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What’s on your breakfast plate?


Comfort food,

eggs over medium,

sliced potatoes, onions and

good ol’ American cheese!

I stole a piece of bacon

from each girl.

Hamburger Inn,

16 North Sandusky Street,

Delaware, Ohio


The M & M girls ordered

sweeter breakfast items,

Texas French toast

and the other chose

a stack of four pancakes. 

Both added sides of bacon.

What is one of your favorite

breakfast choices?

Do you like 



Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (full view)


This is a popular local diner,

Hamburger Inn Diner.

Located at 

16 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio  43015.

Established in 1932,

Open all night on Friday and Saturday!

A favorite place for college students,

Local “townies” who meet their 

friends and family members.

When I arrived in this

small town, I had read a

Grumpy Gourmet review,

where he recommended the 

sliced home fries, topped with

fried onions and American cheese.

He added the homemade maple rolls

freshly baked will melt in your mouth.

Black Angus hamburgers with freshly

handcut fries are delicious.

You may like a slice of 

homemade pies or a

tasty ice cream milk shake.

It is worth the wait!

Please stop by this blog, written

by a leader in his own door pursuits:

Norm Frampton’s 

Thursday’s Doors.


Hope you will find your own place

that serves up delicious food with

a sense of hometown pride.

Many come from afar, so 

if you get a “hankering”

for this 85 year old

diner fare,

Let me know~

I’ll meet you there!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (front door)


Here is the front door and 

sidewalk patio for a local favorite.

It is the front view where 

I had to edit out the street parking.

What do you think of this first shot?

Would you like to take a spin 

on those diner stools? 

Head on over to the

other full view of

Downtown Delaware, Ohio.

Then, check out a silly poem

with two patient and sweet

granddaughters, M & M girls.

They would be happy to show

you how to spin without flying off!

If he were here visiting, 

Norm Frampton 

would welcome you to his

weekly collection, links to other

diverse, interesting, historical doors.

Here’s Norm’s blog:


Hope you enjoy this trio of door posts,

where one is actually an inside shot,

another is a plate full of my breakfast!

Donuts for breakfast


My Mom as just Grammie O.

once fed my own three youngsters

What they will forever call

“Pudding Pops.”

Jell-O made pudding into popsicles.

Mom rationalized that there was 

milk in them!

Now, as Nana, I take my grandies 

sometimes to Bob Evans, 

Burger King (bacon, egg and

cheese croissan’wiches 

are the “bomb!”

I made pancakes and whole

wheat French Toast for 

several occasions as well as

those various sugary cereals 

But their favorite “breakfast”

or so they claim is: Tim Horton’s.

I am a big fan of independent

coffee shops but they can’t compete

with the way my grandies love Tim H’s.

So, is it perhaps sitting on tall stools?

Maybe the ability to pick two donuts

or have ten timbits plus white

or chocolate milk?

I get a variety of things, soup 

grilled bagels, sandwiches

or wraps, tried a Canadian

maple donut, like sour cream

glazed and crueller’s the best.

I order regular iced coffee,

caramel flavoring, cream 

and sweetener packages.

Well, this is not very

interesting but the 

photograph is clear,

no intent to promote

franchises or chain

donut and coffee shops.

Where do you head when on

the road for breakfast?

Sometimes being alone isn’t all bad. . .



Expecting four months into something

to share a breakfast, first overnight.

Eggs, whole wheat toast,

three types of cheeses,

“luxury” real butter

and a completely



As someone in a new

(to me) blog said

after quoting a

famous author,


about “the

best laid

plans of




You may already follow this

man named “Bunkaryudo:”

Humor Blog

* Note: Trying not to

think of lesser

quoted words

“Running on

empty.” *

This is me eating someone else’s

favorite “junk food” cereal:

Breakfast of Champions

Frosted Flakes.

You’re welcome,


🙂 🙂

Frosty morning revisited



Late night drop in temperature,

chilly as hurried sleepy body

into car, using defroster.

The frost on all surfaces,

noticing white crystals on

roof of the Branch Rickey

Recreational Center.

Traveling with boy,

one who loves

bacon and ‘cakes.

Hot cakes, pancakes,

butter and maple syrup.

* Coffee a “must.” *

Ask grandson if okay

to stop to capture

white coating,

knowing he

will say,

“Yes, Nana.”