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When Floyd Saved the Day


I have a new guy friend, Lenny, who told me about his mother and

father’s love story. It made me smile because it is so different and

nontraditional in its origins. Lenny’s Mom is Lois and she was a

busy, hard working single mother of four children, three boys and

one girl. They were getting to be quite a “handful” and she was sure

she would never marry again.

Along came some family members who knew a man who worked

with them, who was single, healthy and attractive. They knew that

Lois was a good cook, a wonderful friend and wanted her to meet

this man. So, without too much warning, they asked her to go

bowling with them.

This is not as easy as you would think! As a single mother, myself, I

had to sometimes call between 16 to 20 names on a big babysitting

log I kept, to get one night out!

I could easily relate to Lois’ predicament! Once she found a living,

breathing and willing teenager, she was off to the bowling alley.

The family members and friends were gathered a little in a bunch.

When Lois spotted them, she waved to them. When they “parted”

or moved away a bit from each other, she saw a very nice looking

man, unfamiliar to her. When introduced, she found out his name

was Floyd.

Here is Lenny’s ‘take’ on his mother’s parenting skills, “Don’t let

that little frail shell of a woman fool you! She was a tough mother

and not afraid to use a hair brush or a paddle!”

He followed up with a nice and proud tone, “If she would not have

used that discipline who knows where my brothers and sister would

have ended up?”

When Lois was courted by Floyd, they had many dates where they

worked on figuring each other out. Lois’ parents were a Baptist

preacher and a preacher’s wife. They were “good” people with

backbone, corny as it sounds, they sound like “the salt of the earth.”

Floyd was used to going out and spending time as he pleased. He

did not have any children and was glad to have a nice woman to


This is the part where it gets sketchy. Lenny was but a ‘thought’ or

a ‘dream’ but not born yet. He has heard the story often though.

Lenny is not sure how the matchmaking ended up in marriage.

That is another story which I think I will have to get from the

“source,” his mother, Lois.

Anyway, Lois and Floyd married. Sometime after that, Lenny

came along which brought the number of children up to five.

Makes me think of that Doris Day and Brian Keith movie, “With

Six You Get Eggroll.” Anyone remember that family movie gem?

Lois and her family viewed Floyd as the man who saved the day!

I am sure that you will smile when you find out that Lois shooed

all of Floyd’s drinking buddies out of the house on many occasions

where they would gather for homemade (by Lois) snacks and

football on television.

Lenny also feels that the discipline given to his brothers and sister

continued on, even down to the “baby” (him). He respects his parents

and is grateful for their love. His grandparents taught him, “Spare

the rod, spoil the child.”

Lois may have been tougher than Floyd expected, but he showered

her with gifts. Lenny says that she chose beautiful furniture from

a place that has closed, Groll’s Furniture Store. It was famous in

central Ohio for its quality craftsmanship. She also has a lot of

jewelry and nice decorations.

The love flowed between them, their retirement years spent

traveling around down highways and byways, in an RV.

They toured the country side with her sister, Iris and her

husband. They were looking for places to camp and enjoy

each other’s company once those busy family raising years

were up!

My summary of this love story goes like this:

Just when Lois had started to think she would have to raise four

rowdy teens, mainly boys, alone. Along came a handsome man

who was chosen by family and friends. She got ‘hitched’ to a cool

hand Floyd who helped her “corral” those young’uns.

Her hero rode into town and swooped her up and while rescuing

her, she also helped change his life for the better!