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The Super Sweet Blog Award


I love the colorful, rainbow swirled cupcakes and the idea of sweet stuff!

I am so glad that I have had another award given to me on The Jenny Mac

Book blog. (chelseabrown19 you rocked my world now twice for awards!)

The Super Sweet Blog Award was a totally unexpected bonus during my very

busy week of cat sitting! Please check out the photograph of the delicious looking

cupcakes photograph that should be decorating this post!! When you visit Chelsea

Brown19’s blog you will find the rules to winning this nomination!

I appreciated that she let me wait a bit to post my answers to the questions and to

choose my list of Super Sweet bloggers for you to check out, too!

Here are 2 of Chelsea’s interesting and fun reading blogs:    or

Thank you very much for this nomination!

1. Thank the blogger who chose to nominate you for this Super Sweet Award!

2. Acknowledge with a link to the person.

3. Answer the Super Sweet Questions

4. Nominate a Baker’s Dozen (13) blogs you enjoy reading and wish to nominate for this award.

Here are the questions I borrowed from Chelsea!

1. Cookies or cake?

my answer: Cake!!

2. Chocolate or vanilla?

my answer: Vanilla

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?

my answer: maple cream filled “long johns!”

4. When do you crave sweets?

my answer: nights; but almost ANY TIME IS GREAT!

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

my 2 answers: “honey” and when I worked at Cedar Point

Amusement Park: “Robin Red Pop” (a sweet red colored

vanilla cream soda).

Here are the marvelous and  13 widely different blogs I am

nominating for The Super Sweet Award:

1.  Jonathan Caswell who writes poetry and also, scans and

searches through blogs to find some great reading material.

2. Check out lovely and brightly colored photographs in this


3. My friend, Jules, who I have nominated before for her haiku’ s

and now, wish to have some of my readers check out her short

stories and intrigue in this.

4. Maria writes from her heart and her recent challenges of navigating

the singles’ world,

5. Another single woman who shares her stories in,

6. Lots of warmth and photos in,

7. Some more stories in,

8. Nafees shares his opinions and reviews in,

9. I get a lot out of,

10. A pastor, named B.J. shares his river walk and Pastor’s Corner


11. I have to laugh and love the British style in this writer/dad/spouse

who can crack you up in,

12. Nannette shares her moving away across the country with her husband at

the same time her daughter is also moving. She also has a grandchild so she is

a Nana, too! Along with this enormous change in her life, she is also having to

handle her recent Bell’s Palsy. She is open and has photographs of how this

changed her appearance.

13. And very important to note this blogger serves us healthy ways to have our

treats, makeup and live! Moira, thanks for the Luscious Strawberry Tart and the

delicious looking Coconut Crackers! These recipes can be found at  Her blog: Eat Well Be Well Live Well.

I will be posting tomorrow on the Wonderful Team Member Award that Mona

nominated me for! Mona is a photographer and describes beautiful flowers on,