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Thursday’s Doors ~ Core Life, third view


This is a great, nutritious place

my youngest daughter and I met

to eat a healthy dinner.

Here’s a link to a wonderful

group I participate in,

all of us take photos of doors.

I liked our food, atmosphere

and fresh ingredients!

Outside, the blazing braziers

warmed this very chilly 

evening appearance,

really the way we

felt, warmed our


Here’s a link to a man

fellow blogger who is

also a doors lover,

Our friend and

founder of

Thursday’s Doors, 

Norm Frampton:


Happy door looking!

Have a wonderful weekend, too!

I’ll be traveling to see my Mom,

as soon as work finishes, Friday.

Thursday’s Doors ~ February 9, 2017: eating healthy restaurant


This is the side patio door!

We watched the sun go down 

and wished it were a warm day,

sitting on the deck or patio.

Here’s my Thursday’s Doors

Leader and good friend, 

Norm Frampton.

His blog has plenty of 

links to other doors 

which may lead you to 

other countries, areas or

open doors in your mind!


Happy doors to you!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Core Life restaurant


Isn’t this a cool name?

This is the side door, as I 

leave my car and head 

towards youngest daughter 

into a big hug!

Here is one of three posts, 

Different angles,


I am encouraging you to

try to eat more fresh food.

Change one or two items in

your grocery cart.

My choices are eating 

more whole grains. I am now

subbing celery and cucumbers

and dipping in yogurt dressing

or hummus!

Here’s a link to the man who 

originally founded our 

wild and crazy doors group,

Norm Fountain has links 

to more doors!


The Creative Foundations Logo (part 3 of Thursday’s Doors)



You are going to love this!

Check out more doors using

door links at our fearless leader

Norm Frampton’s blog!

Hope the groundhog sees his

shadow, which means the

sun better come out so

Punxsutawney Phil

gets scared!

Here is Norm’s

Home base:


Thanks for looking and if this

link doesn’t make sense 

there are 2 other posts.

I am heading to my

hometown of 



*In honor of my 

parents’ anniversary

which had Dad lived~

it would have been their

#62 Anniversary.

Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations, part two¬†


Please check the link to 

see information about this

non-profit organization.

Here is a chance to see another

angle of the “storefront” of a

great place to hang out.

You will literally

“make” someone’s

or many people’s



Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Happy door hunting at

Norm Frampton’s blog,

the founder and manager 

of outstanding door links at:


Hope you have a wonderful time
exploring Thursday’s Doors!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations


This is Groundhog’s Day

and Thursday’s Doors day, too.

In honor of “combination day” 

moments, Micah is showing 

you one of the side doors 

for Creative Foundations.

He made a foam material visor 

with letters of his name, 

adding the “glitz” which was

spread all over long tables,

sprinkled liberally, with

necessary glue sticks.

Music was playing while adults 

with Developmental Disabilities,

some sitting in wheelchairs,

others “giving tours” to

inspect piles of art

and hanging up. 

Everyone enthusiastically 

talking or greeting each person 

stopping into “their workshop.”

So, Micah smiled, nodded as

he glued stars, flower 

and a crescent moon

onto his visor.

The clients were joyous 

and told him,

“That’s the BEST hat 

we saw decorated today!”

He whispered, as such a

wise seven year old here,

“We can tip them, can’t we?”

I handed him some money

and he flourished it,

waving to all a “farewell”

and dropped money into

a glass fishbowl.

He thinks (seriously) 

said visor


Oh, I tried using my

Nana power to get him 

to pull visor up, so you could 

see his long lashes and 

adorable brown eyes.

This is where I commissioned

a white dandelion painting 

which turned out to be a

gray swirled rose by

a client here.

*Still hanging at 

youngest daughter’s

German Village apartment.

Does anyone remember Amber?

She says her “specialty” these 

days are pet paintings!

Cats, dogs, hamsters and

cute, fluffy rabbits.

If you would like to visit this place

and purchase reasonably priced

art which helps these special

adults, stop by this building,

57 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio 43015

x x x x x x x x x x

We have a blogging community

Of Thursday’s Doors, led by

a genuinely nice friend,

Norm Frampton.

Please follow this 

Link to see the 

fantastic family 

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Happy trails to doors!

May they always be 

Open and welcoming!

Thursday’s Doors ~ 1/26/17, part 3


This is the corner location

of the Espresso Bar

with amazing 


Coffeeology, where 

Winter Street crosses

Sandusky Street,




The 3 parts make a

whole different kind

of coffee shop,



Please check out

more links to doors

found at:


Thank you to our host:

Norm Frampton!

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Final quotation
Subject: Coffee!

“Coffee is a lot more than 

just a drink; it’s something happening.

Not as in hip, but like an event,

a place to be, but not like a location, 

but like somewhere within yourself.

It gives you time, but not actual

hours or minutes, but a chance

to be, like be yourself and

have a second cup of coffee.”

~ Gertrude Stein,


Happy Thursday

and upcoming weekend!