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The Shauny Award


Thank you so much, Mark, for this very wonderful honor of

passing on the Shauny Award nomination to me. I would like

to give nominations for this award only to recent and ‘brand

new’ (to Me!) posts. It is otherwise, so hard to choose! I

have just started following these ten fellow bloggers. This

award’s significance is “For Blogging Excellence.” Wow!

They are learning more about me, one post at a time, too.

This honor was bestowed upon me on February 26, 2014

and I have been putting off writing the acceptance to

this inspiring nomination.

The Shauny Award was started by a Dr. Rex, in tribute to

a fellow blogger with serious health concerns. His name is

Shauny Gibson, who you may wish to check out. He will be

my first nominee for his own special award! If he doesn’t

wish to accept, he may enjoy your checking his posts out!

It is always wonderful how we get connected. I could spend

this post, thanking the ones who led me to the fine writers

and artists in this prestigious list of new bloggers

(to Me!)

They may have been around but until you find a comment or

someone who leads you to ‘meet’ and then, follow, ‘greet’

you may not know them.

Relationships are important. Rare friends are few and far

between. I will always be thankful for those who were

around in my first months. I was lucky to have my youngest

daughter, Felicia, living with me. Her laptop available at

times when she was busy with work, life and socializing. I

was blessed to have these new folks ‘wander in’ and stay

awhile. I am hoping to encourage you, if you have only

“5” or “10” likes to hang in there! I have never been told

I was “Freshly Pressed.” I am soon to be on my 500th post.

I had one fine and very exciting day, with 196 ‘likes’ and

visitors to one post. I was so proud!

Here is Mark’s blog, I know you will like the way his

experienced, professional writing and entertaining

thoughts pull you in, like a taffy pull.

Mark has a softer side, his other half, Karen, who he

includes in his stories. So, not only can you find forms

of entertainment, like sports, music and movies, but you

also hear about married life and his dog!

2. This man’s tribute to his brother brought tears to my

eyes. He is a fine writer. I have just started reading him.

3. This woman is an artist and creative force ‘to reckon

with’ and she says this is not her primary job! She feels

art helps her to meditate! Check Eva out:

4. This woman, April, shares her struggles and personal

stories and I admire this so much. I like her inclusion

of “finding beauty in spite of myself:”

5. A wide variety of subject matter, comes from

drapersmeadow4 at her location of:

6. This young woman is the age of two of my children,

facing a major health issue but featuring animals, who

she dearly loves, in her posts:

7. On his about page, Mikial says, “may goodness always

find you.” I treasure this along with his painting with

a faded, kind of washed out pastel bird on the post,

“Mind of the Just Mediates Wisdom (Mantra).”

8. Julie used to be passionate about drawing and sculptures,

but has become interested in digital photography. Her French

posts have “Photo du Jour” and each one is unique.

9. A fine photographer, who I have just found or connected

with has a wide variety of subject matters, life and art:

10. If you love the idea of travel mixed with philosophy,

you must check out her stories from New York to India:

Congratulations to the above ten nominated!

Thanks again for your patience, Mark in my late posting

but you knew I would accept the award, right?

As in all award nominations, you may wish to check out

Mark’s post, for the logo/clip art of the award and rules

to follow. You will want to give some details about

yourself and list some fellow bloggers who you feel

deserve this special Shauny Award nomination!

Everyone enjoy exploring and indulging in some fantastic

new blogs to read!