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What type of music do you like?


Such an innocent question but it is like a time bomb

waiting to explode, I find out!

I am a clarinet marching band player (and other high school

bands, too.) I like the classics, the easy listening songs, the

folk rock songs of the 60’s-70’s, hard driving rock and roll,

jazz, and even musicals. I like most live music and give it a big

chance before I make a judgment or indicate that I don’t like it.

I have to admit I thought I was eclectic, able to fit in with most

types of music that my 48-65 year old range for dating would listen

to. Listening to Chicago play “Saturday night at the Park” (think it

was the Fourth of July) I never dreamed someone would “hate” that

song or that band!

Then, Frank Sinatra song at Columbus Commons, sung by a young

man backed by a good band, no nostalgia felt by listener/date.

We move over Waterfire, and what do you know? I don’t even recognize

the song, but it is somewhat familiar, not awful or anything. Again, this

music is “not his type.” Two different venues that had the beautiful night

air and stars, two people learning about each other. The stuff that movies

can make into magic!

I started listing in a long stream of consciousness way all the bands and

music I ever liked. “No” or “not much interest” kept coming out of my date’s

mouth. I was astounded. I was silent. I could not get past this big hole in our

possible future.

I thought music was no big deal because most men would be half interested

in the styles presented in this open, free concert atmosphere. It became a “dud”

of a date due to music. Sad to say, that may be the last for us.