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Hendrix wants a backpack


Yes, Hendrix thinks he needs 

a backpack to go to school

like his big brother and

three sisters. Just in 

case this is your 1st

time visiting, my 

only son married

a divorced mom,

rescuing her and

two children. I

call their crew a

combination family.

Could you resist these

pleading eyes and wriggling

fingers, never still for very long?

No, not me! He’s going to be opening

on Saturday night at his birthday party

a Minions’ backpack full of toys,

coloring book, crayons and a

few surprises or more.

Have a wonderful weekend!






Hendrix “breaks a John Travolta move!”


This is a slang way of saying my

grandson likes to dance and has

been rewarded by his siblings,

parents, Nana and other set of

grandparents, Mimi and Poppy

by big smiles and clapping for

any kind of “dance moves!”

Happy #2 Birthday, dear

Toddler Hendrix! 🎶





The movie, “Saturday Night Fever”

with John Travolta dancing,

one finger down and other

hand’s finger pointing 

up is rather iconic!

Hope you liked the

BeeGee’s reference.

Now, please check 

out Thursday’s Doors.

Oh, here’s a slice of

Hendrix’s cake!


Winter projects ~ Puzzles, part 1


“Calming jar,”

recipe online with ~

water, glue, sparkle glitter,

sequin stars and mason jar.

Box of 12 puzzles:  worked on

first one with my guy friend.

We completed second one 

with my little shadow,

Micah, who turns a 

nice even, Big 8

while his great uncle

(grand uncle Rich)

turns a fun 58!

Yes, fifty years

between the two!

Today is ~

February 27, 2017.

Happy Monday to you!

Are you working on any

“inside home” projects?

Memories of a perpetual

card table set up in our 

family room with one 

very tough puzzle:

Imagine a month of 

completing a 




Spider with red face on back end


A red smile,

two red eyes,

the very scary spider 

was on a playground toy.

“Happy Halloween,” from my

little friend, wearing his own 

special Halloween costume!


I will be up at my Mom’s,

having had successful 

eye cataract surgery,

enjoying overnight

stay with my



Soon, my dear

Mom will turn 88,

a nice double digit year,

twin eights on November 1st.

There’s the cute little end



Yay, this may be as busy as my

Christmas season posts,

Full of decorating and

pretty features to enjoy.

Happy day’s end, to

Baby Hendrix who

sat down and took

off his baggy blue

britches, revealing as I

had noted, his mustache

decorated cloth diaper cover!

Do not feel obligated to comment

over all family celebratory posts.

xoxo xoxoxo

Thanks for sharing in what may

be last of family addition’s

1st birthday party!

Three girls with selfie cam



Hailey is an honorary “cousin”

of Marley and Ivy.

This is one of several funny

photos taken by me from across

the fire station “party room.”

There are many cool framed

photographs of the squad

of fire fighters and emergency

(E.M.T) medical team members.

Meanwhile, my DIL had made several

costume pieces on straws for the

young partygoers to become

“disguised” and “unrecognizable!”

  😉     😉     😉

What is your favorite party theme?

My grandson, Skyler, said his

“Zombie Party.”

My granddaughter, Makyah,

gave her “Elsa’s Frozen Party.”

Ivy had a “Lollaloopsie” party

and her brother a “Pirate’s” theme.