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We’re Among Friends, Right?


At the risk of appearing immodest or vulgar, let me say those under

50 plus years may not want to read this! I have spent over 20 years

walking with a couple of girlfriends, with covering the whole gamut

of subjects. We cannot believe we have come to the topics we now

discuss. Some of these are ones I’m sure if we had had a crystal ball

to search and gaze into back in our thirties, we would have been so

shocked to hear the things coming out of our mouths!

Here are a few comments about each subject matter, hopefully not

too shocking these days with what is on commercials and more open

discussions, too. Here in no particular order or priority are what has

come up lately:

“Why do bald men have such long and curling hair coming out of their

ears and other places like the back of their neck?”

“Why do I have a couple of odd and errant places that I need to weed

whack with my razor on my chin, upper lip and neck?”

“Do you ever feel that you need to try some of those enhancement 

products to make everything “smooth sailing?” (For examples “warming

gel,” “personal lubricant, or “pure pleasure arousal gel?”)

“Does your partner need to try the products for erectile dysfunction?”

(I once had a partner who really did think if God intended him to have

an erection, than he would have one. Otherwise, there was no need 

for sexual intercourse since we already had procreated. I wanted to

scream! “But what about God’s gift of intelligence that created such

products and medicines? Also, why on earth do some men’s sex 

drive go the opposite direction from their wives? And, visa versa.)

Last, but not least of recent topics, from a movie way back when

we were in our thirties, (1993) “Indecent Proposal.” If I had been

approached by Robert Redford in that time period, I would have

been 38 years old, still single then! Yes! Yes! I would have taken

a million dollars and had sex with his character in that movie.

I could not believe Demi Moore’s character and her husband,

Woody Harrelson’s character debating about such a subject!

Oh, yes, I do know this is totally irreverent to marriage and its

sacred sanctimony. But come on! Once and you are rich!!

I believe that we have covered enough stuff but will not venture

into the gross subjects that include the leakage from different

orifices and the products and pads needed to correct and 

collect such matter.

We have gone over the line today, I am sure! But, we are 

among friends, aren’t we?