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Thursday’s Doors ~ fairy house door


An artist made this fairy house

which my oldest daughter,

her new husband and two

boys discovered as one

of many pleasant 

surprises left

by Lucy, the

last owner.

Hope you enjoyed

this whimsical door 

selection close to our hearts.

You see, over thirty years

ago, I went to a “newcomers

club” here in Delaware, Ohio.

One woman named Lucy was 

friendly and helpful. . .

She was a counselor who

had just moved to town,

no children but we

had art in common.

🎨  🖼

A couple years later,

we lost touch. I, with 3

children, she never married.

First, she met my youngest

daughter, the real estate 

agent whose last name

isn’t mine, then her

sister, my oldest daughter.

Lucy said she felt, “positivity

radiating between them.”

Enjoyed the newlywed

husband and 2 boys,

Micah and Skyler.

After we met again, many

years later~ extra wrinkles and

changes, we sensed a connection.

I hugged and kissed her!

Thank you, Lucy.

Oh, and thanks to two females

who are often in my Life:

Lady Luck 🍀


Mother Nature. 🍃

Thanks to Norm,

our Thursday Doors leader,

Please check out other links

to doors and you may make friends, too.


It isn’t that hard to find a door 🚪

even a refrigerator door “counts!”

Creative Foundations, Artist Danielle


Danielle painted a beautiful bird

~ the Blue Crowned Crane ~

which was made into a card.

She showed me her design,

proudly telling me it was

hers, on sale for the 

Delaware Arts Festival,

along with many other

artworks on display!

We turned her notecard over,

looking at the picture of

herself. I read aloud

Danielle’s Art Statement:

“I like doing art because it lets

me express myself. I like 

painting, drawing, performing.

I like to talk with my friends

and family. My favorite thing 

to do is draw animals. 

Creative Foundations

makes me very happy.”

My friend, Jenny, who taught

reading to children with 

learning disabilities

bought some cards

and so did I. 

Danielle is good friends with Amber.

Amber painted my youngest 

daughter the beautiful bold, 

black, gray and white rose.

She had been so excited when

I “commissioned her!”

It is hanging in Felicia’s bedroom.

At times it is hung over her 

white painted brick fireplace.

I’m hoping that the rose 

painting will be on a 

link found below.

This is my photograph

of Danielle Gould 

taken 5/20/17.


Please keep this fine organization

or similar programs in mind

when contemplating Art

and supporting positive

places to express 


who may be




Tennessee Spring Serenade by Randy


Randy was teaching people who

like taking Art lessons at a bar.

Cleveland has both the

Fatheads’ Brewery,

where the drafts

are concocted,

as well as their

namesake’s restaurant

and grille. I have a younger

friend and budding artist,

Michelle, who has traveled

with what she jokingly calls,

“My entourage.” They liked 

painting a famous bridge with

lessons from artist in West Virginia.

They paid ahead for the lesson,

made reservations online for

overnight accommodations.

It becomes an adventure 

destination art lesson.

Their bridge paintings turned

out dramatic and stunning.

Black bridge, purple night

sky with yellow street

lamps dotting the bridge.

When I showed her what 

steps and lessons that Randy

was doing: First a lighter layer,

splashes of paint, almost

like a patchwork quilt.

Then, adding details over the

top of the primary layer.

They use for inspiration an

enlarged photograph taken at 

Tennessee truck stop by Randy.
The taproom of drinking artists

created a variety of canvases

of colorful trees recently.

Lastly, using a tool, scratching

through to the first layer to

add movement and “flair.”

Do you notice the lighter colors 

peeking out as lines and squiggles?

Michelle and her “gal pals”

may just show up to one

of Randy’s “classes” yet!


Randall D. Oldrieve is my brother,

art at bars and taverns is a big

Fad in larger communities.

Wood Sculpture by Randy


Chunks of wood

Varied trees fallen 

or cut to allow passage

of electrical or telephone

wires, messages worth saving.

Wood creating new form through

sawing, sanding and caring.

Time spent by artist who had a vision.

Sister in law, Susan and brother, Rich

placed this in front picture window.

Pillows for pups of golden retriever,

dachshund-beagle mix and Shih Tzu

where they may find themselves

“Zoning out with Zen” radiating

from the creative mind of 

a sculptor/artist/Zen master.


Visitors may not realize Randy 

is my 18 months younger brother.

Let me know what you think 

and if you have found 

inspiring thoughts.

Randy’s mural, “It’s in the details” ~ part 4



Bluescreek Farm Meat Market,

has been around for generations,

but this North Market location,

is where they “made their mark.”

The farm had sold from roadside

stands for years, fresh produce,

fresh fish, pork and beef.

In 1986,

30 Years Anniversary,

The family built this new location.

This photograph was one I thought

meant the most to me. There is

one more to view and then,

Enjoy the sunshine and

spring activities out

in fresh air. If you

live close by, drop

by to this place

and enjoy a

piece of







Don’t expect to share!