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Springtime at the Franklin Park Conservatory


This place has 

Palms room,

Dale Chihuly glass

pieces installed in gardens,

Inside and on the acres surrounding.

Ameriflora was international garden

extravaganza with remaining exhibits.

Umbrella spring room,

Butterfly incubation nursery,

Rainforest room to release butterflies,

Glorious signs of beauty and nature

converging and in coexistence.

Colorful umbrellas at Conservatory


Pink tulips,

Yellow tulips,

Purple hyacinths,

Marley and Landen,

Purple, yellow, pastel

colored umbrellas.

Hands across the water,

fingers wishing to dabble

while Nana takes pictures

children’s Mom Trista says,

“We all just washed our hands

and are taking elevator to the 

main floor and heading out 

to eat at a restaurant.”

Kid’s other parent says typical

Dad’s funny thing,

“For crying out loud!” 

As I have to laugh, 

since my Dad used 

to say exact same thing to 

my two brothers and me! 

Photo and words sharing 

family event with you!

Happy Spring!

Spring colors


This is a different way to look 

at the brightest pink flowers

and one very still butterfly.

(Like a tube of toothpaste

squeezed in every direction!)

~ ~ ~

“Little Beauties”

by Robin O. Cochran

“Chasing the little butterflies

who flitted around in circles

and rising straight up into air,

like busy helicopters.

~  ~  ~

I grew weary and decided to 

act like a Zen master,

breathe in . . . breathe out.

I could forgo my needs

putting others first.”

– – –

Summary of event:

The crowded butterfly room 

in our Columbus, Ohio

Franklin Park Conservatory

meant being careful not

to bump anyone nor

step on any toes!

x   x   x

Photo of real butterfly

and living palm tree,

beside bright flowers

created all kinds of

“happy dances” 

in my brain!

Does anyone know

flower’s name?

Thursday’s Doors ~ Close-up of German Village door



Second view of the door

found along a walk with my

youngest daughter who lives

in German Village, a section

or neighborhood found on

the southeast part of Columbus.

If you would like to join us check

out Norm Frampton’s blog and see

his door example(s) as well as links

which connect the doors community.

We all appreciate your visiting!


Come back another day to see

more varieties of posts. Thanks!

Thursday’s Doors ~ German Village house



Another example of using tight spaces,

fitting in so many unique and homey

qualifications. German Village in

Columbus, Ohio has so many

on each street, turn a corner

and I annoyed my youngest

daughter, Felicia, stopping

as we strolled. Each one

was unique, no copy cats

nor “boring” houses.

We both exclaimed

at care shown in

their upkeep.

Instead of my pointing

out what I liked, please

feel free to point out

anything that captured

your interest please.

Norm Frampton began this

weekly program which has many

addicted to checking out doors

of many kinds and dimensions.

Here is a link to Norm’s blog:


Enjoy and join us if you would like!

Let Them Have Wings!



We had busy day at the

Franklin Conservatory.



Dale Chihuli glass,


Cacti and palm trees.

On first floor, we found the

Children’s interactive area.

Kyah spreads her arms,

ready to test her wings.


Butterfly specialist,
expert and author of
“Butterflies through Binoculars,”
both “The East” book and
“The West” collection
shares this quotation:

** “Beautiful and graceful,
Varied and enchanting,
Small but approachable,
Butterflies lead you to
the sunny side of life.
And everyone deserves
a little sunshine.” **

~ written by Jeffrey Glassberg.

Photograph of my
granddaughter by
April, 2016.