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Mysteries Solved!


I am a big mystery reader and watcher of movies, t.v. and now,

currently have a little mystery in my life. No! It is not a new man!

I have someone who has been trying to goad me, parry with me

and sometimes has been outright mean! I have written a murder

mystery of over 500 pages, so I am good at solving and also,

deducing from the facts and clues given!

I have grandchildren who love this book called, “The Mystery of

the Missing Peanuts.” Donald Duck is the detective and answers

his telephone, “Mysteries solved!” The zookeeper is Mickey Mouse

and there are missing peanuts. We, as adults, know the solution

ahead of the game. But it is a fun book going through animals to see

if they can reach the bag of peanuts through a hole in the building.

It includes “setting the trap” where there is a bell and string and

blue paint to mark the feet of the guilty parties. I won’t ruin the fun

unless you ask but I do love the little pranksters who are the ones

who have been stealing the peanuts! Their just rewards are they

have to work off the peanuts by sweeping up peanut shells that

visitors to the zoo leave behind.

I also loved the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books, now of course

everyone knows the famous character of Sherlock Holmes. I

happened to like the one that PBS had his Watson using the

Internet and Holmes was kind of like a savant with his seeing

the details of situations. I do like Jonny Lee Miller’s quirky

and sometimes bizarre Sherlock Holmes on television with

Lucy Liu as Watson. Mainly, I was blessed with a strange

father who read us the mysteries  when we had outgrown

his favorite, A.A. Milne’s “House at Pooh’s Corner.”

I am a fan of Edgar Allen Poe who has a very morbid, dark

approach to his short stories. They are not considered mysteries,

per se, but are very much intriguing. My two favorites are the

most common ones, “A Telltale Heart” and “The Cask of

Amontillado.” I may have referred to Toby Keith’s song which

has him walling in a woman because he is upset with her, but

ends up walling himself in. It is titled, “It’s a Little Too Late.”

It is an interesting video on YouTube but it has been awhile

since I saw it… It definitely is an indication that the lyricist

knew the story that Edgar Allen Poe wrote!

This is the debate at my lunchroom table, several women and

two men. They think that someone who used to be a commenter

on my blog knew me. I think that someone who used to write

oppostional things, sarcastic comments, accused me once through

a thinly veiled parallel story of “lying.” I have been told by the men

“Hey, this would make an interesting story to write!” and one of the

women said, “Why don’t you tell this to your blog?” Getting the angst

out is their thought process.

My thoughts are I have not very often rubbed someone the wrong way

before. I was a little distracted at first when they started subtly jabbing

at me. Then, there were a few parries where I ended up writing a

response… And right before Easter, at the library I am checking my

posts and responses, that was the final stab. I had a hard time putting

it out of my mind over the weekend and then, on Monday I was sadly

consumed with the questions, “Why?” and more importantly, “Who?”

Hopefully, writing this down will relieve my mind and also, you may

have some suggestions about past episodes of these kinds of things.

My Mom went off on the “jealousy” tangent. She talked about a woman

who had liked my Dad and how she had caused a ruckus in her life for

a short while. I did write about that in a blog/post “Jealousy Happens

at Any Age” or some sort of title. I told her the details that were being

thrown around indicated a knowledge of my personal life and I had

felt attacked.

End result: I “spammed” him or her! That is all I could figure out to do!

If you know a permanent block system let me know! And don’t worry,

my mind is calm and free of any fears of repercussion. Time with my

beloved mother and all six grandchildren plus my children over the

weekend should have wiped it out. I had some huge hugs from a

couple of friends and that finished it off and wiped away the hurt totally.

A great quote of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

“For strange effects and extraordinary combinations,

we must go to life itself,

which is always far more daring

than any effort of the imagination!”