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Oh, So Lovely x Two!


For some reason, possibly my love of musicals, the song,

“I Feel Pretty” comes to mind when I hear the words

“One Lovely Blog” Award!

(Do you remember the movie scene when Natalie Wood is

singing this in “West Side Story?”)

How about another musical reference?

“Wouldn’t It Be Loverly,” while Eliza Doolittle is imagining a much better

life than being a flower cart girl. This is from another of my favorites,

“My Fair Lady.”

Last but not least, Cole Porter gave us a lovely combination of songs,

one which was made into a movie with Kevin Kline, the actor, playing

the musical composer and lyricist’s life story. “Delovely” makes me think

of how fun the world could be if we thought everything was ‘delightful’

and ‘delovely.’

One Lovely Blog Award nomination was given to me by Soul N Spirit blog,

by Rashmi, who is a sweetheart of a woman, sharing her travels, faith and

perspective on Life at:

Kim also surprised me by nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

These two women are beautiful inside and out. I am blessed by knowing

them and hope you will enjoy reading their posts.

You may find Kim’s Chronic Conditions and Life Lessons thoughts at:


This post could include two quotes that mean a lot to me. I usually ‘wax

poetic’ when I get nominated for awards, never dreaming when I signed

up to create a “Free blog of thoughts on my wacky dating experiences”

then getting more serious, establishing my real reason for writing,

“Relationships Reveal Our Hearts.” Soon, I was finding humanity in all

aspects of the local scenery, the Midwestern states and finally, the world.


“Don’t cry because it is over,

Smile because it happened.”

(This means a lot to me, since I do try to smile despite the different ups and

downs in life. Author not given his/her due, when found this quote…)


“We could learn a lot from Crayons:

Some are sharp.

Some are pretty.

Some are dull.

Some have unique names.

(Interesting stories to tell.)

All are different shades and colors.

But they all exist very nicely in the same box.”

(I tinkered with this often passed around quote.)


The rules for awards to me, mean you should thank the one who gave you

the nomination. It doesn’t mean in a whole post, just in their comments’


You should appreciate they have hundreds of choices out there, they decided

to choose to pass this one on to you.


This is to give you a ‘nod’ and a ‘pat on the back’ to let you know you are

appreciated and noticed.


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Explore and enjoy these lovely blogs!


Saturday Hobbies


When my parents married, my father didn’t really like ‘jocks.’

He was, and always will be, a ‘nerd,’ in some people’s books. I

laugh at the line in Shania Twain’s song, “That Don’t Impress

Me Much,” when it talks about a ‘rocket scientist.’ My father

could have easily been a mechanic or a carpenter. He was good

with his hands. As a hard-working pre-teen, he hitchhiked to

Covington, KY to work, sweeping White Castle out, for his and

his mother’s rent money. Once a kindly truck driver took him,

(I have mentioned this before) to the top of the hill overlooking

the ‘ghetto’ or poor section of town. My Dad was told the magical

(paraphrased) words, “You can be somebody, if you go to this

college,” (University of Cincy) and ‘rise above your roots.’

My Dad took those words to heart.

I won’t repeat my parents’ love story but I will tell you another

facet about my Dad’s life.

He was not interested, once married to my Mom, in extra-curricular

activities. My Dad enjoyed hobbies, such as painting, building and

fixing things around the house.

Working first at Oak Ridge, Tennessee on the nuclear reactor, then

settling into Sandusky, Ohio working as a team leader at Plum Brook,

he was happy to ‘putter’ around the house, ride bikes with us, go

on hikes or build treehouses, sandboxes, bookcases or other things

that made our lives enriched. He was a Boy Scout leader for my brothers’

troop and gladly square-danced with my friends and me, at our annual Girl

Scout’s “Father-Daughter Dance.”

He was not asked to golf or go out for drinks after working at NASA all day,

since he was known to be a ‘straight shooter.’ Sometimes, my Mom will lately

wonder what would have happened with his career, had he done these simple

activities with coworkers. Would he have not chosen to retire at age 55, when

he reached his thirty years’ mark?

Later, when he wrote a semi-autobiographical book called, “Hot Lab,”

he did it under a pseudonym. He didn’t want to get in trouble, but

he predicted nuclear reactor’s breakdowns, like “China Syndrome” (film)

and Chernobyl (real life). But probably most of the purchases of his

book were by coworkers and neighbors. I was proud, at age 15, to have

been the one he turned to, to be his ‘editor,’ since he wanted it to

‘flow’ and be readable. He included a part of the semi-autobiographical

book, where the main character indulges in ‘feeling up’ a secretary.

My mother never gave it a second thought, she knew it wasn’t possible

for her husband to engage in adultery. She did get upset, during one

period of my Dad’s career, the way a secretary flirted outrageously,

with my father. There is a post, where I wrote about this, but my Mom

‘put a stop to that nonsense!’

My parents, like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, were very loud

and raucous, at times, before I took over the editing and typing the

manuscript on one of those old black, gold letter typewriters. Maybe

it was a Royal, but it could have been a Remington?

In other words, had my Dad given any advice at all about marriage, he

would have said to be passionate, involved and ‘don’t fool around.’

I passed this on recently to my handsome son, who could easily choose

to go down the ‘wrong path’ his own father chose. My first husband,

first love and meeting on the first day of college, my only chance at

a lifelong marriage, chose after we had children, to wander off on

weekends, after work to bars and basically, not be ‘engaged’ in his

children or wife. My son is quite the opposite, works all day as a

cook (now a ‘chef’) and comes home to clean the kitchen, make dinner

and plays with his children. He loves to hike, climb on the toys and

I have two pictures of him, up in a tree, one with his five year old

and the other with his three year old girls, (My M & M granddaughters.)

So, don’t take this personally, guys. You may go off and make your wives

‘golf widows,’ and that may be their means of escaping to the grocery

store or malls, watching romantic comedies with girlfriends, or other

ways to show their freedom, too.

My youngest daughter and I watched, “The Other Woman,” movie last night

at the Polaris Rave Theatre. The audience included mostly women, along

with a few elderly couples. A lot of raucous laughter ensued! I would

recommend seeing this with a daughter, niece or if you are young, friends

who are heading to the altar. The trio of comedic actresses are Cameron Diaz,

Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. Don Johnson plays Cameron Diaz’s father. The

best actress in a comedy role, since Melissa McCarthy, is Leslie Mann! She

is hilarious! If there is a part of the movie, that will burst you into

roaring laughter is the ‘bit’ where Leslie’s character is getting ready to

be a burglar, private investigator and follow her husband around; That

sneaking ‘bastard!’ (Excuse the swear word!)

At the end of the movie, we hugged and smiled. But then, as we walked out

to the ladies’ restroom, my only ‘single’ daughter, age 28, said these

serious words, “Mom, how did you do it? How did you trust again, after

you were in a couple of marriages with men who put their own personal

life ahead of their family?”

Great question! I should not have married the fraternity man, the one

who loved the Bengals and who was the quarterback on his high school

football team! What was I thinking at age 22?

I believed that it was possible for my ex, to be like my Dad, with

absolutely no ‘frame of reference,’ and choose to be a better person.

It still to me, constantly amazes me! (I mean, who “falls in love” on

the first day of college, age 18?!)

My second husband, came from a family of a father with a stepmom, who

met all the qualities of the “Evil Stepmother.” She had cream carpet

upstairs, so she put the three boys in a cold, cement basement with

beds and an area rug. They were aged 3, 5 and 7. I think about my

wishes for ‘saving him’ from his past. You cannot sometimes ‘fix’

someone, no matter how hard I tried to pour love, sex (lots of it!)

and my family who accepted this ‘broken man.’ It didn’t work.

You may wonder where I am going with this, I am heading to the humorous

part. My daughter will find a much better man, having my life to be an

example of ‘don’t do as I did, do as I say…’ policy.

She sees her brother doing a great job, braiding My Little Pony’s tails

and manes. She knows a Doctor, who she worked for as a babysitter first.

Later, she worked on breaks from college, in his office. This man will

be one she can focus on. He cherishes and adores his wife and kids.

And, yes, on Saturday mornings, he walks the two boys down the street to

eat breakfast at Hamburger Inn. He allows his wife and baby daughter to

sleep in, to indulge in a few extra minutes of rest. While he is ‘building’

two fine, young men by setting an example of a good husband and father.

While building a relationship with his family, he is also setting a role

model for my daughter. My children had a grandfather, but no great fathers,

to set these examples for them.

Here are two golf jokes that are stories, but not true! Mom found them:

1. “Ed and Nancy met while on a singles’ cruise. Ed fell head over

heels for her.

When they discovered they lived in the same city only a few miles apart,

Ed was ecstatic. He immediately started asking her out when they got


Within a couple of weeks, Ed had taken Nancy to dance clubs, restaurants,

concerts, movies and museums. Ed became convinced that Nancy was indeed

his soul mate and true love. Every date seemed better than the last.

On the one-month anniversary of their first dinner on the cruise ship,

Ed took Nancy to a fine restaurant. While having cocktails and waiting

for their salad, Ed said,

‘I guess you can tell I’m very much in love with you. I’d like a little

serious talk before our relationship continues to the next stage. So,

before I get out of my jacket a little box for you, I think it is only

fair to warn you, I am a total golf ‘nut.’ I play golf, I read about golf,

I watch golf, in short, I eat, sleep and breathe golf!

If that’s going to be a problem for us, you’d better say so now.”

Nancy took a deep breath and responded, “Ed, that certainly won’t be a

problem. I love you as you are and I love golf, too. But, since we’re

being honest with each other, you need to know that for the last five

years, I’ve been a hooker.”

Ed said, “I bet it’s because you’re not keeping your wrists straight

when you hit the ball.”

2. Subject: Golf Joke

“Wife: ‘Where the heck have you been? You said you’d be home by noon!’

Husband: ‘I’m so sorry, honey… but you probably don’t want to hear

the reason.’

Wife: ‘I want the truth, and I want it NOW!’

Husband: ‘Fine. We finished in under 4 hours, quick beer in the club-

house, I hopped in the car, and would have been here at noon, on the

button. On the way home, I spotted a girl half our age, struggling

with a flat tire. I changed it in a jiffy, and next she’s offering me

money. Of course, I refuse it. Then she tells me she was headed to the

bar at the Sheraton Hotel, and begs me to stop so she can buy me a beer.

She’s such a sweetie, I said ‘yes,’ before you know it– one beer turned

into 3 or 4. I guess we were looking pretty good to each other. Then she

tells me she has a room there, less than 50 steps from our table.

She suggested we get some privacy while pulling me by the hand.

Now, I’m in her room… clothes are flying… the talking stopped…

and we proceed to have sex in every way imaginable. It must have gone

on for hours, because before I know it the clock says 5:30.

I jumped up, threw my clothes on, ran to the car, and here I am!

There. You wanted the truth. You got it!

Wife: Bull —-! You played 36 holes, didn’t you?!”

Hope you got a few laughs out of these! Imagine, my Mom (age 86),

saving these for me to share with you!

A “High Five” to You All!


I am amazed and struck silent with awe! I was within a short

period of time, given five award nominations! Wow! I will call

this my “Lucky Five” and wish to pass a Big “High Five” to all

of you readers of my lengthy essays on life and relationships,

in the areas of work and play.

I was given Four Nominations by a special, new “best friend,”

named Julie! She has a wonderful blog which is full of varied

stories and fun looks at life. Her outlook matches mine, with

humor and positive insights given.

Julie has nominated me to four special awards!

I may take them all and run with them! The Inner Peace Award,

The ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award, the Most Influential

Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award were all nominated to me.

In addition to the above named four nominations, I received

a nomination for another award. That makes a total of Five!

Mark, you tricky man, you are getting me to post about your

blog again! I appreciated the nomination for the Dragon’s

Loyalty Award. In accepting this, you know, I may be a

lawless individual. Out here in the “real world,” I am

a true, trustworthy and law-abiding individual.

I hope you will check out Mark’s blog about sports,

entertainment, walks with Ellie B. and more at:

I would like to announce some worthy bloggers who have,

as far as my memory serves, not received nominations here

before. I know you will enjoy checking out these “new”


I apologize for not wishing to give you any more sordid

details of my life. The others who receive awards, do

such respectable posts accepting their nominations!

You really should read my early posts, where I divulged

and ‘bared all’~ if you want to know more about me! I

hope you will check out Mark’s and Jules’ posts for their

fine examples of how to follow Award Nomination Rules!

1. Linda, you are really wonderful!

2. K, you have awesome photography here!

3. With her kitchen wide open, some lovely children

and special thoughts shared here:

4. Wacky family insights here, a recent sickness

and thoughts about differences in male and female

roles in families…

5. Jill has been catching up with me, a new

friend and although she is younger, many of

our memories are overlapping! She belongs in my

‘sisterhood club’ but have not been recently

nominated for that esteemed award!

6. A man who has a lot of deep essays. I liked

Teddy Lee’s post, “Creating Your Own Fate.”

7. She ‘had me’ when she talked about frontier

women, then there is the “Holler” and her recent post,

“Wilderness Gardens” is a place of renewal and beauty.

8. Heartafire is an honest and outgoing writer

who will get you thinking or smiling! Awhile

back, she wrote about her father’s mother,

it was a true portrait of a spunky woman with

good cooking skills!

9. More lovely photos, from a newcomer to my blog,

Prasun Dutta at:

10. She has photos and fun comments. She gives us

much to think about, too.

11. Alex has some different thoughts to share with

us along our walk in life.

I have a few others who are great and new friends who I

could ‘throw into the mix,’ but what if another award

nomination comes up? Who will I have to put into that

post? Everyone who is following and faithfully reading

my posts, again…

I salute you,

I give you a “High Five!”

I wave my five fingers to you

and say,

“Farewell for now!”



Cold and sad moments frozen in time.

Not sure if I am ready to post about

this sad occurrence.

It will be almost two weeks ago, that

a young man of only 35 years old, a

friend of my oldest daughter and a

stepbrother to her significant ‘other,’

chose to end his life.

When they published the obituary, it

included my daughter’s and her Mike’s

names as family members.

I felt so bereft. It’s been awhile since

something has happened like this. It

saddens me more, to know oldest daughter

has lost 2 other friends, same situations.

Son had lost those 2 other pals, too.

Under duress,

Under pressure,

Extreme melancholy…

A Tribute to A Lost Man.

He was loved by his male

partner of over 14 years.

That meant they fell in love

while only 20 and 21 years.

Emotionally fragile,

lifelong tender hearted.

He had helped, while in

middle school, young people

his age with disabilities

and challenges.

Then, during the teen-aged years,

when some girls and boys stop

thinking of others,

he chose to sit with those same

young people in the high school


He enjoyed helping some to get

through the line while in their


Carrie said, “Ron’s face brightened

and his smile shone.”

He had chosen this outlet to get

much needed love and attention,

not given by family nor his peers.

The attention came from appreciative

and lovable ones who needed him.

Also, some acknowledgement and pats

on the back from his teachers, too.

Once an adult, living with his partner,

a family member came to him, asking

for their Grace and Love for four little

ones she did not think she could handle


Once again, this fine and sensitive soul

accepted more into his life.

Was it too much extra weight on his


Somehow, someway not really having the

inner strength to keep up the façade.

My Dad used to say, “Batten down the

hatches.” and “Try to soldier through

(tough times).”

One never knows what drives people to

the edge.


What were the last and final, fleeting

thoughts of this precious, young man’s


It seems, from the outside, looking at

the situation:




(Real comments, while seeking solace

from coworkers.)

Somehow, there were hidden pains, not

to be understood by us at all.

I want to rush and comfort him, but know

that the four children and his partner

returned Ron’s love for them.

How can we judge?

I have to believe,

as I have always felt

this way,

through several losses along my children’s

path in life of special people who chose

to ‘not carry on in this World.’

That, the moment he died—

God forgave Ron…

God wept.

God stretched out His Loving Arms

and Carried Him Home To Heaven.

Where God welcomed him as One of His Own.

Some other recent deaths hold memories:

Nick’s Dad- 51, too young to die.

Andy C.- My high school friend, age 56.

Jean’s Mother- sorely missed by my coworker.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman- a fine but troubled actor.

Coach Cornell (Delaware Hayes football coach)- a

humble usher weekly at my church, a 30 year teaching

career and a ‘force to be reckoned with,’ my friend,

Barney’s Dad.

And two who were too young,

left this earth long ago,

chose to leave,

like Ron:




Miss you both so much! xo

Good Friday Morning?


If you got up on Friday morning and drove past the

central Ohio gas stations, you will have seen a huge

jump in gas prices! You would be outraged, as I was

while driving to work. But my anger started way before

that moment of seeing the increased gas prices, that

rose from $2.17 to $2.45 in only one day!

So sad to hear, while eating my cereal, sipping on my

hazelnut coffee, about an 83 year old man’s horrible

experience yesterday morning. This was Friday, January

10th, before most people that work days are even awake.

I get up at 5 a.m. and this poor, elderly gentleman was

delivering newspapers in a big stack to a southern

Columbus Certified gas station.

He walked out of the gas station, having done his daily

routine, around 4 a.m. He unlocked his car and while on

the passenger side of the car, a quickly moving stout

man climbed in behind the wheel. The man shouted loudly,

as he explained to first the police, later the news


“Hey, get out of my car, buddy!”

While the driver put the car into reverse, this spunky,

wiry newspaper delivery man, grabbed onto the handle of

the passenger’s door. He held on for ‘dear life!’ Once

the driver swung speedily into forward with a wide arc,

the older gentleman fell into the 2-3″ of snowy wetness.

His coat that was open, his shirt and pants were soaked,

while his indignation and ire were high!

My Grandmother Mattson may have intoned, once again, this

familiar expression,

“What is the world coming to? When you cannot trust your

neighbors to treat an elderly man with respect and courtesy,

somehow this is one of those lows that you wished would not


Anger at such an outrage, from the man’s verbal and facial

expressions of reliving the experience carried over to me.

Through time and space, traveling through and seeping out

of my television screen, filled me with an equal fervor!

His car, a 2006 Lacrosse was stolen or the new label given,

‘carjacked.’ I had not heard the follow up story being

covered, while watching the 5 o’clock news, later last night.

The guilty party was a white, fat and chubby man, of 5’6”

height approximately, wearing a black vest. His appearance,

thanks to video cameras in such locations showed an average

man, no real apparent scraggly, disheveled look, as you

would expect a thief to have. Stooping so low to take a man

whose retirement income doesn’t stretch enough, so he must

wake in the dead of morning, to deliver papers.

This was some ‘wake up’ for me, filling me with the energy

of a man who can lift a car up off of a caught person.

If you woke up today (or yesterday) and it went uneventfully,

you (and I) are so lucky!!

My Grandfather Mattson would say of such behavior,

“That was a fine howdy do!”

Justin and Torrie’s Love Story


I could have titled this, “The Good Guy,” a best friend love story. Or I

could have given it a more interesting title, “The Layered Man ‘Wins’ His Girl.”

I have a difficult time deciding how to give a title and this is a very important

skill, I admire those who do such a wonderful time of catching my attention,

leaving some intrigue to help the reader to finish the story, find the meaning

in the title, too.

Since kindergarten, Justin had always liked Torrie. She was his best friend.

They never wanted to ruin their friendship by “taking it to the next level.”

Justin told me, “We never wanted to ‘go there.'” (No romantic moves were

made throughout all their school years.)

When Torrie came home from college, she had gotten married to a classmate

and chosen to have a Justice of the Peace wedding. From the moment that

Justin ran into them at their small town grocery store, he did not like the

guy at all. In Justin’s opinion, the way the guy looked and acted was like

a “bum.” He was concerned about Torrie’s poor choice in a partner and also,

worried about their relationship. When he went home and talked to his

mother, she told him,

“It is out of your hands, now.”

While they had been teens, Torrie and Justin leaned on each other during

heartbreaks. They had built a bond, but while Torrie had been away, Justin

had chosen to start working at the distribution center. I ran into him,

(almost literally!) while I was learning and wearing a neon training vest,

in heavy bulk. I had learned how to drive the pallet rider, load it with

the different heavy products such as struts and pipes, but was rather

challenged in my backing up skills. To get things to shipping, you literally

had to back into a lane, lower the fork lift and ‘drop’ the products. I

cut corners and had close calls, but one day, while Justin was nearby, I

backed up and hit another loaded pallet. My two different contacts, one

near and the other far, (since I could not adapt to bifocal contacts)

were to blame!

A lot of products got knocked off, along with a hamper of car parts fell.

Justin hurried over, he has the clarity and steely eyed look of Paul

Newman’s eyes. Deep and abiding blue. He had a sympathetic look, helping

reload the pallet, saying not to worry and other very kind things. While

he helped me for almost twenty minutes, he for some reason, shared the

above thoughts about Torrie.

He told me, along with the fact he had lost touch with her, except on

occasion to hear she had two children, was struggling to do her nursing,

along with her raising her girls. These snippets of news came from his

mother and friends who would run into Torrie.

Justin told me when he was straight out of high school, he had enjoyed

the elements of riding around on the equipment, moving pallets full of

incoming products, and wrapping the outgoing products using a wrapping

machine. He was adept with the job, gave a lot of time and attention

to his responsibilities and by 2009, risen to be the shipping clerk.

His next step, recently achieved, was being in 2013, the shipping

supervisor. This payscale jump has helped him with the ‘rest of his


When he told me about finding out about Torrie’s second child’s birth,

his jaw clenched and he said that he had to bite his tongue not to

tell his mother, he didn’t really want to hear anymore about Torrie’s


This was soon changed.

A woman that I work for, may have mentioned somewhere along the way

in my work stories, Debbie, came up to me last week. She works in the

area called, Cycle Count. So, if I am in the pick to light area, and

a product is missing from the bins, I will push a series of buttons

that indicate, “back ordering.” Well, within minutes, this sends what

I call an ‘alarm’ but I am sure it is not accompanied by a sound of

an alarm, but one member who has been there for fifteen years, Debbie

arrives. This is nice, since the next pass down the lane or zone, will

mean I have a filled bin to pick from. This actually helps me with my

‘rate’ or time it takes to go up and down.

Debbie is about five years older than I am, saying that she hopes to

retire in about three more years. I have shown her pictures of my

grandchildren and she has shown me her daughter’s children and

grandchildren. I was particularly glad when she started to tell me

about her granddaughter who is in her late twenties. The daughter

has lovely reddish brown hair, her children all having brown eyes.

Then, her granddaughter has reddish brown hair and bright blue eyes.

Her three great grandchildren all have blue eyes, she showed me

their photos along the way, but had not ever shown the father in

any of her photos. Apparently, in 2011, her granddaughter, Torrie,

got fed up with being a busy nurse, mother and wife with a husband

who was a video game fanatic, rarely keeping a steady job. When he

lost his Pizza Hut delivery job, she decided to make a clean break.

Debbie said that summer, while pushing her daughter of three and

holding her six month old on her hips, she ran into her old and

dear ‘best friend ever,’ Justin. He was being the ‘good guy’ that

he ‘always was’ by taking his niece and nephew to the park. They

were 7 and 9, Debbie told me. They could run and play by themselves

at the park, while he chatted and offered to hold the baby so that

Torrie could put her three year old on her lap to swing together.

I perked up right away, I mean I had only known of two other Torrie’s

in my life!

One had been a sweet actress in my senior high play I directed, “Take

Her, She’s Mine.” The other one, had been a character in a love story

told to me in the summer of 2009, by Justin.

I asked her, “Was this man’s name Justin?”

She said, “Oh, you might know him on the shipping floor since he is

the supervisor. I didn’t realize you may know my granddaughter’s


I asked, “How did it come about, since I thought she was single?”

And that is how she told me about running into each other, at the

Mt. Gilead State Park. How their ‘destinies’ were to become joined

by being each other’s best friends in the beginning and now, were

married. Debbie told me a few more details about her granddaughter

as I tried to continue to fill my orders, she followed me down

my zone. She told me that she had insisted on paying for a ‘big

wedding’ like she had always wanted. That the six month old was

about nine months, held in someone’s arms but the three year old

great granddaughter had been the flower girl and a cousin had

been the ring bearer. They had married in the Spring of 2012 and

have the littlest girl, in 2013. I admired the photograph, now

feeling very connected to their love story.

I could not have imagined when I heard the beginning of their love

story, told me by the considerate, sincere and quiet Justin in 2009,

that I would be hearing a happy ending.

This ‘happily ever after’ shone strongly in the faces of each member

of this family, like a shining beacon.

Debbie’s family portrait held the strongly bound lives of three

sisters, a loving mother, Torrie and father (stepfather), Justin.

The new ‘kids on the block’


No, not those New Kids on the Block! I will explain about the title and

my feelings of giving “new followers and commenters” nominations for

the recognition that they have discovered me, as I have found them “new”

and interesting, too! Every time I have been awarded nominations, I have

accepted them with some variations of ability to post the logo of the award

and giving the blogs that I nominated a choice of awards, ways to accept

them and basically breaking a few rules along the way! I usually like to

pass out award ‘gifts’ of nominations to those who are either faithful and

close friends or the newest ones in the many followers I have. I appreciate

the ones who stick around and comment! This creates a wonderful bond and

dialogue, getting to know each other and feeling like longterm friends, too.

I also appreciate all the ones who push the “like” button, understanding how

I cannot possibly comment on over four hundred blogs that I follow, so why

would I expect all of you to do that?

I received the grandest award nominations of all this past couple of weeks!

I am enthralled with the honor and magnitude of these Blog of the Year 2013

awards! I also am filled with some trepidation and the humble perception

that I should not even accept these awesome awards!

I would like to acknowledge these 2 gifters to me, those who nominated me for

these awards: Here she is “M” who is a Nepali business woman who married a

Nepalese high school sweetheart and you can find her fun, light hearted posts


or you may like to have her specific post that gave me this honored and valuable

nomination at:

“M” gave me the gift of “Best Personal Blog” as a way to group me. She did a

great job of explaining her reasoning for the different people she chose for

“Blog of the Year 2013” nominations.

The second person, on the same date of December 2nd, awarded me with a special

nomination, since she and I have been friends it feels like over a year,

“Be With Us” is always a cheerful presence in many of my comments’ sections:

or the specific post she awards this nomination may be helpful to those who

may “pick this up” there as a gift from me for the holidays is:

I liked her idea of saving the last dance with friends on a cold, winter’s night!

This is going to be the crazy and hopefully, humorous way I going to award my

newest followers and also, give a big nod to my longtime friends who have kept

me company and joined in dialogues with me, over this year and a half of


Here are 10 Newcomers to my blog who I would like to extend a Hearty and

Heartfelt “Welcome to the Neighborhood!” You have stumbled or knowingly

joined a wonderful group of my friends that continue to learn on our

own personal growth journeys, while building relationships and comraderie.

1.Shanna Koenigsdorf Ward’s “Curls and Carrots” blog,

2. hakariconstant who writes poetry and gives wonderful, lengthy comments, too,

3. I love this “byline!” A girl after my own heart! “One gal getting more out of

life by spending less,”

4. A country singer follower and a humorous man with homespun philosophy

thrown into the mix,

5. The lost Kerry man who has a byline of, “On an adventure this side

of Tir Na N’Og,”

6. Andy has been giving me some funny comments and his posts are varied

from deep to young thoughts, too. He is a “wandering poet” who has come

to stay, I think!

7. A wide variety of subjects, including a recent look at a world market

can be found with some philosophy and kindness, like his tribute to

Nelson Mandela can be found at:

8. Ann who writes about “The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally,”

8. A friend who due to our busy lives, has recently rekindled our

friendship by honoring me and including me in her Sisterhood Award

on her blog. You will see her as Kay BeeBee but her blog is,

9. It seems like I should have given Celeste an award somewhere along

the way, but I don’t think I have!

10. You have seen many times Mike Lince’s valued comments on my posts.

If you followed him over to his blog, you would hear of his wife, Florence

Lince, who is his wife and traveling companion. The beautiful photographs

on his posts are almost all Florence’s! There may have been once in awhile

one he posted from a different source to enhance his articles. I would like

to recommend your checking out Florence’s Reflections blog,

I am facing a deadline of publishing and I am going to have to tell all

of the above ten that you deserve these nominations for Blog of the Year,


I sincerely want to “break the rules” and tell you, if you are honest,

if you have posted a comment or I have posted a comment on your blog,

if we have followed each other and I have presented you an award in the]

past, I will not check up on you at all on our history of friendship



For me, this is my gift to all of you. It is the only satisfactory way

I could in all good conscience, accept my two outstanding nominations

for this valued and noteworthy award.

If you get in trouble for accepting my holiday, season of Peace and

Love nomination that could be figuratively placed, wrapped underneath

my Christmas tree, let the blame fall upon my shoulders.

Please let me spread the Joy around, without any troubles brewing!