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Happy Cinco de Mayo!


The cacti have a few cactus flowers,

While the bright, rosy Chihuly globe

outshines Mother Nature in this scene.

Dale Chihuly glass art pieces are

sprinkled around the World.

Some Seattle Washington 

fellow blogging friends 

have mentioned their 

exhibits are the Best!

This photograph was

taken at the Columbus, Ohio

by this blog post author at ~

Franklin Park Conservatory.

🌵  👏  Ole!  🎉  🎶

Felidades de Cinco de Mayo!

Besos y abrazos!


Plato quote:

“Always be kind, 

for everyone is fighting

a hard battle.”


Mexico fought France

for freedom on May 5, 1862.

The Battle of Puebla was won.

Eagle holding a serpent 

while perched atop a

prickly pear cactus

is on white panel

of Mexican flag.

🇲🇽 x  🇲🇽  x 🇲🇽

July 3, 2016: Sharing Joy in Music!



Young musicians circulated with

bells,  cymbals,  sound sticks

while guitarist played & sang.

The audience of children and adults

suggested songs and songstress

complied. The baby Hendrix, now

getting quite social and excited,

proceeded to pound on the baby

stroller, drumming a pattern,

nodding his head and he

sang some notes to tune

he was quite familiar with,

“The Wheels on the Bus.”

Sister Marley was skipping

using a Hula Hoop with

bumblebee stripes.

*    *    🙂    *    *

Break out some music,

celebrating in


form you