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Thursday Doors ~ Red barn, painting in progress


There has been a groundskeeper 

house and barn at our 

 local cemetery around 

since the 1800’s.

This barn has a new coat

of red paint. . .

a work in progress!

~ Oak Grove Cemetery ~

334 South Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio


Please visit Norm Frampton’s blog!

Go to the above link to see doors

of so many kinds it will be amazing!

      Peace 🕊

🎺 Taps

Faith 🀄

Wildlife in cemetery



Now that my fellow bloggers

seemed to enjoy deer found

behind final resting place,

I thought geese walking

around paying their

respects might be

something unique

to share with you.

~ ~ ~ ~

Photographs taken on cell phone.

I like the sunset’s rosy-colored

blush upon the scenery,

lending it’s impression

and beauty to this

Evergreen Cemetery.

~ ~ ~ ~

This version of photo
and thoughts was
written to accompany
the deer and moss post.

Did you like this simple
writing or did you prefer
the first geese post, which
addresses the issue of their
natural, but annoying, waste?

Please let me know. . .

since I often am divided or
torn between two directions
of writing styles for my posts.

Thank you!

Geese in cemetery



You may wish geese would fly on by.

Some complain about messes

they make on sidewalks.

! ! ! !

They don’t mean to,

since it is part of

nature and wildlife.

! ! ! !

Instead, I have problems with

Humans who don’t pick up after dogs.

Geese leave vegetarian “green goo,”

which looks bad, usually stains.

What forces of nature “bug” you?  

Any other “rants” about human nature?

There is another post

Same photograph,

Different words,


Headstone of “consort” of male



Poor young Hannah,
only 11 years old.

Died on
June 26,1845

Her gravesite,
public humiliation
in my mind.

Does “consort”
possibly mean
travelling companion?

Hoping not my first
impression of being
physically attached
to Robert Brown,
who was 55 and
outlived Hannah
by 7 years.

Hannah was young
girl of eleven
years, 7 months
and 16 days.

Sad she died before
life really began; for
her adventure had
less than a dozen
years on earth.

With no last or middle
name and no nearby
family to claim

Would you
like to imagine
Hannah’s story?

Giving her life
a worthy tale to 
remember her by.

The lichen on the
headstone drew
my eyes and used
cell phone camera
to capture
Hannah’s details,
shared with you.

At least she was
buried with a
marker, this

May she rest
in Peace.

Headstone of male



Robert Brown was 55 plus
“some change”
(3 months, 25 days)
~ 1852 ~

The grave states
“In memory of”
Robert Brown.

No middle name
presented here.

This was interesting to me,
mainly since the next post
will hold his “consort,”
an 11 year old with
merely her first
name given:

Stay tuned
for her

This week’s focus
small cemetery
created by the
side of Troy

Photo and information
given by reocochran,
March, 2016.

Possibly, someone
may wish to write
Hannah’s short
and intriguing
life’s story.

x  x  x  x

Township Hall gravesite



As you may know I like
looking at cemeteries.

I was surprised to find a handful
of graves in a small plot area.

The age of people varied,
The years buried go far back.

The part I really like
the most is the rod
iron ornate fence,
protecting this obelisk.

This post coming 2 days
before Thursday’s Doors
post with front door of
Troy Township Hall.

/ / / / / / /

Photo taken on sunny
winter Saturday,
late afternoon by,
Robin O. Cochran
and information
given by Robin, too.