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Thursday’s Doors ~ close up of Veritas


The etched glass design has

three panes, little beaded look,

etched glass panels like square in

the middle. It appears as an artistic

reminder of the past, but uncertain

this is truly antique. I trust you 

will inform me, as some have

wandered in door sample

departments of home

improvement stores.

I like the full image

since it really has

what some may

call “curb appeal.”

This Thursday’s Doors

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Who knows what you may 

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Thursday’s Doors ~ Veritas Restaurant


A restaurant with small plates,

shared with others, known 

in Spanish as “tapas.”

Veritas stands for 

Truth in Latin.

Truly a kind man and

Host, Norm Frampton

invites you to visit his blog

and check out blue frogs which

link to world of Thursday’s Doors:


Happy door visiting and 

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Be Present


It is the warmth of early morning sun,

Sometimes the golden glow of day off,

Mostly sun rising on way to work.

It’s the vibrancy of green grass,

parallel lines, upon the tall

water tower, shimmering.

The sky’s swatches of 

dove-gray lavender

velvet with layer

of white cotton.

It is now.

It is real.

Never mind, 

power lines

and distractions.

Pay attention:

Be present.

This is life.

Thursday’s Doors ~ side view of The Barn at Stratford, post #4


Pretty brick designs on

antique stoned walls,

sides of the large red barn.

I had never gotten out of my car,

passing this large, well-kept barn

at least once or twice monthly

for over thirty years. The “back road”

on our family’s way Home.

The black shuttered attic vent

is decorated with red painted frame

and has a semi-circular brick arch.

Although no doors here, more than

enough found on the first published

Thursday’s Doors today whose 

Host, Norm Frampton, is found here:


Hope you enjoy discovering the

Joy of doors and their photographers.

Thursday’s Doors ~ The Barn at Stratford on the Whetstone


There are only a few similar barns

which are historical and lovely,

built in a series along water.

~Check out last week’s ~

I found someone

who is a local


She is someone who 

is close to my friend, Karen.

Her expertise is due to working

as a Garth’s auctioneer, specializing

in authentication, identifying true

and valuable antiques and pricing

for auctions held in, “Garth’s Barn.”

Recently, the business asked if

our local Historical Society 

would like to co-own

the famous barn.

Here is a summary of what

Susie discussed with and taught me:

“There are three barns, Garth’s

is the one for years used as a popular

place for auctions. They were built

~ in 1820 ~

The barns are considered to be 

~ Federal style ~

The Meeker family built barn

and the brick house affiliated 

with the barn, where they lived.”

= = = = = = = = = =

*The fancy house I promised to

feature is called the Janes’ House.

It will wait till next week since 

this post series is about the barns.*

= = = = = = = = = =

The barn symbols are “hex signs,”

and Susie the historian says,

“There is no such thing as 

Pennsylvania Dutch, except as a

‘collector’s term’ (expressed with

a distinctive tone of ‘disdain.’)

She prefers “folk art” or “hex” symbols.

Delaware, Ohio was settled by Germans.

The barns are considered “typical” 

for the area of the Whetstone 

milling community. The barns

also had a history of fires;

Garth’s was rebuilt in the 1840’s.

Stratford on the Whetstone

was actually a small town

or village built along the

river where a water mill may

have been used for making flour.

She got me excited about building

“remains” of cottages, church

and a one room schoolhouse!

This Thursday’s Doors are original 

barn doors, with windows where 

horses could look out at 

winding dirt pathway.

The close-up of barn doors

will follow this introduction.

(Post #2)

I will display Delaware’s logo

for their historical society.

(Post #3)

Also, my favorite part of the

antique barn: the elegant design

created with neutral stones

with diamond shaped

pattern in brick red.

(Post #4)

Here’s a blog which focuses 

on doors, along with other subjects

written by Norm Frampton, there

are “blue frogs,” which are 

links to international doors:


Thanks for checking out our

local barns from the 1800’s!

Thursday’s Doors ~ “details,” part 4


Different roofing since original,

I am imagining and daydreaming.

Different grassy space overgrown

and covering instead of showing

stones or dirt path around barn.

The stone blocks and

wooden lathing look like the

original barn where  

the two double door sets,

as well as two single doors,

(other full length barn photo) 

look like they were made to serve 

utilitarian purpose in milling and

farming community located in

Delaware, Ohio. 

~ Stratford on the Whetstone ~

Thanks for sticking by me,

as I tried to march through the

dense grass where I feared ticks

or other bugs would burrow 

above my sock lines.

I could smell a marshy, loamy

peaty or earthy aroma, some mud

clumped onto the grid of the

soles of my tennis shoes.

This end of the barn especially

seemed to display its age, 

along with the owner’s

respect for its history.

Whitewashed barn siding

and newer styled green roof.

I liked green paint around 

windows and over boards.

Please check out a

wide collection of

Thursday’s Doors

on Norm Frampton’s blog:


Come on down here, y’all and visit

a fine and true piece of history!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Stratford on the Whetstone, part 1


The doors are up high for unloading 

onto the farming wagons. This is  

part of a milling community.

There are a few too many pictures,

no need to respond on all, but it

will show you the historic

landmark sign, both ends

of the barn building.

Thanks for viewing

and here’s my 

favorite host,

who has many

links to a wide

array of Doors,

Norm Frampton at:


Have a wonderful, safe trip through

all doors around the community

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