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An award with gracious giver, Danica



Thank you, merci beaucoup!

Muchas gracias and more.

My friend, Danica Piche

has nominated me for

the Liebster Award.

It has been ages

and moons ago,

when I last 

received a


There are supposed to be

rules and form to my acceptance.

I am supposed to ask 11 questions 

for the nominees to answer

and I may use them to 

answer myself. 🐦

~ Tell us your name and where you 

live please!

🐦 Robin E. O. Cochran

Delaware, Ohio

~ Where do you like to write?

🐦 On a sofa or bed lounging.

~ How do you start a blog post?

🐦 Honestly, I used to write about

news, music, subjects while now 

I see things which I like and

use their image to inspire me.

~ What’s your favorite book or

author of books?

🐦 My favorite books are about 

Thomas Paine: “To Spit Against

the Wind” and King Arthur:

“The Once and Future King.”

~ Is there a special treat or goal

which motivates you to write?

🐦 I usually drink coffee and

nibble or spoon a food item,

donut, cookie, ice cream. . .

~ Is it quiet or music or no specific 

noise preferred?

🐦 If it is a natural photograph,

then I like music but if it is

Thursday’s Doors or needs

research to complete it;

Silence is golden!

~ Do you like a certain genre or

style of writing (or free form)?

I am used to writing essays

but enjoy freeform best

(ramblings, musings).

~ When did you feel you became

a writer? 

🐦 I used to take a journal for two 

weeks of Girl Scout camping. I

would doodle, try to sketch

and write thoughts down.

I shared this with my Dad

when I got back home.

~ Are you more of an artist, crafter,

photographer, cook or ?

🐦 Art and photography are my

favorite forms of creativity.

~ Where was your favorite place 

to be in your life?

🐦 I think beaches, grew up on

Lake Erie, visited my grandparents

in Clearwater, Florida.

~ Who is/was your hero or heroine?

🐦 John Glenn and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Nominate 11 willing participants,

who will answer those questions.

Along with my sharing 11 

unknown facts you may 

never have heard

about me.

I combined 

this component

into my new questions

and used 🐦 denoting my

answers to best of my ability.
Here is 🏵 Danica’s blog 💮:


Thanks, Danica!

The link directly to her award

nomination post is before I started

my description of the rules.

Here’s my list of fine new 

(to me) fellow bloggers:

1. Brett at:


2. Rosaliene at:


3. Donna at:


4. Ann at:




6. Sifar at:


7. Deepika at:


8. Sunil at:


9. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at:


10. Elsie at:


11. Renxkyoko Iglesias at:


12. Jodi at:


You may give your own creative

questions and choose your 

own way of answering,

which is like a combination

deal, a smorgasbord choice.

Danica explains the word,

“Liebster” on her blog!

It is fascinating information.

Please stop by any or all of

new fellow members of my 

“family of bloggers.”


Reblog: NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2016




This amazing and kind friend of mine

I know, has hosted annual blog

awards at least since 2013. 

Last year, I was nominated  

but didn’t feel comfortable 

promoting myself.  Now, I 

realize not doing this also

prevents you from voting

for others. There are

possible unfamiliar 

blogs for you to 

freely explore.

Please check 

this link.

No pressure to vote! 


Have fun visiting!  

x  🙂  x

Roses given out for Two Awards: Blogger Recognition Award and an Inaugural Treasure Trove Award


Protected yellow roses grow along 

a cement block wall in my apartment

parking lot, as well as this beautiful

Red Rose ~ * ~ in its singular position

by  a  nearby cream-colored home.

My new friend, Sarah, nominated

me for a “Blogger Recognition Award.”

Her beautiful blog, full of interest,

history and smart posts are found at:


Thank you so much, Sarah! ❤

Please go visit her and see

how you may receive my

nominations in the 

“proper fashion!”

Roses sent out to

a combination of

old and new friends,

giving no formal advice out,

hard to choose just fifteen!

Just saying you are part of my

bouquet of joyfulness and gratitude.

1. Karen,


2. Luanne,


3. Brenda,


4. Derrick,


5. Joanne,


6. Marissa,


7. Diana,


8. Merril,


9. Lisa,


10. George,


11. Jill,


12. Annika,


13. Jonathan,


14. Dan,


15. Deborah,


If you are a new friend like the

following people, you may

check out the rules and

find the award “emblem”

as well as follow the rules!

The Inaugural “Treasure Trove Award”

was created for fellow bloggers who

add unique qualities or subjects 

such as art, music, photography,

community participation, 

health and fitness, friendship, 

humor, creative writing, 

entertainment, life lessons 

or whatever you feel are

“treasures in our blogosphere.”

Check out Danica’s original

new and exciting award post:


Thank you so much, Danica! ❤

Try these “brand new”

or ones I haven’t

given awards

to bloggers:

1. Sarah,


2. Sarah, 

(plus Choppy and Schooner)


3. Riccardo,


4. Ameci,


5. Kiril,


6. Kimberly,


7. 18 New Zealander,


8. Chris


9. Ash,


10. Anita,


The Happiness Tag (Two contented geese)



The Happiness Tag ~

You’re It!

Better late than never,

My friend deserves her own

Blazing and dazzling post.

Her name is Tonya,

Some may be familiar,

Others may need introductions.

Go and visit her, say hello and

Glad to meet you, new friend.

Check out her list of five

Happiness “doses.”


My message:

Choose to be Happy,

Smiling makes your face

More radiant, while you

Brighten another’s day.

Thank you dear friend,

Tonya at:


Golden skies,

Trees still bare,

Two geese,

Tightly coupled,

Barely space between.


Off into the

Wild golden sunset,



Here are suggestions

To List:

5 songs which make you fill with Joy,

5 things which make you Happy,

5 fellow bloggers who spread

their own kind of happiness.

Okay to pick one,

Respond in the comments.

Please pass on your own

Happiness Tag post!


My 5 favorite songs

which literally change often:

~ Georgia on My Mind,
sung by Ray Charles,

~ Here Comes the Sun,
sung by the Beatles,

~ Take It Easy,
sung by the Eagles,

~ Top of the World,
sung by Karen and Richard,
The Carpenters,

~ Carry On,
sung by Crosby, Stills,
Nash and Young,

There are two other
“Carry On” songs,
one which Fun group sings,
another has Kansas band,
Carry On (My Wayward Son).

An honor bestowed upon me, passed on to the men this time. . .




My friend, Carol Balawyder,
was justifiably given
the Champions Award
by author, DG Kaye.

Carol chose five nominees
to receive this special award.

Thank you so much
for giving me my own
nomination for this
special award.

Please check out Carol’s
blog, if you perhaps did
not see her on my list of~

Fellow bloggers who
are published authors.
Carol has an amazing
collection of books
which were listed
on my post.

Here is Carol’s blog address:


There are simple rules to follow. . .

1. Be sure to post the award symbol,
using the #Champions Awards
(which originated by Seumas Gallagher/
smorgasbord/variety is the spice of life)

2. Acknowledge the sponsor of your
Award and thank them.

3. Choose at least 5 of your own
nominees and remind them of the
five guidelines.

4. Keep it simple~ no need for
explanations for the awards~
We know how great
these folks are.

5. You are free to give
these Awards as
as you

I thought that a dozen
doughnuts would help
my readers to get
through this post
without being

a cup
of joe!

Here is my list of men who
are kind and interesting:

1.  Alex,

2.  Mike,

3.  Dan,

4.  Juan,

5. Robert M. Goldstein,

6. Vinnie H.,

7. Derrick,

8. Evil Squirrel,

9. Simono,

10. Norm,

11. Seth & Matt + (Jay is female)


12. Harbin

This was not in any particular
order but was intended to
honor those men who
sometimes listen to
my life and they are
in touch with their
“softer side of Life.”

An Honor and Surprise!


I suppose I should learn how to be able to present my blog in a more mature, festive way!

I am so pleased, honored and surprised that I was nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award!

Thank you so much!


Please note that the blogger who nominated me is writing The Jenny Mac Book Blog. I am following Chelsea

Brown19 and you should look her up. Today’s very amusing reading was about her cutting her bangs. Her picture is

so young, fresh and cute! I think you all will remember some haircut scares and successes.

This is my list of  nominees for their own special One Lovely Blogger Award! TA DAA! There are rules

to follow, like list your favorite top 15 blogs and please list seven things we don’t know about you!

Please check out the AWESOME following list (I have them on the list of blogs I follow):

1. D’s  thought -provoking http://onestillbreathing.wordpress.com/ and get so much out of it!

2. Witty and clever, http://40isthenew13.wordpress.com/ I think she’s the next Jean Kerr.

3. Eyoalha Baker’s http://jumpforjoyphotoproject.wordpress.com/

4. Wyrd Smythe’s http://logosconcarne.wordpress.com/

5. Tosha, Ali, Kyla, and Bryce’s http://onceamonth4ladies.com

6. Poet http://asoulwalker.wordpress.com/ A Soul’s Walk is deep and heartfelt.

7. http://ditchthemarriage.wordpress.com/ “(Young and Divorced… Fumbling Back Towards Fabulous One Day at a Time)

8. English writer, Sarah-Jane’s http:// ginandtulips.wordpress.com/

9.http://goshthisdivorce.wordpress.com/ lets us in on something very personal.

1o.http://lessonsfromtheendofamarriage.wordpress.com/has written a book!

11.http://quiestinliteras.wordpress.com/posted by M R Graham.

12.http://1000singledays.com/ and love the baby in the box story!

13.http://analyfe.wordpress.com/ and see what she sees outside her window.

14.http://threelittlewildflowers.com/ and beautiful photos abound.

15.http:cassiebehle.wordpress.com/ mixes art, words and stories.

Here are seven items about myself you may or may not have discovered:

1. I played the clarinet from fourth grade until senior year in high school.

2. My favorite junk foods are: cream filled maple iced long johns, crunchy Cheeto’s,  and a turtle ice cream


3. I like to read mysteries, detective stories, and romance novels.

4. I love to play Boggle and when I do play with my brother, we cannot stop!

5.  I have a guilty pleasure t.v. show, “Revenge.”

6.  I watch like millions of others, “American Idol.” I still love David Cook, Daughtry and Philip Phillips.

7.  I use pen and ink to draw pictures of historical homes, make baby pictures and fill in with water color paints.

Thank you again for reading my  blog!