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Just making an informative post today. No special editing or elaborate

historical references. A plain old piece where I tell you some things and

hope something new or needed will give you a smile or help you to be



Tomorrow, Monday February 16, 2015:  There will be a Grammy’s

Tribute to one of my favorite uplifting singers of all time:

Stevie Wonder. The famous names and artists expected to be there

at this live performance are remarkable and legendary. Just in case

you didn’t know this wished to fill you in on the musical evening.


Yesterday, Saturday Februrary 14, 2015: I went from the library into

a white out storm, which was totally unexpected. I stopped by the

local Strand theater and checked to make sure they would be open

at the 5:00 p.m. show time. Yes, they were surprised Delaware, Ohio

was on a Level Two Snow Emergency and that the library, as was all

the city agencies and offices were closed.


I went to see “Sponge Bob Square Pants: Sponge Out of Water”

children’s animated film with my grandkids and my oldest daughter.

Marley, Makyah, Skyler and Micah, with Carrie, all thought the film

was funny. Especially, since we have all seen the regular cartoons on

television. There were at least ten other adults there, 5 couples, who

were not there with children who showed signs of amusement and

one couple lingered through all the credits, as my family so often

does this.


It has Sponge Bob’s regular voice, which critics have complained of

his whiny, high pitched voice. The kids don’t mind his voice and did

the critics expect him to lower it for a full length feature film? I laughed

at Antonio Banderas who plays a pirate during the real people sequences.

I was also smiling at the seagulls who sing the song from the t.v. series,

which drives the pirate crazy.


The funniest and best part of the film was that Sponge Bob could not

count on his friends, Patrick and his boss, but became a ‘team’ with the

little guy, Plankton. He is usually his enemy but showed a ‘softer side.’

The movie emphasized ‘teamwork’ and Plankton, throughout most of

the time he was working together with S. B., called it “T.M. work.”


At the end, everyone goes back to their original character roles. I wanted

to tell those who love squirrels, Sandy is usually a squirrel under water

with a scuba diving helmet on. She is a positive, friendly squirrel friend

of all the show’s animated characters. She goes a little berserk when the

Crabby Patties aren’t available at the Bikini Bottom restaurant. Up on

land, with real living people, she becomes a real squirrel breathing air.

There is a weird role of a dolphin and time warps and time traveling but

I liked the film. My oldest daughter liked it, too. The couple who were in

their thirties, no children, next to me were roaring! They were literally

and repeating some of the corny jokes and lines of the movie, too!


Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Sponge Bob Square Pants was a

Marine Biologist with a sense of humor when he started the series,

writing most of the original stories in 1999. He now has a team of

comedic and creative members to keep the stories interesting, as

well as relevant.



As far as the little M & M girls spending the night, we had dress up

with crowns, bumblebee outfit, jewelry, make-up, and the flower girl

dress. We read a whole collection of six Beatrix Potter books, along

with a few of the Christmas books. We ate Cutie oranges/tangerines

and snacked on chicken nuggets and french fries. We had pancakes

for breakfast and they didn’t like the vanilla yogurt with the kiwi

slices, blueberries and strawberries in it.  Even when, I Nana tried to

rinse the fruit off.


I will keep you all informed about work. My ophthalmologist is still

going to be working on my excuse letter. I will call them during the

week to see if the final draft is completed if they don’t call me soon.


My son and his coworkers had a busy night on Valentine’s Day, with

several people like I was, driving through the snow to pick up the kids

and then, we walked downtown through the snow to the theater. My

oldest daughter gave me a delicious meatball wrapped with a biscuit

treat, which my M & M girls weren’t the least bit interested in trying.

So glad the restaurants and theater were allowed to stay open, for

their Valentine’s Day customers.


By the way, the Strand was showing “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and I

think it was sold out. A perfect way to celebrate love and romance,

if you liked this book or the theme of the movie. Kids and I were

just fine enjoying silliness and nothing too upsetting at the kids’



Hope you all have a great week.

Take care and God bless you

for all the kind and thoughtful comments.





Strange Changes


This is going to be filled with mysteries and wonders.

Well, mainly situations that are confusing to me!

I could have just as well named this: “Texts and Subtexts.”

In no particular order, I begin with a man who is about

my age. He has been rather friendly at the library on a few

occasions. He has told me things about his dogs around the

holidays. I may have written about him before.

We have been elbow to elbow, on side by side computers

several times. Each time he has been open and gregarious.

Our conversations usually impart brief details.

His sister lives in California.

There is a unique company that makes ‘dog booties’ to keep

big and small animals’ paws warm in the cold weather.

What did I know about this subject?

I knew that I have seen little dogs, like my Mom’s ‘other’

dog, who lives with my brother and sister in law, (Bella)

wear sweaters but, no, honestly their Golden Retriever and

Newfoundland relish and roll around in snow.

This man is named Roger, introduced himself one late

afternoon, before Saturday’s library closing time. He


“Would you like to grab a quick dinner since I have to

get home in time to walk my dogs?”

He went on to explain he has two large dogs.

I smiled telling him that I had shared, in a past talk,

that my brother and his wife also had two big dogs.

Roger didn’t seem to notice that we had had more than a

conversation or two.

I pondered, I stalled and then, due to a certain weird

inner feeling, I declined and told him,

“Thank you anyway.”

About five minutes later, he chose to rummage through his

back pack, taking things out of it, kind of piling them

close to my ‘space.’ The last thing he pulled out of

this mess was a familiar looking plastic bag with a

famous dog ‘treat’ name on it. He did not seem to be

noticing this, pulling out a long ‘Pupperoni.’ As I was

looking at him, sideways, I pulled in my breath, producing

an exclamatory,


He looked down and then, of course, he told me he thought

he had grabbed a different kind of snack to nibble on. I

let it go, but he started to tell me he loves ‘Slim Jim’s’

and they look just like this. I nodded my head and kept on


It did seem rather funny, but I kept my sniggering at him,

inside me!

Early this week I saw Roger and there were no other

computers available, except the one beside him. I sat down

and said a quiet and polite, “Hi.”

I started taking out my story about Mom and our visit over

the weekend. He looked at me closely and said,

“Hey, I asked you out a few weeks’ back, didn’t I?”

I whispered back,

“Yes, how have you been?”

(Hard to break my politeness, even when I was trying to put

him off.)

He answered that it was finally clearing up and the

weather was getting warmer by Valentine’s Day.

I (seriously) did not respond or ‘bite on that lure.’

This is the puzzling thing, as I was packing up and

putting my notebook, gloves and pen away in my own bag,

I saw a woman approach Roger from the back of his chair.

She placed both hands on his shoulders and asked,

“Are you ready to go, honey?”

Not cool, Roger!

I wonder if I had chosen to go out for that ‘quick bite’

a few weeks’ ago, what kind of story he would have told,

upon arriving home,

full of food?


My dear, old friend, Bill, has been the subject of at least

once a month stories, due to our First Friday’s out and our

having been friends, parents of children who are also

friends and our two oldest daughters are still coworkers.

He has been in a six to eight month relationship with a

younger woman named, Heather. We have spent at least a

half hour or more each month dissecting someone I have

been interested in, past or present, and more than that

about his ‘girlfriend.’ They have taken a ‘break’ from

being physically involved, but they spend every work break

(third shift, so I don’t see them, except as they leave) and

many mornings after Bill drives her children to school.

This is not an unusual circumstance, people remain friends

after they have ‘broken up,’ but this next part is the very

confusing “news.”

Bill is moving into Heather’s apartment building, which

is actually a large, older home that has been sectioned

off into four or five apartments. She will live on a

different floor in her own apartment, with her children

and she will also be his ‘on site’ apartment manager.

I am wondering how I would survive this new arrangement,

with ANY of the diverse men I have dated and then, ‘moved

on’ from?

Good luck on that, Bill! And I expect to hear more of

the different details of your inexplicable, crazy life!

Melvin was open to answering questions about the Beatles

and his girlfriend, during a recent break at work. He

feels that the Beatles’ influences are too numerous to

even contemplate! His favorite songs from their career

include, “Get Back, Jo Jo!” and “Give Peace a Chance.”

When I asked him, “What are your plans for Valentine’s


He responded that his girlfriend of over fifteen years,

who he lives with, and he were planning to go the base

commissary to pick up some groceries. Also, that they might

eat lunch out, since we expect to be out of our work by

ten thirty or eleven o’clock, tomorrow.

I asked this normally affectionate and warm man, to all

around him, what was Melvin’s special gift he was giving her?

In his rarely used, ‘cocky’ attitude voice, he responded,

“Why, Robin, she will receive the pleasure of my company!”

My response was to roll my eyes at him, head out of the

break room and back to work!

As I was leaving, Melvin almost ran to catch up with me,

asking me if I would like him to buy a bottle of Tart

Cherry juice for my gift from him, at the commissary?

(He says this cures all ills you may have. He has tried

to campaign for me to start using this antidote to the

different aches and pains that I sometimes join in with

others who are complaining.)

Much later, digging himself into a hole, Melvin said that

he wished I would go swimming with his girlfriend and

himself at the local YMCA, and added,

“With a bikini on!”


The man who I have mentioned, Mark, who is my coworker

who has my phone number and we have had some great and

revealing conversations with told me about his fears

about his mother in this inclement weather. Mark has

been noticeably absent recently and I was glad to hear

that his reason is that if ice or cold would somehow

effect the electricity at his rural located house, he

needs to be there to start the ‘back up generator.’

I was glad to hear that his mother and he were not sick

and wished him a good weekend, when I was leaving to

head to my Mom’s. I was pleased to have him worry about

my traveling back on Sunday, too.

If this is going to develop into a relationship, it is

looking like it will take awhile. It’s moving at a

snail’s pace. Or slower than molasses!

Back to the subject of men and their approaches to life.

I am wondering if you have ever thought I would be open

to beginning an affair or flirtatious email interactions

with a man in a committed relationship?

Do I give off these ‘vibes?’

I wondered about this and my closest girlfriend says, “No

way! You have blogged about your ex-husband and how you

don’t have a broken moral compass. Also, you have only

said, ‘hugs’ when writing notes online, and you would

never do this, Robin!”

I have had that man at the library (who now we all know

is married) and a man who asked for my email address who

complained about his relationship with his wife. I have

been on a fellow blogger’s site where I have spent a

few conversations pressing my opinion that it is good

to try new things with your partner. I have also recommended

counseling and the movie, “Hope Springs” is rather explicit

in handling a love life that has turned into a ‘desert.’

And I mean an arid desert not a delicious dessert!

Anyway, I was disheartened with this personal exchange from

someone who has responded on my blog, although you would

not remember him, since his is very infrequent in his


I guess I just wanted to ask this question, letting you

know (and possibly visitors here, too) that I would not

want to get involved with a man who is either in a

marriage or a committed relationship. I don’t judge you

or anyone else, if you do this… Just don’t ask me to!

I would go back to my Pierce Brosnan, look alike, ex-husband

and have an affair…if I didn’t have a conscience.

(He has been married for over 20 years but pitches a campaign

once a year for me to ‘fool around’ with him.)

I would not go with any strangers nor participate in said,

“dirty talk” that you find in chat rooms, as this fellow

blogger suggested I do.

My politeness and indirect approach may have not been

understandable to the reader.

My direct approach with this subject and controversy is

hopefully clear as glass that has been polished with a

cleaning product like Windex!

Lastly, on this subject, I have never quite known what

Meatloaf, the singer, meant in his song,

“I Would Do Anything For Love.”

In my case, “I would NOT do that!”

Thanks for ‘listening’ to me.

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

Feburary Means “Love, love, love”


Thomas Kinkade paints romantic and beautiful pictures,

which fill me with a deep sense of ‘home’ and ‘comfort.’

I get a true sense of Serenity, when I study his cottages

in quaint settings. One of his ‘artistic signatures’ is

to include warm, golden lights shining out of windows,

like ‘beacons’ leading us home.

In Thomas Kinkade’s autobiography and through personal

interviews, he shares his memories. While other children

were heading home from school in the winter, he would be

trudging home to a dark, empty house. He would look into

windows, along his walk home, to behold ones which held

such warmth and light. He remembers he would have moments

of envy and longing.

Thomas Kinkade wished to be living in those homes. His

mother was a single mom. The tables ‘were turned’ and

she would be the one coming home to a house where Thomas

had turned on all the lights to greet her. Here is a great

quotation for February from this sensitive, creative artist:

“To be romantic is to allow yourself to fall in love

with life. Experience it fully, openly, passionately

and purposefully.”


2/1/64- Fifty years ago today, “I Want to Hold Your Hand,”

(sung by the Beatles, or Fab Five) topped the charts!

On January 31st, 2014: the Chinese New Year was celebrated,

making this the Year of the Horse. February starts their

New Year! Happy Lunar New Year, China!

February 2-

Groundhog Day.

“Candlemas,” also called Feast Day.

This day commemorates the Presentation of Jesus Christ

at the Temple (or presentation of our Lord at the Temple.)

Celebrated by Roman Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox and

Eastern Orthodox Catholic churches. It is the first

Feast of 12 Great Feasts.

As you know, whether you live in the U.S. or not, we have

had a rather ‘bitterly cold’ beginning to our year! We may

wish that the Groundhog would NOT see his shadow! Cloudy

days mean he would not run and hide. This folklore means

an Early Spring may come! “We love you, (Spring!) Yeah,

yeah, yeah!”

February 2nd is also Super Bowl Sunday!

Feb. 6-

Waitangi Day (New Zealand)-

This date commemorates a founding treaty that was

signed in 1840. It was called the Treaty of Waitangi.

Feb. 7-

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia.

The Winter Games run until February 23, 2014.

2/9/64- Fifty years ago today, Ed Sullivan Show’s first

appearance of the Beatles. When Ed Sullivan saw them in

Europe, he observed the audiences being huge. (Stockholm

had an amazing turnout for their concert!) Ed Sullivan

compared their popularity to Elvis. He arranged with the

Beatle’s manager, Brian Epstein, for three consecutive

Sunday performances. The arrangement also meant the group

would get Top Billing but ‘bottom dollar.’ They were paid

a very small amount for their performances on this show,

with over 73 million viewers’ watching!

The Beatles’ arrival to the United States on Feb. 7th,

was greeted with a group of (estimated) 4000 fans. This

number seems rather low; by today’s standards of famous

fans and crowds. I remember my adult babysitter, Mrs. Boos’

teenaged daughter, Diana wept when she attended the Beatles

concert and also, when she watched the Ed Sullivan Shows’

four consecutive weeks’ performances. (Mrs. Boos told my

brothers, ages 5 and 7, while I was 8 1/2. Later, when

Diana went to Kent State University, she took me as her

sister for “Siblings’ Weekend.” These few occurrences

were Big Time Events in my growing up years!)

Fifty years ago later, a ” Grammy’s Tribute to the Beatles”

will be aired on CBS network, (Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio).

Julia Roberts made this special announcement at the Grammy’s.

February 11-

Mardi Gras, also known as “Fat Tuesday.”

February 12-

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday

Ash Wednesday

The Lenten Season begins

February 14-

Valentine’s Day.

Full Snow Moon tonight.

Will this help kindle your romance or turn it wild?

A quotation suitable for Valentine’s Day from Thomas


“Doing a small, loving thing with beautiful ‘panache’

can be as romantic as committing a heroic deed.”

Do you remember those days when you decorated a shoebox

with colored paper, folded hearts cut out so carefully

and adding doilies or heart stickers, too? Then, you may

have held your breath, when you came home from school,

opening and reading (sometimes) personal messages. Hoping

perhaps for a special hand written note, with ‘love’ in

its meaning…

Cherished thoughts of Valentine’s Days Past sent your way…

February 15-

National Flag Day of Canada.

Susan B. Anthony’s birthday.

February 17-

Presidents Day

(United States’ government holiday,

means no postal service, banks and

the public libraries are closed.)

February 22-

George Washington’s birthday.

“Heritage Day” which is the given name for

celebrating the Founder of the United States.

In folklore, both Abraham Lincoln and George

Washington became known for their honesty.

We have “Honest Abe.”

We have these famous coined words for George,

as a boy, “I cannot tell a lie, Father, I chopped

down the cherry tree!”

Soon, this short month will fly by and we will be

blessed with warmer climates here in the Mid West

U. S. and all those countries even with us on the

globe, who are shivering in the Winter months!

February 24-

Flag Day or “Dia de la Bandera,” is Mexico’s day of

celebrating their flag.