterings… smile!

7. Since Andy uses dragon in his blog and is the Wandering Poet:

8. Ann who gets me and I love her wonderful photos and journal

entries, she can take you away from your humdrum life!

9. Due to his dreams to fly, to sail and thoughts that make one

rise above your situation:

10. I enjoy Audrina’s international flair and variety of posts:

11. There is a lot of cultural and musical influences to be

found here:

Last, but definitely not least, on my “Clean Dozen”

(Not “Dirty Dozen!”) List:

12. Mark writes about entertainment, sports and life,

plus Big Ideas on:

All of you not on this list, I appreciate the time it

takes to read my stories. I really hope that you will

check out any of these fellow bloggers whose paths you

may have not crossed yet.

Here is My Own Proclamation:

“In the Castle of Life, We May Fight Dragons,

But We Are All in This Together!

It Is So Nice to Know…

I Have Equally Fierce

Dragons on My Own Side of the Wall,

Fighting for Me!”

A Sincere Thank You,

Robin O. Cochran

Dragon’s Share of Award Nominations


This is an amazing post about some wonderful and deserving fellow

bloggers who have not only given to us, through their writings but some

are actively involved with service. Some are making others aware of issues

and causes.  I feel I have already received over the year and a half of my

blogging, “the dragon’s share of awards!” How fitting that the newest

award nomination is for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award.

Ever since I was young, I have always loved fairy tales, fantasy stories

and knights in shining armor. The most recent story that I have used

to “solve differences” and to help teach a lesson without it being

“boring” is to read to my grandchildren Tomie dePaolo’s book, “The

Knight and the Dragon.” I truly love this book, used it in my preschool

classroom and could recite it, with arm gestures and other dramatic

actions the entire story by heart. The moral of the book is everyone

needs to get along, including dragons and knights, of course! The

ending (**spoil alert!) of the book is the knight and the dragon open

up a barbecue, using the knight’s shields as trays to serve food on,

and the dragon’s hot fiery breath to cook the food. The princess who

had loaned them each a book using her friendly bookmobile on a

horse drawn carriage, is also helping serve the food at the “The D & K


I received this wonderful and amazing award from a kind, caring,

involved man who writes and monitors four different blog sites.

The one I follow is called Bullying Prevention:

I would hope that you all care about preventing the terrifying and

deadly crime that is hurting our young people. This can also be

dangerous for any age to be the victim of and his posts include

international bullying news, too.

The rules are to pass on these nominations to 15 fellow bloggers and

to inform others of 7 new things they may not know about you from

reading your blog. I think it would be nice to post the pic/clip art of

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award, too! I am not the best at following the

rules most of the time so refer to the Bullying Prevention blog for

details and a wonderful example of receiving an award. Also, since my

youngest daughter moved out I don’t post the picture of the wonderful


Please feel free to skip the information part if you are busy…

Here are 7 things you may be interested in knowing about me:

1. I had a father who invented rocket parts for NASA. Robert E. Oldrieve.

He also was very involved in studying and x-filing extraterrestrials. He

wrote a book called, “Hot Lab,” about nuclear energy (first half is semi-

autobiographical and the second half includes his dreams of the future

use of nuclear energy.) This was published in the 70’s.

2. I have a brother who has painted murals on many famous buildings,

inside, even on ceilings! and out: Randall D. Oldrieve. His sculptures

are really so extremely beautiful!

3. I have a brother who is a professor, has run lots of marathons and

mostly what I love about him is: Rich is one of the best listeners I have

ever met! He also ran in the 90’s for Ohio Senator from Cuyahoga

district (Cleveland) in the primaries. He did not “make” the ticket,

though! Richard M. Oldrieve.

4. I think about lots of varied things that are not in any specific category

and would like to rewrite a murder mystery I started years ago. It has

an intriguing murder weapon, music and a clairvoyant detective/

housewife, too!

5. I wrote a 60 page grant for Children’s Programs requesting state

funding in Battered Women’s Shelters. It was presented by Senator

Gene Branstool (Utica, Ohio) to an Ohio Senate subcommittee. (Some

of the pages were examples of reciprocal contracts and agreements

with local public services and places like the “Y,” schools and libraries.)

6. I watch a lot of shows that most people would consider inane and

silly, like “New Girl,” “The Crazy Ones,” “The Mindy Project,” “Big Bang

Theory,” and “How I Met My Mother.”

7.  I like to laugh more than cry, although I love a good tearjerker, like

“Love Story,” The Great Gatsby,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “The


Here is a great list of fellow bloggers who I hope I am nominating for

my FIRST time. This is mostly to introduce them to you and not to

“get into any trouble” for repeating names over and passing awards

to the same friends…

Please check these out and hopefully, some will accept The Dragon’s

Loyalty Award nomination being given to them!


(I tired this before but neglected to write the correct spelling.)















Congratulations to all of those nominations for your excellent service

and writing that gives us all such pleasure reading. Thank you, again

to: for nominating me! It made me feel like

a rescued princess saved by YOU,  a kindly knight, from the dastardly

dangers of the world!