Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


The white picket fence, 

pink flowers and the 

pretty lavender shutters

grabbed my attention!

What do you like in this 

door’s photograph?

Do you think whimsical,

charming or quaint

describes it?

Our host of many doors is the

Honorable Norm Frampton,

located on his blog post:

Please head over using this link

to check our more doors!

The rest of this month will 

feature here on my blog,

pictures of doors from

North Olmsted and Westlake,

suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

Two of the 5 R’s, Robin and Randy


Fun fact about my family,

We were once “the Five R’s.”

Do you remember

“The Five Little Peppers?”

A famous book series,

written in years,

1881 ~ 1916,

by author 

Margaret Sidney.

Check out the films

made in years,

1939 ~ 1940.

It started out as 

Robert and Rosalie.

Married in 1955,

adding a daughter named

after her father, Robert:

Robin Elizabeth Oldrieve.

(Hence, reocochran is

current email address).
Then, along came a baby

brother Randy.

A teacher and NASA engineer

thought a third baby was in order.

So, along came a third baby R:

Like reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic!

Robin ~ Randy ~ Ricky


Robin, Randall and Richard.

We had fun at the

“Soft Opening”

while Rich and wife Susan

flew across the ocean to

take college students

around the sights of


Randy and I

are looking into

the western skies,

squinting from setting sun.

🍻  🌄 🍺 ☀ 🍺 🌅 🍻 

Happy viewing! 

The back of S B W initials, looking in on the opening party


I met the welder of this metal

initials sign,

S B W.

It was like a 

Piece of artwork

an icon to become,

 Saucy Brew Works.

The welder was so excited to see 

both front and back perspectives.

Hope this isn’t putting 

anyone to sleep!

Home late,

after midnight.

In front of the brewery, Saucy Brew Works


The bar servers were happy 

to gather together,

even though quite

a Rush on ales,

beers, and stouts!

Under the letters:

S B W.

This is the front of the

Restaurant/ Tavern / Brewery

called Saucy Brew Works.

At least they didn’t have

to carry trays of exotic pizzas!

“Boys of Summer” series: the shadow knows. . .


He’s my shadow,

He’s his Mom’s shadow,

He follows Mom’s Daniel,

He’s his Coach’s shadow,

He knows things,

Sometimes his empathy

pours out, as in sorry for his

classmates who don’t have breakfast

or cannot play in sports due to costs,

or crying that “Pete needs a family!”

which truly made my good friend,

Linda and I burst into tears

during scene in “Pete’s Dragon.”

So, he stands and looks up to

his three coaches, each unique

in background and personality. 

He answers “The Coach” when 

he shouts out questions,

Where do you throw the ball?

(whichever base is next to 

player arriving or stealing. The kids 

answer, “First/Second/Third base”

or “Throw it Home!!”

Which base do you run like crazy?

(“Every base!”)

Who do you look out for?

(“Your team!”) or (“Teammates!”)


Baseball is an acquired taste,

but many friends know 

I love Cleveland Indians,

Columbus Clippers,

and small town 

summer league games.


Another special note:

Branch Rickey was the man

who discovered Jackie Robinson,

~ 1946 ~

also we were blessed to have

him live and serve as Coach

of Ohio Wesleyan University,

in his final years of experience.

The movie, “42” opened here

in Delaware, Ohio, 

~ 2013 ~

The members of Rickey and

Robinson families came to

the grand opening!

It was held at

Delaware, Ohio at

The Strand Theatre.

On my July 4th post, the tickets

and memorabilia were featured.

~ ~ ~ ⚾ ~ ~ ~

Thanks for sticking with this

“Boys of Summer” series.

Dylan Thomas included 

the original phrase,

“boys of summer”

in a long ago poem.

In 1972, a Brooklyn Dodgers

book was titled, “Boys of Summer.”

“Boys of Summer” series: swinging the bat


Here is another photo taken

from other side of the fence

where parents, siblings

and grandparents 

“Root, root, root

for the home team. . .”

This is my grandie,

Micah, who has no fears

nor trepidations. He is my

“Little Shadow” and yet,

never hides in the shadows.

Thank goodness for confidence

and bravura, as well as daring,

but genuine caring, gamesmanship!


“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

was a “Tin Pan Alley”  

~ 1908 ~

song first written by

Jack Norworth


Albert Von Tilzer.

You may find an actual 1908

recording of this now 

considered iconic,

Traditional baseball song,

online sung by

Edward Meeker.

Investors and the Brewmaster


Brewmaster Eric,

young as can be,

wears the Saucy 

Brew Works tee (shirt).

College roommate next to him

and across from him are investors

in this new brewery, restaurant

and tavern, all rolled together.

Sticking with beers of all kinds,

no matter the weather.

Sorta like rolling out the barrel,

one filled with fun without peril.

~ ~ ~ [ ] ~ ~ ~

Back “stage” in the brewery with

some of the ones making this happen.