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Thursday’s Doors ~ coffee shop, Women’s Room


Probably one of only a few door posts

featuring a public bathroom!

This is a necessity if you are 

sitting, sipping and chatting

for any length of time.

Coffee is as you know,

a natural diuretic.

I liked the natural 

wooden art designating 

“Women’s Restroom.”

There’s links to more doors,

you may find one that suits you

or is your “cup of tea,” on 

someone who hosts,

Thursday’s Doors. His name

isn’t Joe; it’s Norm Frampton!



Please check out my first 
posts with the exterior doors

of Cup O’ Joe.

Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside Cup O’ Joe


This young lady graduated from

my alma mater, BGSU. She liked 

talking to Bill and me, after we 

had seen “The Zookeeper’s Wife.”

She said the Holocaust and WWII

were serious themes and was excited

to view “Beauty and the Beast.”

This is a part of a series of 

door photos which has a

Leader in Norm Frampton,

who allows us to post links

on his amazing Canadian 

blog found at:


Happy doors sightings and feel

free to visit us every Thursday

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Thursday’s Doors ~ Cup O’ Joe


This is the front door of

Thursday’s Doors,

a coffee shop nearby many 

restaurants and a movie

cinema complex.

Plenty of guests, quiet 

and calm setting found here,

inside the doors, warmth exudes.

Please visit our friend who may

enjoy a cup of coffee, 

Norm Frampton at:


Thursday’s Doors ~ Cup O’ Joe’s


This is part of a chain

of coffee shops, 

the grand cup atop 

building displaying its wares.

Pleasant and warm interior,

fireplace showing gas flames.

Quiet but low level discussion

being held at one table while many

coffee drinking “solos” spread 

scattered around the cafe.

Bill orders a chocolate torte, along

with a vanilla cappuccino with 

whipped cream. He pays in cash,

as I have studied menu and order

a regular sized coffee, “shot” of

caramel with “room for cream.”

We proceed to talk with the 

friendly female barista. She

enjoys a few friendly exchanges.

Check the post with the interior 

photo of the counter, picture of

cute “Tips” cup which we both added to!

Thursday’s Doors has a leader,

Norm Frampton, who welcomes

door connections and displays links on:


Thanks for checking my multiple posts!




We three got together,

one gentleman friend of

youngest daughter who

discovered one route to

my heart  ❤  treats!

“Parisian Macarons”

as the card from the

Pistachia Vera,

cafe and coffee shop,

delicious French treats,

pastries and these

are called “bon-bon’s”

by Jerry and Felicia.

These delicately flavored

two macarons are like

sweet sandwiches,

only egg whites,

frothy confections

which come in the 



flavors of:



~Vanilla bean

~Toasted coconut

~Raspberry Hibiscus

~ Strawberries & cream

~ Honey lavender

~Apricot ginger

~Coffee au lait

~Yuzu guava

~Cocoa nib


Okay, if you remember

my spring post of this

place, you may have heard

of other bakery specialties.

We tried to decide on past

story what was that pretty

pink flower next to the

neon green patio chairs?

The dumpster behind

that old post had

sweet squirrel

holding a berry

or a bouquet.


If you dare, 

please share

which of listed

yummy flavors

most catch your


Thursday’s Doors ~ Choffey’s Coffee



The twin lanterns,

Burlap coffee bag banner,

Cream colored painted bricks,

As well as the chips of time

Create welcoming coffee shop.

Located at

17 West Winter Street,

Delaware, Ohio.


“Truly Decadent”

“Coffee, Tea, Confections”

Micah is on the rocking chair,

waiting on his Mommy, while

his Nana takes his photograph.

Chilly early summer morning,

a hot chocolate with miniature

marshmallows for Micah, a caramel

macchiado for his Nana and his

Mommy getting extra shot of espresso

added to her regular tall cup of coffee.

We were ready to proceed around

the Delaware Arts Festival

where Micah chose a

miniature pewter

Dragon and

Carrie chose

jewelry and I

purchased a

wall hanging for

Trista’s summer birthday.

This Thursday’s Doors post

is part of a weekly gathering of

doors of almost any imaginable

origin and location,

Thanks to our fearless leader,

Norm Frampton, please check

out his door selections and

others at his blog found at:


Note: Micah is holding a cap

made of foam material,

which the Creative Foundation

organization was inviting guests

to stop on by their art workshop,

located on N. Sandusky Street,

freewill donations for the

supplies to support adults

with developmental

disabilities. I think

some may remember

how I commissioned

a painting by a member of

this fine group, Amber.

Thanks for stopping by!

I would have loved to

chat over a “cuppa”

or beverage of your

choice. It would

have been fun!

Two Other Cupcakes



Two “other” cupcakes,

felt simply scrumptious

while on display at

my apartment.

The left one,

a white cupcake with

vanilla cream frosting

wearing a cherry beret.

While the nutty, grainy

and nutritious carrot cake,

topped with cream cheese

icing; a carrot made of fondant.

The white one said,

“Perfect simplicity is best,

with a hint of vanilla, butter

and cream” her passions.

The tawny colored carrot

made a loud , “Yawn!

How much more boring

than my own blend of pecans,

walnuts, raisins and carrots?”

Carrot cake with her extra dollop

of cream cheese made sure to

make vanilla white cake squirm.

I hastened to reassure them both:

“Two ‘other’ flavors are twice

as delectable on my dessert

plate, later I will nibble on

each of you:. Don’t you worry!”

x o x o x o x o

The sweet bakery and coffee shop,

Home Slices Bakery and Cafe

located at 2 N. Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio 43015,

moved in over a month

ago. Still pulls my friends

and family in~ to try new

flavors and treats.

My favorite

kind of

cupcake is the

carrot cake with

cream cheese


While I do still

remember the

Euphoria of

red velvet with

cream cheese


My daughter added

toasted marshmallow

flavoring to her regular

coffee, while I had

English Toffee flavor

added to my decaf,

served over ice,

leave room for

sugar + cream.