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Thursday’s Doors ~ coffee shop, Women’s Room


Probably one of only a few door posts

featuring a public bathroom!

This is a necessity if you are 

sitting, sipping and chatting

for any length of time.

Coffee is as you know,

a natural diuretic.

I liked the natural 

wooden art designating 

“Women’s Restroom.”

There’s links to more doors,

you may find one that suits you

or is your “cup of tea,” on 

someone who hosts,

Thursday’s Doors. His name

isn’t Joe; it’s Norm Frampton!



Please check out my first 
posts with the exterior doors

of Cup O’ Joe.

Thursday’s Doors ~ Cup O’ Joe


This is the front door of

Thursday’s Doors,

a coffee shop nearby many 

restaurants and a movie

cinema complex.

Plenty of guests, quiet 

and calm setting found here,

inside the doors, warmth exudes.

Please visit our friend who may

enjoy a cup of coffee, 

Norm Frampton at:


Thursday’s Doors ~ Cup O’ Joe’s


This is part of a chain

of coffee shops, 

the grand cup atop 

building displaying its wares.

Pleasant and warm interior,

fireplace showing gas flames.

Quiet but low level discussion

being held at one table while many

coffee drinking “solos” spread 

scattered around the cafe.

Bill orders a chocolate torte, along

with a vanilla cappuccino with 

whipped cream. He pays in cash,

as I have studied menu and order

a regular sized coffee, “shot” of

caramel with “room for cream.”

We proceed to talk with the 

friendly female barista. She

enjoys a few friendly exchanges.

Check the post with the interior 

photo of the counter, picture of

cute “Tips” cup which we both added to!

Thursday’s Doors has a leader,

Norm Frampton, who welcomes

door connections and displays links on:


Thanks for checking my multiple posts!

Thursday’s Doors ~ 1/26/17, part 3


This is the corner location

of the Espresso Bar

with amazing 


Coffeeology, where 

Winter Street crosses

Sandusky Street,




The 3 parts make a

whole different kind

of coffee shop,



Please check out

more links to doors

found at:


Thank you to our host:

Norm Frampton!

x x x x

Final quotation
Subject: Coffee!

“Coffee is a lot more than 

just a drink; it’s something happening.

Not as in hip, but like an event,

a place to be, but not like a location, 

but like somewhere within yourself.

It gives you time, but not actual

hours or minutes, but a chance

to be, like be yourself and

have a second cup of coffee.”

~ Gertrude Stein,


Happy Thursday

and upcoming weekend!


Thursday’s Doors ~ first glimpse, Town’s new coffee shop 


As you can see our sidewalks are broad.

We have many coffee shops, 

One around the corner,

One down the street,

One only five doors down.

This is Coffeeology.

It is located on our “main street,”

43 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio 43015.

This is part of a group

of doors featured on Thursdays.

We are rather unique, all sorts of door

choices to be found on our caring

Coordinator, Norm Frampton’s

Blog with links to connect you:


Now, for our 

Coffee Quotes for the Day:

“I’d rather take coffee than

compliments just now.”

~ Louisa May Alcott, 

“Little Women”

x x x x

“Do you know how helpless you
feel if you have a cup of coffee

In your hand and you

start to sneeze?”

~ Jean Kerr,

Humorist, author of 

“Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.”

x x x x

Thanks for joining me and please

check out my other glimpses 

of this new shop in town!

Donuts for breakfast


My Mom as just Grammie O.

once fed my own three youngsters

What they will forever call

“Pudding Pops.”

Jell-O made pudding into popsicles.

Mom rationalized that there was 

milk in them!

Now, as Nana, I take my grandies 

sometimes to Bob Evans, 

Burger King (bacon, egg and

cheese croissan’wiches 

are the “bomb!”

I made pancakes and whole

wheat French Toast for 

several occasions as well as

those various sugary cereals 

But their favorite “breakfast”

or so they claim is: Tim Horton’s.

I am a big fan of independent

coffee shops but they can’t compete

with the way my grandies love Tim H’s.

So, is it perhaps sitting on tall stools?

Maybe the ability to pick two donuts

or have ten timbits plus white

or chocolate milk?

I get a variety of things, soup 

grilled bagels, sandwiches

or wraps, tried a Canadian

maple donut, like sour cream

glazed and crueller’s the best.

I order regular iced coffee,

caramel flavoring, cream 

and sweetener packages.

Well, this is not very

interesting but the 

photograph is clear,

no intent to promote

franchises or chain

donut and coffee shops.

Where do you head when on

the road for breakfast?

Out of town breakfast



The coffee is delicious,

The quiche quite sublime,

Fresh greens uniquely tangy.

Company ever so gregarious,

with conversation covering

new directions and plans.

Thus, warming a person’s heart

and filling moments in time,

far too quickly passing.

Everything tastes better with

out of town relatives, especially

on this brilliant, shiny  morning.

&    &    &    &    &

This is a two part post,
one photo inside here.

Shared plate of quiche
with fresh spring greens
savored,  while sipping
individually prepared coffees.

See outdoor photo of
Pistachia Vera on other.