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Alley rest time


We were at the time, slightly bored

craving some adventure, while not 

wandering too far from home. Tired

from Mingo swimming pool, yet not

dark enough to go inside and quit.

We headed the new way to St Mary’s,

where the whole playground changed.

Water bottles ready for hydrating,

feet nearly ready to set off for a hike.

Pen and ink baby name: Sawyer


Here’s my owl, fox

deer, raccoon and “woodsy”

baby name picture, Sawyer.

I thought you might like to see

how I draw in pencil, use an

ultra fine Sharpie, instead of

my long-time use of black

permanent ink bottle and a

pen with a pointy “nib”

screwed into it.

Next post,

adding the


 ~ 🌈 ~

Thursday’s Doors ~ Kona Ice truck


Believe it or not, there was a much

longer line of hospital staff 

standing here, before I 

mentioned that I hoped no

one minded if I took their picture.

Anyway, here’s one hospital nurse

and the Tropical Shaved Kona Ice

purveyor extraordinaire.

Even she was “shy!”

Here’s a friendly host,

Norm Frampton, whose

Thursday’s Doors feature is

quite popular and a worldwide

phenomenon, irresistible to

doors’ (of any kind) viewers!

Hope you check out the variety here:


Happy doors’ excursions!

🏣  🕍  🏚  🏠  🏤 ⛪ ⛺

Delicate purple flowers


Hints of frost damage upon leaves

and delicate purple blossoms

still seemed to request 

my favor, to promote 

and capture beauty.

Alas, I felt torn but 

their tiny, precious 

voices prevailed 

to entreat me.

I now finally

“get” why

Dr. Seuss

had his

caring elephant,

Horton, hearing a “Who.”


“Horton Hears a Who,”

written in 1954, was

dedicated to his distant friend,

“For My Great Friend,

Mitsugi Nakamura

of Kyoto,




This quote is from our

First Presbyterian Church

monthly newsletter called,

The Spire:

“Nothing that is worth doing can be

achieved in our lifetime; therefore we 

must be saved by Hope.

Nothing which is true or beautiful or 

good makes complete sense in any 

immediate context or history; therefore

we must be saved by Faith. Nothing we

do, however virtuous, can be

accomplished alone; therefore we are

saved by Love.

~ Reinhold Niebuhr


Those who “stay awake and wait,”

Hope your sunrise Dawn brushes
away the tears from your

Midnight Vigil tonight. ❤

Randy’s mural, “The Past” ~ part 1



There is a glare due to fluorescent

lights but a Grand Opening event,

~ April 13 – -April 17, 2016 ~

Red ribbon cutting and samples

of natural foods, meats and pies.

Homemade oatmeal bread,

Salted caramel or Buckeye bars,

Caramel “turtles” with pecan “feet,”

Bacon chocolate chip cookies,

Tallow homemade candles,

Frozen homemade ham loaves,

Frozen homemade meat loaves,

(Instructions on baking included)

Grain and grass fed beef,

Grain fed pork and bacon

with other choices to buy.

Under my brother’s mural,

notice barn siding countertop,

with linseed oil rubbed into

the grainy, worm-holed wood.

Bluescreek Farm Market has been

for 30 years a “staple” or booth

manned by this farming family,

in the North Market. Their meats

became popular and parking crowded,

loyal customers declared they would

drive to this brand new location of,

“Bluescreek Meat Market and More!” 

My brother took a couple of weeks

to paint two walls in this room

and another smaller mural

~ cows in pasture ~

over refrigerated case of meats.

Bluescreek Farm has been around

for generations in Marysville, Ohio.

Randy D. Oldrieve was commissioned,

given numerous family and friends’

photographs to place in the two walled

murals.  The boy climbing the tree,

the boy holding beloved cat,

the timeline goes from

right to left.




Horse drawn buggy with lettering

of the farm traveled to customers

with fresh meats, fish and produce.

There is portrait of grandparents.

Later, the blue van with refrigerated

storage went up and down

country roads to serve.

Driver is owner’s Dad.

A white van with all the

modern conveniences is

driven by family member,

Jamie in red shirt and glasses.

Young mother and most motivated

business entrepreneur.

You’ll see this and much more.

As guests Thursday evening, we

were regaled with family stories,

humorous pranks and tales.

Jamie is who hired my brother to

paint the family portraits in time

for the “soft opening” on 13th.

The cows are in their own mural

over the meat counter, with the

artist posing in next photograph.

X x x x X x x x X

Proud big sister of artist didn’t

take the best photos, but just

wanted to say this market place

is located on Ste Rte. 42, 

300 yards from Rte. 736.

There are a few more

painted parts of murals

to share. No need to

comment on all.

If you live in

Central Ohio,



for a drive

in the


Try free samples!

My November porcelain doll



I was “sweet sixteen”
and understood finally
why Mom collected dolls.

She had only two she
Remembered. . .

The German baby,
Rosie sucked on
doll baby’s hands
made of
paper mache,

All of pink paint
was consumed.

Her other doll,
a Victorian black-
coiffed, porcelain
doll had one arm
which got ripped
off “accidentally”
her cloth body.

She explained
“All about the
during my
younger years.

My childish
position of
had only
“half listened.”

Sent to my room for,

doll was made by
Vermilion, Ohio
artist who

I turned 16,
my young heart
innocent and happy.
Kissed a few weeks
before birthday by a
Boy Scout.

I treasured this doll,
Put on my bed from
Age 16 until 22.

She sat on my bed
while away at college.

Only marriage sent her
into a suitcase,

One of those blue
metal ones,

with tiny
white stars,
lined in pink,
cardboard interior.

She shares her space
with twin Ginny’s.

Their dresses made by
Vogue company  in
Medford, Massachusetts,

An Asian Barbie,

The Effanbee Rebecca,

and my first

“Beach Blonde Barbie.”

Do you have~

Lurking in boxes,
In plastic tubs,
Suitcases or
A trunk?

♡ ¤ ° ¤ ♡

There is a special poet and
Published author, fellow
from Michigan.
She wrote,
“Doll God”
Please check
out my friend,
Luanne Castle:


Photo of doll and
two “Sweet 16”
cards, one from
Dad and Mom,
other from 2 brothers,
taken by reocochran.