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The house at Gallant Woods



Hopefully, this photograph for

Thursday’s Doors will bring 

you peaceful, “easy” feelings.

Referring to the Eagles

song, as well as how a

tranquil setting gives

us a sense of normalcy,

in our tumultuous life.

This was taken on an early

evening in “the golden hour.”

I love how the sun brightens

and reflects while accentuating

details of whatever comes 

into its light pathway.

This old farmhouse is

located on the same property 

as last week’s door feature.

The red historical barn was 

on Gallant Woods Preserve.

Here’s our door’s leader 

and rodeo extroadinaire,

Norm Frampton’s link:


If I had room on my walls, 

this photograph would

become enlarged and

be displayed on my wall. . .

Let me know if anything is

elicited from your beautiful mind!

Taking backroads


There’s a setting with pastoral tone.

Thomas Cole or Nicolas Poussin-

inspired country or rural paintings.

Awesome and warm, 

17th – 19th


Sometimes you may

drive on by, some

take these for 


When I can, 

I stop and study

as nature’s palette

is what captures

my heart.

 x  ❤  x

Tripod weathervane or windmill


Sunday Sayings:

The Meaning of Life

“The greatest thing is to give thanks

for everything. He who has learned

this knows what it means to live. 

He has penetrated the whole 

mystery of life; giving 

thanks for everything.”

~ Albert Schweitzer

“God gave us five senses;

It is sheer ingratitude to

worship Him with

any less.”

~ W.J. Cameron


after all, is a 

word of action.”

~ W.J. Cameron

Country scene outside city limits


As I left work, I noticed the sun

glowing in golden hues,

thinking of how this

would reflect upon

corn fields or 

woodsy areas

I headed out of town.

This is what captured my interest,

close proximity to a working farm.

Wondering why, as this barn aged,

that someone here within this

property, grandfather or 

son, didn’t think the

old gray, worn barn

wasn’t worth saving?

What’s close to you,

buildings, school or

shopping area which

is becoming “let go?”

Disheveled barns

can be found and

make interesting

photographs but

they have more

stories than

the new.


Signing off,



Thursday’s Doors ~ Barn in Circle of Nature



The worn and beaten gray building

looked forlorn from the crisp red

barn where livestock still arrives,

safe shelter from snow in winter.

The air between boards isn’t

flowing with wind breezes

at the newer red barn.

This Thursday’s Doors is

part of a weekly presentation,

where links may be found on

blog of leader and founder

of Thursday’s Doors,

Norm Frampton at: