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Thursday’s Doors ~ “details,” part 4


Different roofing since original,

I am imagining and daydreaming.

Different grassy space overgrown

and covering instead of showing

stones or dirt path around barn.

The stone blocks and

wooden lathing look like the

original barn where  

the two double door sets,

as well as two single doors,

(other full length barn photo) 

look like they were made to serve 

utilitarian purpose in milling and

farming community located in

Delaware, Ohio. 

~ Stratford on the Whetstone ~

Thanks for sticking by me,

as I tried to march through the

dense grass where I feared ticks

or other bugs would burrow 

above my sock lines.

I could smell a marshy, loamy

peaty or earthy aroma, some mud

clumped onto the grid of the

soles of my tennis shoes.

This end of the barn especially

seemed to display its age, 

along with the owner’s

respect for its history.

Whitewashed barn siding

and newer styled green roof.

I liked green paint around 

windows and over boards.

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Come on down here, y’all and visit

a fine and true piece of history!

Thursday’s Doors ~ outbuilding, part 3


For me, the weather vane 

reminds me of the 

“barn on fire” post.

We weren’t quite sure 

but now, after taking a few

dusty, winding country roads

I think we can agree of its purpose.

The outbuilding could house pots,

farming tools, tractor or these days,

a riding lawn mower. . .

The stone work and different

identifying features confirm

1800’s period where it was

both a serene setting but

a rugged, “feast or famine”

time in history.

Our Thursday’s Doors host,

may present sumptuous or simple

(or something in between) at:


Taking backroads


There’s a setting with pastoral tone.

Thomas Cole or Nicolas Poussin-

inspired country or rural paintings.

Awesome and warm, 

17th – 19th


Sometimes you may

drive on by, some

take these for 


When I can, 

I stop and study

as nature’s palette

is what captures

my heart.

 x  ❤  x

Randy’s mural, “The Past” ~ part 1



There is a glare due to fluorescent

lights but a Grand Opening event,

~ April 13 – -April 17, 2016 ~

Red ribbon cutting and samples

of natural foods, meats and pies.

Homemade oatmeal bread,

Salted caramel or Buckeye bars,

Caramel “turtles” with pecan “feet,”

Bacon chocolate chip cookies,

Tallow homemade candles,

Frozen homemade ham loaves,

Frozen homemade meat loaves,

(Instructions on baking included)

Grain and grass fed beef,

Grain fed pork and bacon

with other choices to buy.

Under my brother’s mural,

notice barn siding countertop,

with linseed oil rubbed into

the grainy, worm-holed wood.

Bluescreek Farm Market has been

for 30 years a “staple” or booth

manned by this farming family,

in the North Market. Their meats

became popular and parking crowded,

loyal customers declared they would

drive to this brand new location of,

“Bluescreek Meat Market and More!” 

My brother took a couple of weeks

to paint two walls in this room

and another smaller mural

~ cows in pasture ~

over refrigerated case of meats.

Bluescreek Farm has been around

for generations in Marysville, Ohio.

Randy D. Oldrieve was commissioned,

given numerous family and friends’

photographs to place in the two walled

murals.  The boy climbing the tree,

the boy holding beloved cat,

the timeline goes from

right to left.




Horse drawn buggy with lettering

of the farm traveled to customers

with fresh meats, fish and produce.

There is portrait of grandparents.

Later, the blue van with refrigerated

storage went up and down

country roads to serve.

Driver is owner’s Dad.

A white van with all the

modern conveniences is

driven by family member,

Jamie in red shirt and glasses.

Young mother and most motivated

business entrepreneur.

You’ll see this and much more.

As guests Thursday evening, we

were regaled with family stories,

humorous pranks and tales.

Jamie is who hired my brother to

paint the family portraits in time

for the “soft opening” on 13th.

The cows are in their own mural

over the meat counter, with the

artist posing in next photograph.

X x x x X x x x X

Proud big sister of artist didn’t

take the best photos, but just

wanted to say this market place

is located on Ste Rte. 42, 

300 yards from Rte. 736.

There are a few more

painted parts of murals

to share. No need to

comment on all.

If you live in

Central Ohio,



for a drive

in the


Try free samples!




White snow- cold,
Yellow with white rays- warm.

Green growth- hopeful, fresh.
Soft damp ground- messy.

Harsh bristles of weeds-

Brown, gray weathered post-
Stalwart, guarded, brave.

“Y” presented with few choices.
Get back in car and drive or
Walk along the road.

Fields as far as vision may allow.
Country land in the mid-west.
Starkness, endurance.

Generations echo the
descriptions of nature.

Passing on traditions
of determination,
and hope.

Cool upon
Warm reception
once familiarity sets in.

~~~~~ *** ~~~~~

The vernal equinox,
Spring begins,
The crossroads
or paths may
still show
Snow or


This photo taken by
reocochran and farm
analysis conducted by
Robin O. Cochran, 3/16.

Country Roads ~ Indian Summer



My newest friend I have met along

the way on my blogging path,

is a fourth generation farm girl

named Tonya.

She is from the Southern part of

the United States, has lambs,

sheep and chickens.

Did any of you remember my post

about my babysitter in Sandusky,

Ohio who had baby lambs in

her kitchen where we fed

them bottles of milk?

On the side column of

tags, I have

bottles and lambs. . .

♡  ¤  ♡  ¤  ♡  ¤  ♡

Her winter photographs,

sharing her farm animals,

fresh food preparations,

visits to Scotland and home

in England are captured in

her photographs.

Tonya nominated me for

The rather new award

which is called the,

“Miranda  Sings Award.”

The logo wasn’t posted on

her blog. Where you may find it

is on Ritu’s, her “gifter” of this,

found at this location:


There are rules about

sharing and thanking,

you may look over at

Tonya’s blog for:


Please check her out

and here is a short list

of nominations hopefully

new to you, as they are to me:

1. Sarah Ferguson, who has fun
and meaningful posts which
include Choppy her dog and her cat:


2. You may wish to check the next
post out which has a fantastic list
of places accepting poetry entries:


3. Osyth wrote a recent meaningful
post about Trees. You know that
nature is one of my favorite subjects!
I especially liked her including the
“Lorax” which is part of Dr. Seuss’
many lessons on life.
♡ Environmental issues with
children’s open ears and minds.


4. Holly writes poetry which includes
many lovely subjects and themes.
She is not new but her friend just
created a new flip book/magazine
including (I believe) 83 entries.
Please check this blog out:


5. Lina, who has been faithfully reading
my non-food blog has nice whole
wheat deep fried coconut pies
displayed in mouth-watering
photograph found at:


As I stop to reflect why
I blog and try to keep
up with many friends
more proficient
than I,
I feel

All of you bring music
to my soul, sharing
all types of blogs,
lifting my spirits.

You ALL deserve
to include this
“Miranda Sings
Award” nomination.
Please go ahead, let
others know where
it came from ~

Ritu who gave
it to Tonya,

who gave it to me,
while I write five
names down,
I am offering
this badge
and award
~ to YOU ~

my all star bunch.

☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆