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Painted sunset sky


This was taken by me while

standing in my son James’

and wife Trista’s backyard.

Cool, damp grass upon

bare feet. Each sound clear 

of mosquito buzzing, dog 

barking as ball thrown to her

and last songs for the evening

sung by birds and parents (who

still read books and) sing lullabies.

Wishing one of your dreams or

hopes come true this summer.

~ reocochran, 6/16/17.

Bianca or Blanca the Dog



This dog came running,

seemingly ferocious barking. . .

what’s a blogger to do when

she doesn’t have a cat,

turtle, horse nor bird?

Go find cute alpacas who

have a willing watchdog

wanting her ears petted

through a fence.

Intrepid reporting blogger

set off to find something

to warm and steal hearts.

Did the alpacas or dog

manage to “do their job?”


What kind of pet do you have?

Alpaca farm



Bright spring green grass,

only one dark, adorable alpaca

staring back at me as I spoke,

“baby talk” with coos and

smiles. It watches from

afar, seeing bouncing

big, white friendly dog

greeting me with its

tail wagging,

mouth open,

tongue licking air.

Although she was

barking, a gentle spirit

gave her away~

“guarding” sweet,

funny alpacas.

Look for Bianca or Blanca,

the friendliest watch dog!

You’ll fall in love with her,

see next post. . .