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Highbanks Overlook, Aunt Felicia and Micah


Here are two “babies” in 

a group of one big

happy family.

Micah’s baby brother 

to Skyler.

Felicia is baby sister 

of  Carrie and Jamie.

Hope you float,

fly or soar





I sometimes

show it; often

will tell you:

I love you all!



Photograph taken,

Fall scenery,

Highbanks Park.

Magenta pink hibiscus sends a Valentine’s message


Odes to flowers,

poems of love,

red and orange flames

of passion while the

deep, luxurious pink

of magenta deserves

adoration and warm regards.

The male stamen thrusts 

like a sword of passion and

romance while still staying 

“in touch with his feminine side.”


Thanks for reading my response

~ or ode to bright, cheery fuschia ~

Your thoughts are always 

appreciated, while your poetic

words add so much more. . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

💖    🍥    🌸    🎶

Photo from my friend Anna


Buckeye Lake is close to where my

children, ex-husband and I lived

in the eighties. Lancaster, Ohio

is a bustling city in Fairfield

county. Two of my three 

grown children were

born there. One of

my most humorous

stories of cows on our front

lawn  while Carrie and Jamie stood

in front of our big picture window in

their “footie jammies!” I first called the

police, on their no emergency call’s #, 

 but eventually found out that we were

considered “county residents” so called

the Sheriff. He came to the door and

asked this “city girl” a pertinent

question: “Do you know who

owns these cows?!”

He then proceeded to take

off his Sheriff’s “cowboy hat”

which Jamie really wanted to know

if he could try if on? I never did ask the

kind Sheriff this question. Once all the

cows were “rounded up” by his able

waving and shouting such things as

“Whoa!” and “Come on, Bessy!”

Yes, he really did say this!

He had four cows on the road in 

front of our little brick ranch.

Soon, he came knocking and

requesting use of my phone,

facilities and took my offer

of a hot cup of coffee.

When who we fondly 

call, “Sheriff Dan” 

finished coffee 

and providing an hour 

of lively entertainment,

he made a call: 

“Hello, I am calling to say I

have the cows on Meadowbrook Lane

rounded up but unsure which farmer 

is the owner. Could someone call the

two nearest farms on this part of

the county road?  Please check 

if missing four cows!”

Soon, a return call

came into my kitchen

that held news which direction

the cows needed to be heading home.

In those days, over thirty years ago,

my two oldest kids were five and

three. They like to remember 

places like Rising Park with

it’s cliff and challenging

climb and overlook.

Buckeye Lake has an

island with these 

ancient plants

which are like those

Venus flytraps, remains

of unique plantings which

only once a year can you pay

to go to see, study and learn about

this specific  island environment.

Thanks to my friend, Anna, who

used to work at the warehouse

with me, for some splendid 

photographs of Buckeye Lake.

Once I went to an awesome 

day long music festival there.

A “jewel” of many in Ohio,

a great destination place.

Enjoy the boathouse and 

shimmering lake! 

A sunny and bend in the river kind of day


This has been a place I have stood before.

Not on the edge of a precipice,

nor in the depths of a cave,

just a regular day with

sunshine, clouds

and a bend in

the river.

This is 30

years since

I chose this

town, while

probably may have 

stood here 100’s of times.

Where’s your “go to” place

to soak in some peace, 

negative ions for 

a positive effect?

Photo taken on

edge of the Olentangy 

River, by Mingo Park

where hundreds of

Years ago, the tribe

of peaceful Mingo’s

took shelter and


just as I sought

in Fall, 1986.

Two fall quotes:

~ One ~

“The golden rod is yellow,

The corn is turning brown,

The trees in apple orchards

with fruit, are bending down.”

 ~ Helen Hunt Jackson,

American poet (1830 – 1885)

Note: She led a rather short life.

~ Two ~

“No Spring nor Summer beauty

have such grace,

As I have seen in one Autumnal face.”

~ John Dunne,

English poet (1572 – 1631)

Note: Another poet who died before 60.

Micah and the sunflower field


Micah is in second grade and likes 

to try and read as much as possible.

The hundreds of tags with wishes

and hopes expressed towards

loved ones who had passed

away due to cancer 

were like a “mission,”

he wanted to read

as many as we

would allow.

“This is for

a child.”

“Oh look, this is

for a special teacher!”

He pointed

out messages for

parents and found some

for grandparents. The ones

who had names the same as his

classmates, touched him the most:

“I know a Christopher and 

an Eli, a Sarah and 

a Hailey.”

 ~ * * * ~

Field of Hope for Maria


Here’s my Labor Day gang,

While Mom chose to stay at home

and wait for us to bring take out dinner.

You may recognize my artist brother,

Randy, grandson Micah and 

youngest daughter, Felicia.

This field has tags on many 

of the sunflowers, hundreds!

Each says a loving wish or

hope sent with love to

family member or 

friends who died

of cancer.


Sarah asked me to add

a link to this fundraiser: