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The house at Gallant Woods



Hopefully, this photograph for

Thursday’s Doors will bring 

you peaceful, “easy” feelings.

Referring to the Eagles

song, as well as how a

tranquil setting gives

us a sense of normalcy,

in our tumultuous life.

This was taken on an early

evening in “the golden hour.”

I love how the sun brightens

and reflects while accentuating

details of whatever comes 

into its light pathway.

This old farmhouse is

located on the same property 

as last week’s door feature.

The red historical barn was 

on Gallant Woods Preserve.

Here’s our door’s leader 

and rodeo extroadinaire,

Norm Frampton’s link:


If I had room on my walls, 

this photograph would

become enlarged and

be displayed on my wall. . .

Let me know if anything is

elicited from your beautiful mind!

Taking backroads


There’s a setting with pastoral tone.

Thomas Cole or Nicolas Poussin-

inspired country or rural paintings.

Awesome and warm, 

17th – 19th


Sometimes you may

drive on by, some

take these for 


When I can, 

I stop and study

as nature’s palette

is what captures

my heart.

 x  ❤  x

Thursday’s Doors ~Creative Foundations (really a window), #3 view


We don’t have a straight shot

in this series of a door or window.

The M & M girls are in my middle

photo, looking like this:

“Hurry up, Nana!”

I allowed sucking on lollipops,

since without a car to drive 

we were walking in a 

two block’s circle 

to Hamburger Inn for 

our yummy breakfasts.

Bank ~ 

Door picture taking ~

Stops for Easter

and Spring 



On your way to doors,

you may find windows

and little ones,

elementary girls,

ages 6 and 8.

Here’s a place to find more

fascinating doors:


Have a fun weekend!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations (standing sideways to door), # 2 view 


Here’s my two patient


Bribed with a lollipop each,

allowing side trips on circular walk,

from my downtown Delaware, Ohio

apartment getting fresh air,

cash from bank and candy,

stopping to check out 

all the sights.

This sign says,

“Our Town



Below it 

are standing 2 sweet 

Delaware, Ohio- -born girls.

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Thursday’s Doors

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Welcome and enjoy!

Thursday’s Doors~ Creative Foundations (new angle), #1 view


Located on South Sandusky Street,

we three “girls” included the

two youngest granddaughters.

They rushed me a bit as we were 

heading back North from bank

and this building, to get to the

Hamburger Inn.

They had “planned out” their

breakfast choices and when I said

“Wait! I need to take a picture of

this set of doors!” there were a few

verbal protests, but I told them

I would let them suck on their

“bank lollipops,” they acquiesced.

Then, as a bonus for my fellow

door blogging friends and

special guests and visitors,

I told them they could stand under

newly hung sign and be on my blog~

the girls were definitely “angels!”

*Please see next post!*
This set of doors enters an art gallery,

workshop and gathering place for

adults with disabilities. They were

Not inside today, since we were

rather early for a Saturday.

My friend and host for

our weekly Thursday’s Doors,

Norm Frampton,

may be found at the 

following blog which

includes links to other door posts:


Happy door hunting, visiting and

hope this rolls you to a very 

relaxing and enjoyable

second weekend

of March.

The Creative Foundations Logo (part 3 of Thursday’s Doors)



You are going to love this!

Check out more doors using

door links at our fearless leader

Norm Frampton’s blog!

Hope the groundhog sees his

shadow, which means the

sun better come out so

Punxsutawney Phil

gets scared!

Here is Norm’s

Home base:


Thanks for looking and if this

link doesn’t make sense 

there are 2 other posts.

I am heading to my

hometown of 



*In honor of my 

parents’ anniversary

which had Dad lived~

it would have been their

#62 Anniversary.

Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations, part two 


Please check the link to 

see information about this

non-profit organization.

Here is a chance to see another

angle of the “storefront” of a

great place to hang out.

You will literally

“make” someone’s

or many people’s



Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Happy door hunting at

Norm Frampton’s blog,

the founder and manager 

of outstanding door links at:


Hope you have a wonderful time
exploring Thursday’s Doors!