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Creative Foundations, Artist Danielle


Danielle painted a beautiful bird

~ the Blue Crowned Crane ~

which was made into a card.

She showed me her design,

proudly telling me it was

hers, on sale for the 

Delaware Arts Festival,

along with many other

artworks on display!

We turned her notecard over,

looking at the picture of

herself. I read aloud

Danielle’s Art Statement:

“I like doing art because it lets

me express myself. I like 

painting, drawing, performing.

I like to talk with my friends

and family. My favorite thing 

to do is draw animals. 

Creative Foundations

makes me very happy.”

My friend, Jenny, who taught

reading to children with 

learning disabilities

bought some cards

and so did I. 

Danielle is good friends with Amber.

Amber painted my youngest 

daughter the beautiful bold, 

black, gray and white rose.

She had been so excited when

I “commissioned her!”

It is hanging in Felicia’s bedroom.

At times it is hung over her 

white painted brick fireplace.

I’m hoping that the rose 

painting will be on a 

link found below.

This is my photograph

of Danielle Gould 

taken 5/20/17.


Please keep this fine organization

or similar programs in mind

when contemplating Art

and supporting positive

places to express 


who may be




What’s on your breakfast plate?


Comfort food,

eggs over medium,

sliced potatoes, onions and

good ol’ American cheese!

I stole a piece of bacon

from each girl.

Hamburger Inn,

16 North Sandusky Street,

Delaware, Ohio


The M & M girls ordered

sweeter breakfast items,

Texas French toast

and the other chose

a stack of four pancakes. 

Both added sides of bacon.

What is one of your favorite

breakfast choices?

Do you like 



Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations


This is Groundhog’s Day

and Thursday’s Doors day, too.

In honor of “combination day” 

moments, Micah is showing 

you one of the side doors 

for Creative Foundations.

He made a foam material visor 

with letters of his name, 

adding the “glitz” which was

spread all over long tables,

sprinkled liberally, with

necessary glue sticks.

Music was playing while adults 

with Developmental Disabilities,

some sitting in wheelchairs,

others “giving tours” to

inspect piles of art

and hanging up. 

Everyone enthusiastically 

talking or greeting each person 

stopping into “their workshop.”

So, Micah smiled, nodded as

he glued stars, flower 

and a crescent moon

onto his visor.

The clients were joyous 

and told him,

“That’s the BEST hat 

we saw decorated today!”

He whispered, as such a

wise seven year old here,

“We can tip them, can’t we?”

I handed him some money

and he flourished it,

waving to all a “farewell”

and dropped money into

a glass fishbowl.

He thinks (seriously) 

said visor


Oh, I tried using my

Nana power to get him 

to pull visor up, so you could 

see his long lashes and 

adorable brown eyes.

This is where I commissioned

a white dandelion painting 

which turned out to be a

gray swirled rose by

a client here.

*Still hanging at 

youngest daughter’s

German Village apartment.

Does anyone remember Amber?

She says her “specialty” these 

days are pet paintings!

Cats, dogs, hamsters and

cute, fluffy rabbits.

If you would like to visit this place

and purchase reasonably priced

art which helps these special

adults, stop by this building,

57 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio 43015

x x x x x x x x x x

We have a blogging community

Of Thursday’s Doors, led by

a genuinely nice friend,

Norm Frampton.

Please follow this 

Link to see the 

fantastic family 

of door afficiados at:


Happy trails to doors!

May they always be 

Open and welcoming!

Thursday’s Doors ~ 1/26/17, part 2


This is a window of


New coffee show in town.

Our Thursday’s Doors host:


Here’s a quote on the 

Power of Coffee:

“It is inhumane, in my opinion,

to force people who have a genuine

medical need for coffee to wait in line

behind people who apparently view

it as some kind of recreational activity.”

~ Dave Barry, 

Humorist, Author

x x x x

Please check out my third view 

of one of my favorite buildings.

Isn’t it elegant and doesn’t

it have character?

Thursday’s Doors ~ first glimpse, Town’s new coffee shop 


As you can see our sidewalks are broad.

We have many coffee shops, 

One around the corner,

One down the street,

One only five doors down.

This is Coffeeology.

It is located on our “main street,”

43 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio 43015.

This is part of a group

of doors featured on Thursdays.

We are rather unique, all sorts of door

choices to be found on our caring

Coordinator, Norm Frampton’s

Blog with links to connect you:


Now, for our 

Coffee Quotes for the Day:

“I’d rather take coffee than

compliments just now.”

~ Louisa May Alcott, 

“Little Women”

x x x x

“Do you know how helpless you
feel if you have a cup of coffee

In your hand and you

start to sneeze?”

~ Jean Kerr,

Humorist, author of 

“Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.”

x x x x

Thanks for joining me and please

check out my other glimpses 

of this new shop in town!

Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (close up)


You may remember another shop

which was featured in the Fall.

It was a shop connected in this

grand brick building, separated 

by interior walls with several

places. The Choffey’s coffee

and tea shop with decadent

chocolates is on the left

of  this  florist shop.

It’s hard to capture,

showing how each

has its individual


This door in an 

older brick building

has fun with both formal 

and informal floral

holiday arrangements.

This is part of a series of doors,

with a link here to the founder,

Norm Frampton and his followers:


Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (floral shop)


“Shop local”

in your small or medium town,

keep the sales tax in your county.

Help your neighbors and downtown

area stay open and love lively!

First Friday, in our small town,

had hundreds of local people 

singing carols, some dressed 

in antique Edwardian English

style garb, costumes or

winter clothing as

there were luminaries

paper bags or plastic jugs

with candles lit and metal barrels

full of kindling and pine cone 

aroma radiating from their

hissing and crackling

warm, cozy flames.

Shoppers greeting,

children laughing

as each one visualized

a bright and merry season.


Her is a link to other

fellow Thursday’s Doors,

those who keep an eye out

for something special to

weekly share!


Happy Holidays to you!