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Visiting Mom (a.k.a. Grammie)


So we trekked on up the road north to Cleveland to visit Mom.

She is the person otherwise known by my children as Grammie and by my six

grandchildren as Great Grammie O. She is always a hoot.

This visit was at first disturbing because there were 30 flies in one corner of her

sliding glass door on her senior living apt. My youngest daughter, 26, and I

were getting rolled newspapers and standing on the sofa, chairs and running

around like crazy once we started the swatting.

Thank goodness, Mom was walking Nicki so she did not see the original

onslaught of flies. The funniest thing was my daughter started laughing and I

started laughing because we felt it was like a video game where one fly was dead

on the wall or floor and two showed up.

When Mom walked in we were down to five. She said, “I use hair spray to stun

them!” We had to sit down so we would not roll on the floor laughing. One of the

three of us (unnamed) had to use the bathroom rather quickly!