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Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (full view)


This is a popular local diner,

Hamburger Inn Diner.

Located at 

16 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio  43015.

Established in 1932,

Open all night on Friday and Saturday!

A favorite place for college students,

Local “townies” who meet their 

friends and family members.

When I arrived in this

small town, I had read a

Grumpy Gourmet review,

where he recommended the 

sliced home fries, topped with

fried onions and American cheese.

He added the homemade maple rolls

freshly baked will melt in your mouth.

Black Angus hamburgers with freshly

handcut fries are delicious.

You may like a slice of 

homemade pies or a

tasty ice cream milk shake.

It is worth the wait!

Please stop by this blog, written

by a leader in his own door pursuits:

Norm Frampton’s 

Thursday’s Doors.


Hope you will find your own place

that serves up delicious food with

a sense of hometown pride.

Many come from afar, so 

if you get a “hankering”

for this 85 year old

diner fare,

Let me know~

I’ll meet you there!

Thursday’s Doors ~ 1/26/17, part 2


This is a window of


New coffee show in town.

Our Thursday’s Doors host:


Here’s a quote on the 

Power of Coffee:

“It is inhumane, in my opinion,

to force people who have a genuine

medical need for coffee to wait in line

behind people who apparently view

it as some kind of recreational activity.”

~ Dave Barry, 

Humorist, Author

x x x x

Please check out my third view 

of one of my favorite buildings.

Isn’t it elegant and doesn’t

it have character?

Mr. Martin is still going strong:



Martin’s Shoe Repair Shop
located at 28 West Winter St.

This street crosses
our “main road”
Sandusky Street.

Mr. Martin has repaired much
more than shoes for my
family, over the 30
years I have been
living here.

If I were older or
he were younger,
I would call
Mr. Martin,

A purse I dearly loved needed
a way to keep the strap on.

I told him I had no preference
nor vision of how it might look
upon my return.
I sometimes, to be safe and
clear with a budget will
suggest my
“Ball park figure.”
How much I will be
able to afford.
No sense in having
the cost go above
this amount.

I stated, quietly, the
first time I went
to Mr. Martin,
“I probably
could pay
you $20.”

He nodded
his head
and then
pointed to
a shelf full
of stuff,
sort of a
waste of
time on
his part,
due to cost
being above

This man upon being
asked, approves
of being called,
African American.

Mr. Martin says this
accurately expresses
those of his family’s
Roots and Heritage.

Mr. Martin likes my
upfront attitude and
actually met my 3 kids
plus the 5 “wards,” my
babysitting clients.

We looked like either the
Von Trapp Family Singers
or Cheaper by the Dozen.
In those first nine years
after we came to Delaware.

I has proudly told him I took
care of my children with the
Children’s parents paying me,
along with my child support.
No public assistance but
“Bartering” repaired cars,
Received free hair cuts
and a sundry of items.
I could offer house
cleaning, babysitting
and art work.

One year I created
for one of my
“Clients” their
Christmas card.
I received two
hair cuts.

Another time,
I babysat for
two weekends
of date escapes
for my 45 record
player repaired.

Mr. Martin admired
my entrepreneur
“Spirit” and called
me, “Spunky.”

Here is a list of many
more leather items
my acquaintance,
“The Shoe Cobbler,”
has repaired over
the years:

Purse strap
Purse zipper
Luggage strap
Camera case strap,
. . . . . . . Etc. . . . . . .

His shop is located two
doors down from
Bun’s Restaurant.

This place serves German
food along with a variety
of international foods,
has been featured in
“Bon Appétit”
This has
To Martin’s
Shoe Repair
Shop business.

Martin has another
neighbor which brings
purchasing traffic:

If you look closely
you may spy the sign for,
Robinson’s Funeral Home.

: : : :

A fellow blogger commented
on the very same day I
posted my first shop
post, downtown
view of where
I live, a post
“Twentieth Century Saturday,”
where she did errands on
foot, walking to places,
on her blog at: